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10 Best Sprayers for Deck Stain Reviews in 2021

I recently added a back deck on my house so we could take advantage of the amazing view in our back yard. When it came time to stain my deck I went in search of the easiest and most effective method.

This led me to getting reviews from professional painters and homeowners on their opinions of the best sprayers for stain. I was astonished at how many great devices are available for this activity.

Our Top 10 Best Sprayer for Staining Deck Review

1. Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max Stain Sprayer

Wagner Spraytech Paint Sprayer for Decks

The professional grade metal container cup that comes with this paint sprayer makes a big difference. You do not have to worry about damaging the container cup with mineral spirits or solvents you may have to use to remove all of the stain residue. The metal container holds one-quart of stain at a time so it holds plenty of stain to cover a wide area before you need to refill.

The sprayer also comes with a 1 ½ quart container that is not metal. It is perfect for all of the water-based paint substances that you may use on your projects.

You will be amazed at the many uses this sprayer has. You can spray small projects and detail work like trim, or decks, or fences, or cabinets, or crafts. You can apply thin liquids with the consistency of water or thicker paint substances. You can even use this unit to apply spray tan if you purchase the spray tan cartridge attachment.

2. Graco Magnum X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer for Deck Stain

Graco Magnum X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

You do not need an external air compressor to operate this paint sprayer. It is powerful and can use paint or stain straight from the one-gallon or five-gallon container. You can spray as much as 125 gallons of paint per year without over-working this tool.

You can spray thin substances like stain, or even sanitizer. You can also spray thicker substances like enamel or latex paint without thinning the paint. This feature allows you to apply thicker coatings of paint with each spray so you can get more complete coverage in fewer applications.

If the tip gets clogged you can simply reverse it and keep on working without the hassle of cleaning and replacing the tip. This unit is so powerful that you can use it with 100’ length of hose so you can leave the unit in one place without having to reposition it as often.

3. HomeRight Stain Sprayer for Countless DIY Projects

HomeRight Paint Sprayer for Countless DIY Projects

The HomeRight C800971 is an adjustable sprayer that can be used with the majority of paint substances. It has a flow adjustment an comes with 3 brass tips to help you select pattern and spray width. The tips are color coded so you can quickly identify which one you need according to the thickness of the paint you are using. Red is used for thicker paints like primers, green is used with latex paints, and blue is perfect for thinner substances like stain.

This is an electric powered unit that does not require an additional air-compressor to function. All you need is access to a common household electrical outlet.

This sprayer will save you a lot of time and energy when you are doing DIY painting around your home. Use it inside or outside on a variety of materials, including furniture, decks, fences, shutters, doors, cabinets, and more.

4. Wagner SprayTech Spray Painting Gun for Indoor & Outdoor Projects

Wagner SprayTech Spray Painting Gun for Indoor & Outdoor Projects

This is a perfect homeowner paint sprayer because it comes with a nozzle that is ideal for using when you do large paint jobs like decks, walls, ceilings, fences and home exteriors. It also comes with a second nozzle that is designed to allow you to do detail painting like you would need for furniture, crafts, trim and other small projects.

There are ten adjustable speed settings on this device so you can use a variety of paint substances. You can use substances as thin as stain and as thick as latex paint. You are in control and you create the desired finish by choosing the proper flow and using the correct tip.

This unit is easy to set-up, easy to use, and easy to clean. Homeowners, hobbyist, and handymen will all benefit because you can use this device to paint using a multitude of paint substances on a wide variety of materials.

5. REXBETTI 4 Nozzles High-Power HVLP Paint Sprayer

REXBETTI 4 Nozzles High-Power HVLP Paint Sprayer

The REXBETTI HVLP sprayer is an affordable option for most homeowners. It is intended for use by homeowners and non-professionals, and the cost of the unit is amazingly low. You can complete projects up to ten times faster than you could if you used a brush and roller. This sprayer can spray as many as 8 gallons of paint per hour. If you are applying stain it can cover an 8’ x 10’ area in one minute. If you are applying latex paint it would take about five minutes to cover the same area.

This sprayer can be used to spray a horizontal surface, a vertical surface, or you can spray in a circular pattern and eliminate any start and stop paint lines. You have the ability to turn the sprayer in multiple positions so you can access hard to reach places.

It has a super long power plug cord so you have ample room to work without having to keep unplugging and moving to a closer electrical outlet.

6. Wagner High Efficiency Airless Power Tank Stain Sprayer


This high-efficiency paint sprayer is capable of creating the lowest possible amount of overspray. That means you use less paint and spend less on your next painting project. It reduces overspray by as much as 55% compared to similar painting apparatuses.

This is an airless unit so you do not need an air compressor to work with it. That means the sprayer is quieter than many of the common sprayers, and you do not have to lug around a heavy air compressor so this unit is more portable and easier to handle.

This device utilizes gravity to feed the paint substance so there are no priming hassles. The stationary portion of the unit holds up to 1.5 gallons of painting substances and you have a 25’ length of hose that gives you ample freedom of movement. The large quantity of paint will allow you to finish larger projects without stopping to refill.

7. YATTICH High Power HVLP Spray Gun Paint Sprayer


This paint sprayer is small and lightweight. The majority of all people can easily handle this painting gun without a lot of fatigue or muscle strain.

This sprayer is affordable and allows the majority of all homeowners the opportunity to have a paint sprayer in their tool arsenal. You get three spray pattern choices and five nozzles so you have control over the flow and the finish that your surface gets.

You can paint cars, furniture, ceilings, walls, exterior surfaces, patios, decks and more using this sprayer. It has a rear pad made of foam that eliminates the backwards flow of paint that can cause such a mess. This also keeps the nozzle from clogging as easily and allows your spray to be more even and reliable.

You can use this gun to spray both thick and thin substances. You can even use it to sanitize an area, or to water your indoor plants.

8. AOBEN Electric Stain Gun with 4 Nozzles Paint Sprayer


A smooth and superior finish is provided with this 750W paint spraying apparatus. It has enough power to spray thicker materials without thinning them down, but it can be adjusted to accommodate thinner substances like stain. By controlling the flow rate you control the amount of paint used, you reduce overspray possibilities, and you create the perfect coverage on your surface.

This unit comes with an electric spray gun that requires no air compressor to function. You also get a funnel, a filter, cleaning brush, a needle to help unclog and remove any paint that might have hardened in the nozzle, 4 spray nozzles, and a handy user’s manual.

The nozzles are color coated so the size you need for the substance you are using is easy to identify. Thin materials use the white and black nozzles, blue and red nozzles are best for thicker paints like chalk paints, and latex.

9. Tilswall Electric Sprayer for Staining Decks with 1300ml Detachable Tank


Refurbishing furniture, doing craft and hobby painting, painting decks and fences, or remodeling your cabinetry will be made faster with this paint sprayer. It can handle a wide variety of painting substances from stain to latex so you can create the professional finish that you desire.

This sprayer is a time saver. It can spray as much as 1200ml every minute to allow you to finish your project in half the time that you would need to do the same project with a brush and roller. It is a 120 DIN so people who use more than just one variety of paint will have the opportunity to work with the medium they choose.

It has an upgraded filter sponge that filters the air coming into the device so it removes more dust and debris particles to keep your painting fluids cleaner, and protect the motor of your painting gun.

10. Dicfeos High Power Stain Sprayer


This sprayer gives you the ultimate amount of control with the least effort. You have the ability to control the spray by simply making an adjustment to the cap of the spray gun. You can adjust the amount of material flow with a simple to turn control knob. You are in control and your finish can be like you prefer.

This is an electric powered device that requires no external equipment like air-compressors to be attached to it. It has a 6.6’ power cord so you have ample room to move, and the handle is designed to be smaller and fit inside your hand with less fatigue and strain.

You get the ability to paint just about everything around your house, including fences that need stain, or decks, or furniture that needs a sealer or polyurethane applied to it.

Spraying Deck Stain vs Rolling

When it is time to stain your deck, you can either apply this substance with a roller/mop or brush, or you can use a paint sprayer. People often ask which method of application is the best.



  • The application of the stain is faster
  • You can get thinner coats of stain on so the stain dries faster
  • You can create a more uniform appearance
  • You can easily reach all cracks and crevices with the stain


  • Often creates overspray
  • Uses more stain product
  • Works best if you stain and have someone back-brushing the stain so it goes deep into the wood



  • You will use less stain
  • You will not have overspray or bounce back that gets stain on items you do not want to stain
  • You can usually stand upright or bend slightly and do not have to get down on your knees
  • Rolling the stain on allows you to place a larger amount of stain so you can get a deeper and richer color with just one application


  • The process of rolling the stain on creates the need for you to bend more or get down on your knees
  • It takes longer to put the stain on the boards
  • You will need to back-roll the stain so that it gets down into the crevices

How to thin deck stain for a sprayer


You can thin deck stain, but you need to remember that the more you thin the stain the lighter the color will be. The majority of stains are already thin enough to be applied with a paint sprayer. If you leave your stain in storage for too long it may become thicker and could possibly need slight thinning to create the right thickness.

If you believe that your stain needs to be thinned it is wise to mix very small amounts of thinner into the holding container on your sprayer. Always check the mixture by doing a test spray before you start to stain your deck.

Make certain that you choose the right thinning agent according to the ingredients of your stain. Varnish and oil-based stains should be thinned using mineral spirits. Water-based stains should be thinned using water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to spray or roll deck stain?

Spraying deck stain is the best option. You apply the stain more evenly and the application is much faster than when you use a roller. Spraying the stain allows you to easily get stain in all of the hard-to-reach areas like between the deck boards.

Can you apply deck stain with a sprayer?

You can apply deck stain with a paint sprayer as long as you have control adjustments that will allow the unit to apply thinner liquids. You also need the right tip when you are spraying stain.

Can I use a sprayer for solid stain?

In order to apply deck stain using a paint sprayer you need to be applying stain that is designed to be sprayed or designed to be applied and not need to be wiped down after the application. I would not suggest using a paint sprayer on a solid stain.

Can I apply deck stain with a garden sprayer?

Garden sprayers are excellent for applying deck stain. They are simple to use and you manually pump them to create enough pressure to force the stain out of the device. This amount of pressure is ideal for thin liquids like deck stain and you will still get the benefits of being able to access hard to reach places on the deck.

Final Words on Sprayers for Deck Stain

Deck stain protects and beautifies the wood your deck is built from. The stain penetrates the wood and stops some of the damages that can be caused by insects, UV rays, and weather conditions. If you are on a limited budget and want a paint sprayer to use for deck stain application, or other DIY paint projects around your home I recommend the REXBETTI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer. It is electric powered and does not require an air-compressor. It can be used with the majority of paint substances.

The most important thing to remember when you are shopping for a paint sprayer is your painting needs. You want to get a sprayer that can do more than one type of paint application so your painting projects are easier to do.

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