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Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review

Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review
Customer Satisfaction   ★★★★★
Ease of Use   ★★★★★
Durability   ★★★★★
Price   ★★★★☆

The Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus is designed to be the last paint sprayer that you need to buy. It can paint small jobs, and it can do large jobs, so you do not have to have more than one sprayer.

Review Summary

This is an electric powered, corded, paint spraying apparatus that is great for all types of painting projects. The quality of the materials used in the construction of this paint sprayer is high enough that it can be used for commercial painting projects.

It is small enough and easy enough to handle that it can be used for personal painting projects around your home or office.

It has a large number of great features that make it easier to use, and make it possible to achieve a better paint coverage and finish.

Project Painter Plus Specifications:

Maximum operating Pressure: 2800 PSI

Maximum Tip Size: .015”

Gallons per minute: .24

Weight of Sprayer: 10 lbs

Voltage: 120 Volt American Standard

Features of Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus

SG2 metal Spray Gun

The SG2 metal spray gun is made with the highest quality materials so it is more durable than plastic spray apparatuses are. You will get more service from this gun, and you will have fewer complications.

The metal spray guns are heavier than the plastic alternatives, but, the metal guns last longer, are more efficient, and can withstand more punishment from heavy usage or accidental drops.

Reversible Spray Tip

When you are spraying small particles of trash or paint that is becoming thicker as it ages will have a tendency to clog your spray tip. If your spray gun does not have reversible tip technology then you have to stop painting, remove the tip, clean the tip, replace the tip. This costs you time and money.

With this spray paint gun you have reversible tip technology so if the tip becomes clogged you simply pull the tip out and flip it over, and return to work.

Power Flush

This equipment comes with a power flush adapter. The adapter allows you to connect the sprayer to a standard garden hose and use the power of the water from the hose to rinse away the paint and residue inside the paint sprayer.

The detailed step by step instructions for how to use this amazing feature is in the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer.

You can also clean the equipment using two pails. One pail will be for the cleaning fluid, (water or mineral spirits) and the other pail will catch the waste after the cleaning fluid has been through the spray painting apparatus.

Suggested Uses

This paint sprayer is recommended for ALL painting uses. It is a versatile tool that will be beneficial to homeowners, contractors, handymen, do it yourself enthusiasts, remodeling enthusiasts, and hobbyist.

It can be used to paint interior projects and the adjustable pressure control will insure that you get the proper paint coverage with the least amount of overspray, runs, or lapping. It sprays paint that has not been thinned so you can get complete coverage in fewer paint applications.

It is ideal for working on exterior projects like siding, decks, fences, patio furniture, and yard ornaments. The 25’ hose will allow you to reach the top portions of most houses, but you also have the ability to use a 50’ hose so you can paint multi-level structures, or paint more area without repositioning the main turbine.


  • Can spray directly from one gallon container or five gallon container
  • Hooks to garden hose for cleaning purposes
  • Storage compartments for power flush adapter, spray gun, tips, and power cord
  • Storage fluid included for keeping the tool in perfect condition when it is stored for periods of time longer than 2 days


  • Cannot be used to spray hot solvents

How do I know what size spray tip to use for my project?

The numbers on the spray tip indicate the fan width of the pattern they can produce. The tip hole also controls the flow of the paint coming out of the gun.

To determine the hole size and fan width you only need to concern yourself with the last three digits.

The last digits tell you the hole size. On a 413 the hole would be 0.013 inches. On a 515 the hole will be 0.015”.

The first digit tells you the fan width. You double the first digit so a 5 will probably have a fan width of 5 to 10 inches when you are holding the spray gun 8 to 12 inches away from the surface you are painting.

Wider tips are better suited for large expanse painting like walls, siding, etc.

Larger tips are better suited for thicker paints and smaller tips work best with thinner paint products.

As you are spraying the tip will begin to relax and the hole of the tip will actually enlarge. For perfect applications you want to begin a project using a tip that is one size smaller than what you think you need.

Final Word

This is an all-around great piece of spray painting equipment. It works well for homeowners who paint very seldom and it works well for professionals or paint enthusiasts who paint regularly.

The materials it is constructed from are of high quality and they will provide durable and effective service for many years.

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