Graco 395 Vs Titan 440


To be able to spray your cars and surfaces well, you definitely have to make use of the most reliable of sprayers. We have some two here for your consideration. The rest of the conversations are devoted to their differences and suitability. Read on to discover how and in what ways they may each help you.

Graco 395 Airless Paint Sprayer


Looking to carry out some light yet professional car spraying tasks, this is the sprayer to look up to. As you are about to note, it contains some unique features which make it pretty enduring than many other kinds of sprayers.

Also, it is powerful enough to leave behind the long-lasting outcomes on the whole. This is the sprayer of your choice if the kinds of tasks you handle have to be spik and spun.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Patented Endurance™ Pump

To channel the paint to the desired surface or location, the sprayer relies on a patented endurance pump. As the designation implies, the pump does a good job in ejecting the paint from the storage tank.

This in return does leave behind some outcomes which are unprecedented in nature. Moreover, it also manages some exceptional pump life on the whole. For this reason, you may rely on this pump for many applications.

QuikAccess™ Intake Valve

After you are through with your painting, you will definitely have to clear the remaining debris or unwanted marks. While you may often have to worry while using other sprayers, the case is different with this one.

The sprayer comes equipped with an intake valve which is specifically intended to do that very job. With it, you will easily clear debris and clean surfaces after you are through with your painting.

Enclosed DC Motor

Generating the necessary torque is the enclosed direct current motor. Apart from exuding heavy torque, this arrangement also safeguards the interior components of the motor from adverse external environmental issues.

Your children and the members of your households will unlikely incur any injuries, excess pains or other issues which are associated with motors. Also, you will not have to inhale the harmful gaseous wastes which motors generate. You have your safety to enjoy and be assured of.


  • Perfect for everyday professional spraying
  • Handles a wide range of coatings
  • Delivers a consistent stream of spray fan
  • Requires no tools to handle
  • Achieves great comfort and mobility


  • Demands some prior expertise to handle
  • May be costly to acquire and utilize
  • Disparages those who lack the necessary skill

Titan 440 Paint Sprayer


Does your lifestyle for a large part revolve around matters car spraying? Well, you need a sprayer that is extremely durable. This is to guarantee that it can handle the most strenuous of circumstances and deliver great outcomes in the process.

We invite you to try this sprayer out. It is designed to be strong and durable. This stems from the many tough and hard materials that have been used to construct it.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Permalife Cylinder

At the top of its key features is the Permalife cylinder. This one is very strong and long lasting indeed. With this arrangement, it can handle extremely heavy projects which are unattainable with the ordinary kinds of sprayers.

Given that it hardly wears out, expect the cylinder to inflict negligible operational and maintenance costs. At the same time, you will get to enjoy unparalleled performance which also endures the test of time.

Built-in Gun Filter

Existing as an upgrade is a built-in gun filter. You guessed it. The filter basically refines the quality of the paint output which in turn leaves behind some long lasting outcomes. This also enhances the overall appearances of the surfaces you target.

Courtesy of this upgrade, this sprayer can do so much more than its previous versions could manage. You hence stand to reap better outcomes than you would before.

Heavy-duty Handle

A heavy-duty handle also exists to expedite your use and application of this sprayer. The handle is mainly used to channel the paint to the surface of the cars and other installations.

Being heavy duty, the handle allows for repeated and long-term use. Additionally, it confers some added comfort and great mobility. You will not tire or struggle too much to accrue the benefits you badly want from the sprayer.

To help find a high-quality sprayer for automotive work, read our Best Automotive Paint Gun Reviews.


  • Commercial ready and needs no prior assembly
  • Manages around 100 gallons per week
  • Possesses the unique AutoOiler technology
  • Enables you to regulate the pressure electronically
  • Performs numerous operational cycles


Difference Between Graco 395 And Titan 440


As noted above, the Graco 395 is mostly suited for those light yet professional tasks. The Titan 440, on the other hand, is great for truly professional tasks. It is also optimized for repeated uses and long-term projects.

You should hence use the former for your everyday do-it-yourself tasks. The latter comes in handy when you are engaged in the business of spraying which also calls for the utilization of heavy duty implements.


Given the relatively simpler nature of the Graco 395, it is not surprisingly cheaper. The Titan 440 is however more expensive considering the fact that it is mainly useful for those tough chores which are quite daunting.

Notwithstanding these variations in costs, the benefits that these two sprayers bring about are too numerable to hesitate to leverage. These benefits offset the acquisition costs to leave behind some awesome benefits. You should hence not hesitate to acquire it.


To be able to run and manage the Graco 395, you only need to expend some moderate skill, effort, and expertise. That is due to its relatively simpler scope and nature. The opposite is however applicable to the Titan 440.

Being intended almost exclusively for professional outcomes and long-lasting operations, the sprayer requires some added expertise and performance on your part. You will have to undergo some training to be able to master it fully.

Duration of Service

This refers to how often you might make some good use of these tools and items. Of these two tools, the Graco 395 is more delicate and prone to damages. It is hence highly unlikely to yield you years of dependable services.

As for the Titan 440, it is stronger and more durable. With regards to this, it is indeed capable of managing the most strenuous of chores for an extended duration of time.

Care and Maintenance

Finally, these two items definitely require some care and maintenance from time to time. The exact nature of the care and maintenance procedures, however, vary greatly from one item to another. These variations are mainly dictated by their structural differences.

The Graco 395, being simpler, requires only moderate care and maintenance. The Titan 440, unfortunately, demands frequent and in-depth care from time to time. Be ready to dig deeper in your pocket to afford this.

Which One Is Better?

All factors considered, the Titan 440 stands out as the better of the two sprayers. That is mainly because it is comprehensive in scope and more likely to deliver the best outcomes possible. Also, it lasts longer and yields extended durations of applications.

If I were you, I would prioritize it over and above the Titan 440. But then again, you have the liberty to determine which one suits your unique needs and expectations. For ideas on which brand might be best, read our Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets reviews.

Final Word

You have indeed received the insight you require to make the most appropriate decision. The onus is thus on your part to narrow down to the one which in your opinion fits your circumstance well. considering the many benefits of these sprayers, you definitely want to share the information with others.

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