About Painters Care

Painters care was created because we wanted everyone to be able to do painting projects successfully. The idea for this website was born when I had to do some painting at my new home. I went to the store to buy the paint, and a spray gun to make the painting easier, and I was overwhelmed by the variety of tools that were available and I realized I did not know enough about painting or painting equipment to make an informed choice.

I was lost on the paint aisle of a large building supply store and the staff was unable to help me narrow my selection down. When I left the store I decided that I would learn everything that I could about painting tools and supplies and I would share that information with other people.

My partners and I started researching paint sprayers, HVLP, airless, and conventional, and we looked into all paint supplies that a person might need to use around their home to create professional finishes while working on DIY projects.

Our Mission

At Painters care we made it our mission to educate ourselves on every paint sprayer type, every handheld paint tool, paint remover, and other painting supplies so that we could share this knowledge with other people. I personally do not want anyone to go through the frustrating experience of trying to buy painting supplies and being overwhelmed by the tools, and not knowing which item to buy.

At Painters care we are not in this business to sell you any particular paint sprayer or product. We are simply providing you with the pertinent information you need so you can buy the tools and supplies that best suit your needs.

How We Devise Our Lists

In order to provide accurate information on how the paint products worked, and what you can do with those products we chose professionals who use the items on a daily or regular basis to test them and evaluate them for us. We also wanted to know if the average person who had no prior painting experience could use the item easily so we chose amateurs to test them as well.

We take the reviews that these experts and amateurs provide and then we allow our technical writers to tell you about the products based on the reviews. We do not try to make one brand look better than the other, or to convince anyone that one product is far more superior. We simply try to give you an honest evaluation of the products we have tested and reviewed.

We are not painting experts, we are ordinary folks that sometimes have to do painting projects, and we want our projects to look good when we have completed them.

How To Use the Products We Review

We also decided that everyone would benefit from instructional articles that give professional tips on how to use the products we have reviewed. We asked the professionals who review products for us to supply us with informative tips that can save people time and money when they are using painting supplies like sprayers, removers, and such.

We Answer the Questions You Ask

In order to make sure that we are providing our readers with information that they will find helpful, we look to the responses, suggestions, and reviews from our readers. We take these responses and suggestions and ask the professionals to address the concerns they bring to light.

The needs of our readers are our main focus. By answering your suggestions and comments we are able to meet those needs and we learn as much as you do. Your comments and suggestions bring to light a lot of things that we would have never thought of on our own, and we appreciate you taking the time to provide them to us.


At Painters care we focus on providing readers with information that is helpful in an interesting and easy to read way. We try to do away with the technical jargon and simply tell you what a product is and how it works.