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Best Paint Roller Cover for Interior Wall & Ceilings – Top Picks and Reviews

It is impossible to execute a proper building and construction chore without the use of the right paint roller cover. These are materials which are used to adorn the paint rollers for the sake of applying the paint on surfaces. Knowing all about them is the first sure way of obtaining the best painting outcomes at any given time.

This is our aim in the following conversations. We have sampled seven of the best paint roller covers on the market today. We are going to review them to let you know more about them. Lastly, we shall also look into some of the background pieces of information which are necessary for you to make more informed purchasing decisions.

The following list of roller cover impressed us greatly

Crows Foot Foam Texture
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Size: 9.3 x 3.4 x 3.1
  • Material: Foam
Check Price
12 Mini 3″ ALAZCO
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Size: 8 x 7 x 5
  • Pattern: 12 Refill
Check Price

Wooster Brush 9-Inch Roller Cover

  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Size: 2.3 x 8.5 x 12.2
  • Pack: 3 
Check Price
  Purdy Colussus Roller
  • Weight: 2.72 ounces 
  • Size: 9 x 1.5 x 1.5
  • Material: Polyamide
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  9 Inch Fabric Paint Roller Cover
  • Weight: 2.72 ounces
  • Size: 8 x 10 x 5
  • Pack: 6
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The 7 Best Roller Covers Review in 2021

1. Crows Foot Foam Texture Roller Cover

Crows Foot Foam Texture Roller Cover - painterscare

Looking to create some beautiful patterns on your walls and ceilings?

This is the paint roller cover to look up to. It has the ability to fit all standard 9-inch paint roller frames as a flagship feature. With this capability in mind, it is possible for you to conceal all blemishes and defects which may exist on walls.

Unlike other kinds of rollers, this one does not require you to use solvents. Moreover, it can also perform numerous operational cycles if you clean it thoroughly. Generally, you will be able to create rich stucco looks on the rough and semi-rough surfaces.

2. ALAZCO Mini 3″Paint Roller Cover

12 Mini ALAZCO Paint Roller Cover For Interior Wall

Handling corners, window frames, smaller areas, trims, and edges are never a mean feat at all. These areas are ordinarily hidden and detached from the convenient and easy access. That is why you will have to acquire and make do with a paint roller which is specially optimized for the role.

Think of no other paint roller cover than this. Its 3-inch mini size is perfectly suited for the small and squeezed spaces aforementioned. The fibers that make up the bristles come in the form of the innovative blend of polyethylene fibers which are woven in a unique interlocking pattern. They allow for maximum paint absorption.

3. Wooster Brush 9-Inch Roller Cover

Wooster Brush Pro Roller Cover

Intense painting activities and undertakings are not achievable save by bringing in equally durable paint rollers. By virtue of possessing strong Sherlock frames, proprietary high-density white fabric, and green double-thick polypropylene core, it is tough enough to guarantee the required levels of reliability needed for rigorous applications.

In all, the paint roller is quite resilient, excellent at resisting matting, and generates comparatively smooth finishes. If you are looking for semi-smooth finishes, this indeed is the best roller cover of choice. Its use is a sure way to save money, effort and operational times. What’s more? It enjoys generous warrant backing for your leverage.

4. Purdy Colussus Roller Cover

Purdy Colussus Roller Cover

For painting supplies, rollers, and brushes, you may have to consider this woven Polyamide paint roller. Owing to its unique construction and design, the roller cover handles semi-rough to rough surfaces pretty well. It also works well with both the oil-based and latex paints at the same time.

Its high capacity feature enables it to load copious amounts of paint. This allows you to cover a comparatively larger area for any given pass. The smooth bristles, on the other hand, lay off paint in a smooth and efficient manner. They slow down the likelihoods of splattering or dripping of the paint.

5. Best for Wall – 9 Inch Fabric Paint Roller Cover

Fabric Paint Roller Cover

To save yourself a bit of time and effort, you need to lay your hand on this one which comprises some washable knit fabric. As the designation suggests, this roller cover is washable to allow for repeated use and applications. This is not to mention that it is suited for handling all latex paints.

Apart from being washable, the fabrics also embody the best blend of density which in turn give off the most appropriate coverage. On top of these, the fabrics are also vacuum treated to get rid of the loose lint and fibers. The high-grade adhesive laminates are used to cover the fabric core for the sake of added longevity.

6. Best for Ceiling – The Roller Cover Pack of 2 – as Seen on Shark Tank!

Seen on Shark Tank Roller Cover  For Interior Wall

Applying paint on walls and surfaces ought not to take too much of your money and time. Indeed, it is possible for you to obtain the required outcomes but on the least realistic budget. You have to try out your hand on this roller cover as it is optimized for such applications.

Notwithstanding its cheap and simple nature, the roller cover is still effective in applying paints. It is made of durable plastic, fits all the standard rollers which measure up to 9 ½ inches, and negates the need to remove the sleeve from the handle.

Why not give it a try especially if you have never attempted to paint before?

7. Wide Boy Paint Bucket

Wide Boy Paint Bucket

Do you have extremely large areas in mind? If you answered this question in the affirmative, you have to consider this particular paint cover for your use. Its sheer design and scope exhibit a built-in 19-inch wide roll. This is large enough to allow for the performance of high production jobs.

Unlike most other roll covers, this one possesses a no-tip design, as well as the heavy-duty 5/16-inch, galvanized bail. They are so designed in such a manner as to exude extreme comfort grip which in turn allows for smooth moving. Your cleaning tasks are generally cleaner owing to the ability of the roll cover to resist solvents and the build-up of paint.

How to Choose the Best Paint Roller Cover for Your Wall


Nature of the Surface to be painted

Surfaces differ in their nature and kinds. Some are smooth yet others are rough. It is necessary to know which kind of a surface you are interested in painting. This is because these roller covers are designed and optimized for different kinds of surfaces. By matching these two, you are more likely to obtain the best possible outcomes.

Size to be painted

This refers to the size of the wall or surface you intend to paint. If yours is a larger size, you want to lay your hand on a roller cover which is similarly larger in size and more optimized for larger surfaces. A smaller sized version will most likely do you good while confronting a smaller surface.

Price vs Resource Endowment

Needless to say, these roller covers cost varying amounts of money. You do not want to dig too deep into your pocket to find the best kind of roller cover though. You can and indeed have to find one which is well within your budget range. Consider comparing the prices of the various roller covers to identify the best one.

The Thickness of the Roller Cover

It is necessary that you also consider the thickness of the fiber nap which forms part of the roller cover. These thicknesses can be smooth, very smooth, semi-smooth, semi-rough, rough, and very rough, respectively. It is necessary to match these thicknesses with the textures of the surface you plan to paint. This way, you will be able to accrue the best painting experiences and outcomes imaginable.

Fabric Type

Other than the thicknesses, you also want to pay some attention to the types of fabrics as well. These types are synthetic, natural covers, and blended. The synthetic fabric is mostly suited for latex paints, the natural covers for oil-based paints, whereas the blended covers are universal in scope by virtue of being able to work well with almost all kinds of paints.


To engage the roller covers to apply the paint, you will make use of the applicators. These are the components of the roller covers which come in direct contact with the surfaces to be impacted. There are two for your consideration. These are the pad applicators and the paint edgers. The former is versatile enough for home and inside use. The paint edgers, on the other hand, are applicable for use in the ceilings and baseboards.


Some brands have particularly stood out as being reliable and great for these tasks. These include Lambskin, Pro-Extra Colossus, Pro-Ram Lambskin, and Pro/Doo-Z, to mention but a few! In your search for your best roller cover, you might want to give these brands a topmost priority. They are more likely to yield you the utility you require to obtain.


Lastly, you want to factor the weight of the roller cover of interest. Choosing too heavy a roller cover will inflict too much weight and drag on you. This will, in turn, require extensive muscle power to engage. A lighter one would be more appropriate as it is easier to engage and also requires less muscle power on your part.

Paint Roller Cover Types

Paint roller covers come in different types, shades, and forms. Below are perhaps three of the best kinds of these roller cover types in existence today.

Lambskin Roller Cover

As the name suggests, the lambskin roller cover is made of the lambskin material. This kind of roller cover is mainly used for painting those surfaces which possess solvent oil-based coatings. Its natural pelt material enables you to achieve maximum paint pick-up and release. It is this trait that allows for painting with oil-based paints.

Blended Nylon Roller Cover

Next comes the blended Nylon roller cover. Generally speaking, this kind of material is great for those semi-rough surfaces like masonry, plaster, and textured ceilings and walls. Moreover, it is applicable to both exterior and interior uses.

Long Haired Mohair Roller Sleeves

Lastly, comes the long-haired Mohair roller sleeves. This is made of the mohair materials and is largely useful while handling vertex ceilings and textured walls. Their thick and rough texture is what makes them suited for these kinds of applications.

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How to Clean Paint Roller Covers – Step by Step Guide

paint roller cover cleaner

Just like every other building and construction item, the paint roller covers have to be cleaned after use and from time to time. To get rid of paint residue from this equipment, follow the procedures stipulated hereunder:

1: Wash with soap and warm water

Start off by washing the cover with soap and warm water. Follow this by rinsing off all the excess paints until the cover is thoroughly clean. You may have to use turpentine to get rid of the oil-based paints.

2: Repeat the process if necessary

If after implementing the procedure above you will not have received the desired ends, you may have to repeat the process above a second time.

NB: Always use clean container alongside some clean and soapy water. Follow this with a clear water rinse for best results.

Roller Cover Sizes


Roller covers come in various sizes and thicknesses. Each of these thicknesses is designed for different purposes. The following are three of the most common kinds of roller cover sizes in existence:

Ordinary Roller Covers

These are ordinary covers which comprise the bare minimum set of features necessary for the execution of the tasks. They are typically available in 3/16 – ¼ inches, 3/8 – ½-inches, ¾ – 1 inch and 1 ¼ – 1 ½-inch thickness, and so on.

Standard Wall Rollers

The standard wall rollers come next in line to the ordinary rollers. They measure 7 to 12 inches wide. As a result of this, they are more likely to impact larger areas at any given time. You, therefore, have it for your taking if yours is a slightly larger area.

Specialty Rollers

Specialty rollers are generally larger in size and highly specialized. They generally measure 2 to 18 inches wide. This enables them to cover larger areas of the surface at any given time. In light of this, you will spend less time to conclude a larger size on the whole.

People also ask for roller cover

How to determine which nap size is better for a specific paint job?

To do this, you will have to factor the size of the surface you intend to paint. A larger surface will require a larger nap size and vice versa. While at it, consider also the weight and the drag you are bound to confront as you make use of it.

How to select the right roller cover for a paint job?

Selecting the right roller cover for a paint job requires the consideration of the nature of the surface you intend to paint, the size of the surface you plan to paint, and the kind of paint you want to use. Be sure to match all these parameters perfectly for best results.

What type of paint roller gives the smoothest finish?

Generally speaking, the foam rollers will provide the smoothest finishes and are hence greatly relevant for interior uses and applications.

On the whole, how many times can I use a paint roller cover?

With proper washing and assuming moderate use at any given time, a good paint roller cover ought to serve you no less than three times within its entire lifespan.

Final Word

Knowing all about these best paint roller covers is not enough. Indeed, you cannot hope to gain the benefits they bring along without purchasing at least one of them. This is why we urge you now to go ahead and make use of at least one which may best suit your needs.

And because you are not the only one who may need the services of this equipment, it is wise of you to share the information with your colleagues and peers. We wish you all the best in your next use of these wonderful pieces of equipment!

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