Best Automotive Paint Gun for the Money Beginners

Best Automotive Paint Gun for the Money in 2019 – Reviews and Compared

Having a new paint job on your car can make your car look better, and give you a sense of pride. Many people who restore cars get shocked when they find out how much an automotive paint job can cost. The solution to an automotive paint job that does not clean out your bank account is for you to do the work yourself.

Beginners can do automotive painting, but you need the best automotive paint gun for beginners in order to do quality work and create the smooth finish you desire. The following paint sprayers are beginner friendly and have the features needed to do an excellent job.

Best Automotive Paint Gun For The Money in 2019

1. Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup for beginnersThis is an all-purpose paint sprayer that is high quality enough to apply automotive coatings with superior results. It has a fully adjustable wide fan control so you can spray as much as an eleven-inch fan while holding the gun only eight inches away. This paint sprayer requires an air compressor that can provide 7 to 12 CFM. You can adjust the fan size and the fan shape so you get the coverage you want.

The paint container on this piece of equipment will hold one full quart of paint, lacquer, primer, or automotive finish coating of your choice. The cup is dripless so you are not going to have paint oozing from the cup and onto your hand or down the air hose when you change the angle you are holding the gun at.

The instruction book included with this paint sprayer is very detailed so that a beginner will understand exactly how to assemble, set-up, paint with, and clean-up the paint sprayer. Each step is explained thoroughly and there are tips and suggestions that can help you quickly learn to paint like a pro.

Cleaning this paint sprayer is very easy to do. It is recommended that you thoroughly clean the equipment after each use and when you are changing paint materials or colors.

2. TCP Global Complete Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun

TCP Global Complete Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray GunThis is not just a spray painter it is a set of spray guns designed to allow you to paint your automotive pieces using any of the coatings you desire to use. You can easily apply your base coats and primers, clear coats, paints, and more with professional quality and results.

The 3 paint guns have different tips and they are each ideal for different coating materials. The 1.4 mm tip is ideal when you are applying your base coat, or your clear coats. These are both medium to light viscosity materials that this tip is perfect for.

The 1.8 mm tip is perfect for applying your primer, oil base coatings, and latex coatings. These are medium to heavy viscosity coatings.

The 1.0 mm tip is to be used when you are painting in a very tight place or when you have a touch-up to do.

Two of the three guns, the 1.4mm and the 1.8 mm are full-size guns and the 1.0 mm tip is a smaller gun so you can reach those tight spots.

The guns are easy to set-up and just as easy to take apart and clean.

3. SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun

SPRAYIT Spray Gun For BeginnersThis is a lightweight paint gun because the body of the gun and the 0.41 paint holding cup are both made from aluminum. The gun body only weighs 13.5 ounces. You will be able to work with this tool for long periods with less arm or hand strain.

It has a working pressure of 44 PSI to 58 PSI. The maximum pressure of this paint gun is 60 PSI. It has an air consumption ranging between 4.2 CFM and 6.0 CFM at a working pressure of 30 PSI.

The fan pattern produced by this spray paint gun ranges between 5.5 inches and 7.5 inches. You can dial it down to get those narrow and hard to reach sections and dial it up to paint larger body sections.

The paint container swivels and allows you to turn the paint sprayer and position the gun without worrying that the paint will leak from the container.

It can be used to paint automotive projects, marine projects, industrial equipment, and wood projects. It is able to handle a wide variety of paint materials and finishes so every project you do use it will have the best possible outcome.

4. Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

Neiko HVLP Air Spray GunThis paint sprayer is heavy duty and built to do the work you need it to do. It has a stainless steel nozzle that will resist rusting so it can be used and cleaned repeatedly and the cap on the gun is made from solid brass so it will provide service for a long period of time.

It is a classic high volume low-pressure design that is gravity fed. It has three adjustable valve knobs to adjust the pressure, flow, and pattern of the paint and coatings you are applying.

This paint sprayer has an operating pressure of 40 PSI and a working pressure of 10 PSI. It requires an air compressor to deliver 4.5 CFM.

It can be used to apply a variety of paints, including automotive paints such as metallic base coat primers, regular primers, lacquers, urethanes, paints, and household paints and finishes used on wood, drywall, and other surfaces.

It comes with a 20.3 fluid ounce paint container that is made from aluminum, a metal-air gauge/regulator, a cleaning brush and a multi-wrench to help you assemble and disassemble. You also get a color-coded 1.7 mm nozzle, the painter and the instruction manual.

5. DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit

DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun KitThis is the basic entry level paint sprayer that will allow a beginner to develop painting techniques and skills. It is very easy to assemble and use so a beginner is not confused by a lot of adjustments that they do not fully understand.

It is a great paint sprayer for use by the homeowner. You can use it to paint a wide range of materials like metal, plastic, wood, drywall, and more. It can be used both indoors and outdoors with proper ventilation and protective gear like gloves, goggles and a respirator mask.

You can use it to apply primers, paints, urethanes, lacquer, stains, varnishes and any substance that is the proper thickness and velocity. Some thicker latex paints and primers may need to be properly thinned before they can be used.

It comes with a full-size high volume low-pressure gun and a mini high volume low-pressure gun. The mini HVLP is equipped with a 1.3 mm tip that makes it perfect for detail and intricate work. You also get an air adjusting valve, a 1,0 mm tip, and a molded carry and storage case.

6. PowRyte 2-Piece HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

PowRyte 2-Piece HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray GunThis paint sprayer provides Built-in 3 control knobs and comes with 2-Piece.

The gun body and the motor are separate so the working portion that you hold in your hand is lighter. This allows you to work longer with less tiredness and strain.

You can use this tool to paint cars and trucks, steel and metal, wood and all other surface materials around the home. It is versatile and can spray the majority of all paint velocities.

Every portion of this paint sprayer is removable so it is very easy to clean. When you need to add paint to the canister you do not have to remove the canister from the gun. There is a lid you can open and add more paint so your refill takes less time and is easier to do. Each canister holds 20/4.2oz of paint.

This paint sprayer comes complete with the full-size spray gun, 5.9 feet of the power line, 2 paint canisters that hold 1200 ml of paint, 3 spray nozzles. 2 spray tips, a funnel, a cleaning needle, a cleaning brush, and a user manual.

Things to be considered before painting a car at home outside

How-To-Spray-Paint-A-CarBefore you paint a car outside at your home you need to consider the following things.


Paint should be applied when the temperature outside is above 45 and below 75. When the temperature is below 45 your paint will be thick and hard to spray evenly. When the temperature is above 75 your paint will dry so quickly that you may leave lines when you make overlapping sprays.


The spray painting guns spray the paint particles into the air and the air delivers those particles to the surface you wish to paint. If the wind is blowing then the paint particles are going to be taken farther away and you will use more paint plus you will get paint on surfaces you did not intend to paint.

Consider that the wind also has sand and debris particles in it that can and will land in your wet paint causing your finish to be less smooth and consistent. It is best to paint on a day when the winds are calm.

You can set up a series of plastic sheeting walls to block the wind from your paint until the paint dries.

Tape Tape Tape

You have to tape off and cover any portion of the car that you do not want to get paint on or in. This includes all windows, your locks and door handles, and for older cars the radio antenna.

Test Before You Spray

You need to do a quality control test to determine if your paint is flowing at the rate you want and if the pattern you are using is the best one. You can do this test on a piece of old cardboard. Also, adjust the distance you hold the paint gun from the cardboard to determine how far away from the car you should hold the gun.

How to Choose the Paint Spray Guns for Automobiles

If you have never used a spray paint gun then you will be amazed at how much time and energy these tools will save you. They come in many different styles and have lots of different features, so you need to know a little about them before you buy your first one.

Paint Sprayer Types

When you go to buy a paint sprayer you will see descriptions of HVLP, conventional, gravity fed, and airless. These descriptions automatically tell you a little about the type of spray paint gun you are buying.

You have two basic types of paint guns and those are the airless and the compressed air users. Airless spray painters are powered by their own motors and pumps and they do not require additional air to be supplied by an external air compressor.

HVLP, gravity fed and conventional paint sprayers all use compressed air that they get from an air compressor.

What Will You Use the Spray Painter for?

If you are going to be spray painting the exterior of a house, fences, and large projects then consider buying an airless paint sprayer.

If you are going to paint crafts, furniture, cabinets, interior walls, ceramics, tiles, and automobiles then consider a high volume low-pressure paint sprayer.


Not all paint sprayer features are going to be useful to a beginner, however, there are some features that will make the paint sprayer easier to use. Some features that are helpful to beginners are:

  • Lightweight construction from materials such as aluminum… this prevents hand strain and helps you work for longer periods of time
  • Easy flow adjustments… this allows you to determine how much paint the tool will put out each minute so you can work at a comfortable pace and get smooth results
  • Guns that have small paint containers for little projects… these are lighter and you do not have to fill a large container in order to get the paint to be emitted without sputters
  • Guns that have more than one spray pattern ability…this allows you to decide whether to apply the paint horizontally, vertically or in a circular pattern

Tips and tricks of using automotive spray guns

Prepare the car appropriately for the painting processThere are always tips and techniques you pick up from using an item repeatedly. The following tips and tricks were shared by people who have used automotive spray paint guns in the past.

  • Wash the car and hose down the area all around the car to reduce dust particles
  • Strip the old car paint off using a power sander. You want to use the sander in circular motions so you do not scratch the car or create any lines on the surface.
  • When you apply the primer you should do so working from the top or roof of the car down. Y
  • You may need to apply primer two or three times before you get a proper coating. Each coat will take you about ten minutes to apply and if the temperature is right it will take about 20 minutes to dry
  • When the primer is dry you will run 2000 grit sandpaper over the surface to smooth the coating before painting
  • Wipe primer dust away using a dry cloth that leaves no lint
  • Clean your spray gun completely
  • Apply your paint and you will need several coats. A minimum of three to four coats. The paint must dry completely before the next coat is applied.
  • Hold the spray gun at least six to 8 inches away from the surface area of the car
  • Apply the lacquer coat in thin applications, repeatedly, until the car shines as you want it to. The more lacquer the deeper the paint appears.

Final note

You can paint your own car, at your own home, using a spray painter. You can get professional results and you do not need an expensive garage, or drying fans, or other equipment to do this work.

You do need a paint sprayer that is easy to use and that can spray the paints, primers, and coatings that you wish to use on your automobile. You also need a paint sprayer that is adjustable so you can develop the proper patter and paint the car at your own pace.

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