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Best Automotive Touch Up Paint Reviews in 2021

I like to keep a touch-up paint for my vehicle on hand. You never know when a small scratch will occur. Or when a piece of road debris will hit your vehicle and cause a chip in your armor.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks!

Genuine Honda Accessories Silver Metallic Touch-Up Paint
  • High quality PPG paint
  • Easy to apply on scratches
  • UV resistant acrylic paint
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ACDelco Four-in-One Touch-Up Paint for GM Original Equipmentr
  • With specific GM color matching code
  • Four in one applicator
  • Perfect for every day wear body damages
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  Subaru Genuine Touch-Up Paint 
  • Keep your Subaru looking new longer
  • Ready to apply
  • Single tone
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I asked a group of automotive restoration experts to help me suggest the best automotive touch-up paint to my readers. I also asked several people who had no experience painting cars to try the paints and tell me if they were easy to apply, effective, and durable. The following list is the paints that got the highest ratings from these reviews.

8 Best Automotive Touch Up Paints Revealed:

1. Genuine Honda Accessories Silver Metallic Touch-Up Paint


The paints are manufactured by Honda and that means they are a perfect match to the Honda vehicle colors and finishes. This specific paint container is a perfect match on the Honda Accord manufactured between 2008 and 2011, the Honda Civic manufactured between 2008 and 2011, the Honda Civic NGV manufactured between 2006 and 2013, the Honda Element manufactured between 2008 and 2010, the Honda CRV manufactured between 2006 and 2013, the 2-door Honda Civic manufactured in 2012, the 2 or 4-door Honda Accord manufactured in 2013, the 2 or 4-door Honda Civic manufactured in 2013.

Verify your paint match by looking on the inside of the driver’s door and retrieving the code number from there. This is a 2-part paint application that requires you to apply the base color and then apply the clear coat after the base paint has dried properly. The two applications are housed in the same tube. One end controls the base paint and you turn the tube to the other end to get the clear coat.

2. ACDelco Four-in-One Touch-Up Paint for GM Original Equipment

ACDelco Four-in-One Touch-Up Paint for GM Original Equipment

ACDelco Four-in-One Touch-Up Paint for GM Original Equipment

The colors of paint offered in this touch-up paint are exact matches to the General Motors colors they use on their vehicles. You simply find the paint color code on your vehicle and then you can order a touch-up paint that will match precisely.

This is not just a simple pen type paint applicator. It has the pen tip that will allow you to repair small scratches easily and it has a brush applicator that allows you to fix chips and bigger paint flaws.

This paint is easy to apply but you need to know that it is not self-leveling. You have to take the time and make the effort to put the paint in place and then smooth and level the paint so it looks great when dry. The best way to do this is to put thin layers on instead of trying to create a thick layer.

3. Subaru Genuine Touch-Up Paint 

Subaru Genuine Touch-Up Paint

This is the perfect applicator for repairing small chips or scratches on your Subaru vehicle. The colors of the paint are designed by Subaru to be exact paint color replications of the colors the manufacturer uses on vehicles.

You do not have to do any sanding to prepare the area where you will be applying the paint. The clear coat needed to seal the paint comes with the base color. You get a small brush to apply the base paint and there is a sponge applicator designed to apply the clear coat.  The product will cover completely and you will not notice small blemishes that were in your paint unless you are searching for them.

The pen comes with an abrasive tip that when used in conjunction with the narrow plastic needle will allow you to clean the scratch and remove any contaminants that could stop the paint from adhering properly.

4. Toyota Super White Versatile Touch up Paint

Toyota Super White Versatile Touch up Paint

This is a high-quality touch-up paint from Toyota. It is designed to match the color of paint you find on the Super white Toyota Scion or the Lexus. Because this is a Toyota product the manufacturer offers a warranty that is good for a period of one year or 12 thousand miles, whichever comes first.

This applicator has a roller ball tip. It is very easy to apply to your vehicle and you will have no problems getting the paint into the area that you want to get it in.

You can even use this product as a base coat, and then topping with a pearl or metallic coat and follow up with a clear coat to make custom paint jobs. The paint will seal perfectly and it is designed to help stop the ravages of time and the UV rays.

5. Toyota Genuine Touch-Up Paint – Best for the Money 


This Toyota manufactured paint is the match to the Blizzard White Pear color used on may Toyota manufactured vehicles.

It comes in an easy-to-use paint application bottle that does not require you to use a brush. The applicator is a roll-on type so it will not contaminate large areas of the vehicle that you do not want to paint. It is recommended for smaller scratches and tips.

The 040 super white paint is often used as a base coat followed by this 070 Blizzard White. Most people then cover the blizzard white with a clear coat to create a tighter seal so moisture cannot get beneath the edges of the original paint on either side of the blemish.

6. Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

 If you’re on the lookout for an easy-to-use tool that requires sending considerably less liquid to the buffer pad and buffing it into the scratch, this one’s for you! It comes with a buffer pad and a bottle of liquid. 

Carfidant’s Scratch and Swirl Remover is an excellent option to remove minor scratches, swirls, and other blemishes. The buffer pad is included in the 250ml (8.4 ounces) bottle, allowing you to get started right away. 

Plus, it aids in the uniform distribution of the compound throughout the vehicle. Also, both hand and machine buffing are possible with this pad. Keep in mind that this product isn’t intended for deep scratches, so if the scratch can be felt with the tip of your fingernail, this isn’t the product for you.

Use this remover to get rid of not only scratches from any paint finish or color, but also to repair the paint, and make it look gleaming and fresh. A standout feature of this Carfidant product is its compatibility with all types of paint and hues. Use it on your clear coat, single stage, or multi-stage paint with confidence.

7. Dupli-Color EBUN01007 Universal Gloss Black Paint

Dupli-Color EBUN01007 Universal Gloss Black Paint

Dupli-color has long been the go-to paint brand for anyone looking to restore their car’s paint. It’s made to stand up to extreme heat, as well as the elements and debris. 

The paint itself comes in a wide range of hues. The complete collection includes classic automotive colors like gloss black or silver, as well as standout hues like ‘chili pepper red’ and ’emerald green.’

This is an acrylic lacquer spray paint that comes in an aerosol can and has a seasoning mix. This allows it to match the factory-applied color perfectly. It’s ideal for beginner painters, and it’s suitable for both little and large projects. Moreover, Dupli-color produces a stunning finish that lasts for a long time.

Next, it’s concentrated and thus provides excellent value. It’s also equipped with an adjustable EZ touch 360-degree nozzle whose wide spray pattern makes it easy to paint large surfaces with a flawless finish. 

Note that it’s a quick-drying touch-up paint and dries in less than 30 minutes. The color will set correctly after an hour or so, and you’ll be able to touch the car at this point.

8. Quixx 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit

Quixx 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit

The Quixx 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit does exactly what it promises on the tin. This particular remover kit is made and sold in Germany. 

They can remove scratches from your car faster than a Bugatti Chiron can reach top speed on the German Autobahn. It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t take long to get rid of those pesky scratches. 

Quixx employs a scientific method known as plastic deformation, which permanently removes the scratch rather than simply concealing it. If you utilize everything in the package, you shouldn’t need any additional products to finish the job. Plus, it blends in with your paintwork for a finished look.

This Quixx remover is a fantastic bargain for an all-in-one car scratch repair kit, and it’s available at a very low price, too. 

Moreover, it also comes with a repair polish, finish polish, sandpaper, and polishing cloths. Need another reason to buy this product? What if we told you that scratches that have been fixed will not resurface over time!

Different Types Of Car Touch Up Paint


Touch-up paint designed for minor paint repairs on your vehicle come in several different applicator types. Each type has benefits and drawbacks.

1. Paint Pens

These paints are contained in a pen shaped container and remind you of a magic marker.


  • They are inexpensive
  • They are small and easy to carry with you
  • The pen does not dry out like a typical marker would


  • These applicators work best with damaged areas that are no larger than a pencil eraser.

2. Brush-on

The brush on paints normally come with an applicator brush like the ones you see on fingernail polishes.


  • The brush gives you greater control over the coverage.
  • The paint is thicker and creates a better protective barrier.


  • The paint is thicker so it dries more slowly
  • Paint inside the bottle will dry out in about 6 months.
  • The brush included with the paint is often of low quality and will allow the paint to create thick blobs. It is normally a good idea to buy an art brush to use with the paint.

3. Sprayable Paint

Sprayable applications of touch-up paint are convenient, but may create more problems than they solve.


  • Versatile. You can spray directly onto the vehicle or you can spray the paint into the cap and use an art brush to apply it.
  • The paint inside the can does not dry up in six months like the jarred paints do.
  • Provides smooth coverage.
  • Paint is thinner so it usually dries quicker.


  • The tips of the can might clog.
  • The spray they create is large and makes it possible to get paint on areas of the vehicle where you do not want the paint to be.
  • Paint is thinner so it usually requires more than one coat to achieve coverage and color you desire.

Best Touch Up Paint Pen Buying Guide

Best Touch Up Paint Pen Buying Guide


Before you buy touch-up paint for your vehicle you need to understand the features of this type of paint. Knowing what you need, and what each paint type can offer will allow you to buy a product that can be more beneficial to you.

Color of Paint

The number one feature of any automotive touch-up paint is the ability of the paint to match the existing color of your vehicle. The paint you apply needs to be able to match the color that is on your car. You may not realize this but the white paint used by Subaru is not an exact match to the white paint used by Ford.

If you cannot find an exact match to your manufacturer color then look for a universal paint that comes as close as possible to the color you need.

Application Considerations

The method of application for the new touch-up paint will affect the finished look of the repair. These paints can be found in aerosol cans, pump spray non-aerosol bottles, pens, or in small containers with small brushes like fingernail polish has.

Aerosol can containers should be purchased it you have a pretty larger area to cover. You must tape off the nearby sections of the automobile when using this application because it can create overspray. These paints are thinner than the paints that come in a pen or small container and is brushed on.

The non-aerosol gives you more control, but not as much control as you get with the paint pens or the brush on variety. Using the brush on and the paint pen is slower, but best for smaller applications, and will not create as much possible contamination of the nearby painted surface.

Does the Paint include UV Clear Coat?

Check the details of the touch-up paint and try to choose one that has UV protection designed into it. This protection will be better for your car and it will allow the touch-up to last longer.

Drying Time

The amount of time that the paint will require to dry thoroughly will make a large difference in how long your car will be out of service. You want a quick drying time, but you also want the substance to dry slow enough that you can apply it and get it smooth and flawless.

Touch Up Paint Care and Maintenance Tips

Best automotive touch up paint

Touch-up paint can improve the look of your car and it can be a protective agent that stops corrosion or rust from forming. There are a few things you can do to make sure that your touch-up paint works effectively and is not damaged.

  • After applying the touch-up paint give the substance ample time to dry thoroughly so it does not get marred or get dirt and debris caught in it. If you can give the vehicle a twenty-four-hour period this will allow the paint to cure completely.
  • After the paint is completely dry you should wash your vehicle by hand, and apply a polish to it. The polish will help to provide another barrier layer that will protect the newly painted area from moisture, heat, cold, wind, and harsh elements.
  • Keep the vehicle clean and polish it at least once a month to keep the layer of protection the wax provides.

Benefits of Using Touch Up Paint Pen

Touch-up paint is very beneficial to car owners. For instance, this type of paint:

  • Saves you money because you can repair a small flaw in the paint without having to go to the expense of having a larger section of the car, or the entire car repainted.
  • It comes in small inexpensive applicators so just about everyone can afford it.
  • You can apply the touch-up paint yourself and will not need to leave the car at a paint and body shop for several days.
  • The paint forms a barrier between the raw car metal and moisture, UV rays, and other corrosive elements. The barrier stops moisture from being able to get beneath the paint on either side of the scratch so rust does not begin to form.
  • It seals the edges around the scratch so the vehicle paint does not begin to lift or flake.
  • There is normally a color of touch-up paint that can match any original car manufacturer color. Once applied, and dried, most people will never notice the touch-up.
  • It keeps your vehicle looking better because it covers flaws in the paint. That can keep the resale value of the vehicle at a higher rate.

People Also Ask About Auto Touch Up Paint?

How do I remove car touch up paint?

You will need to use something like lacquer thinner to remove most automotive touch-up paints. These paints are normally solvent-based so they cannot be cleaned away or removed by water. Lacquer thinner is the first choice because it may be able to remove the touch-up paint without damaging the clear coat on the paint around it. Lacquer thinner is not capable of removing a clear coat. Soak a cloth in the lacquer thinner and hold it on the touch-up paint for a few minutes then check to see if the paint is dissolving.

How much heat can automotive touch up paint take?

For application purposes the air temperature should be around 700 when you apply the paint. After the paint dries higher temperatures will not affect it, but before the paint dries the higher temperatures can cause the paint to dry too quickly and make the area feel rougher to the touch. This occurs because the paint begins to dry before it reaches the car surface so it does not go on as smoothly as it should.

How long a touch up lasts?

Normally, a touch-up paint application will last for about 4 years if you buy a solvent based paint that is specifically designed for use on vehicles. The solvent-based paints will harden and give you a fantastic protective barrier against water, air and UV rays. After four years you must decide whether to reapply a touch-up paint or to have the car completely repainted.

Can automotive touch ups prevent rust?

The main reason for using an automotive touch-up paint is to protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion. The paint covers and seals the flaw in the car finish so water, moisture, and air cannot reach the metal under the painted coatings. The touch-up paint saves you money because you can repair a slight imperfection for just a few dollars instead of repainting a large section of the car.

Final word

Automotive touch up paint is generally specific to one manufacturer. This is because the color spectrum of the paint is created to match the colors that cad manufacturer uses on their automobiles.

To find the best automotive touch-up paint for your vehicle that has an after-market paint job you should consult the colors available from different suppliers to find the closest match to your paint on your vehicle. Most of these paints, like the Genuine Subaru J361SFJ030 require no sanding prior to application and requires no gloss coat after application.

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