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Best Commercial Paint Sprayers for Professional Projects – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A professional painter needs a commercial paint sprayers to make their work go faster and to allow them to create smooth and flawless finishes on the surface they paint. The commercial painter needs a paint sprayer that is capable of being used to spray many gallons of paint in a year, and one that is made from durable materials that will last for a long time.

The commercial painter may have to work indoors or outdoors so they need a paint sprayer that is versatile and capable of spraying many different types of paints, primers, stains, urethanes, and varnishes.

The best commercial paint sprayer is one that picks the paint up from the can the paint is packaged in, and is easy to clean up. In our quest to find the sprayer that would benefit professional painters the most we tested many different devices.

The following items all had features and attributes that we thought made them well suited for use in commercial applications.

Graco 17H573
  • Weight: 86 pounds
  • Size: 24 x 22.2 x 41″
  • Voltage: 120 volts
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Fuji HVLP Spray System
Fuji Q4 Quiet HVLP
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Size: 18.5 x 17.7 x 16.2
  • Adjustable: 3 fan
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  FuGraco Magnum  X7
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Size: 19 x 15 x 37
  • Voltage: 110 volts
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HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800
  HomeRight Power Flo
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Size: 19 x 15 x 37
  • Voltage: 110 volts
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4 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

1. Graco TexSpray Professional Sprayer


The hopper on this commercial spray paint gun holds 13 gallons of finish material. The hopper is very easy to fill and with 13 gallons of paint, you can paint for many hours before you have to refill. The heavy duty aluminum construction will assure you that the gun can handle the strenuous workload with no problems.

This paint sprayer provides thirty-three percent more air than most guns so it can easily handle those demanding finishes. It allows you to paint faster and finish the project faster so there are fewer man-hours involved with the painting.

It has an adjustable material flow so you can spray thicker materials, but when you choose to spray a thinner material you can dial the adjustable material flow knob down and make the gun capable of dispensing the thinner materials just as accurately as the thicker ones. The gauge is easy to read so you will be able to choose the right setting every time.

This spray painter comes complete with a 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and a 12mm round nozzle. You also get the heavy duty aluminum gun, a 25’ air hose that is 3/8 inches in diameter.

2. Fuji Q4 Quiet Paint Spray System – Best for Pro

Fuji HVLP Spray System

This is one of the quietest paint guns on the market today. That makes it perfect for the commercial painter who does not want to anger or offend the people living around his work when he starts to work early or works until late in the day.

This gun is suitable for both water based and solvent based substances. It has 9 Psi so it is very powerful. It also has a heat dissipation changer that will increase the life expectancy of the motor on this tool.

The fan adjustment that changes the pattern of spray is very simple, and you can make three of these adjustments. The pattern it sprays can be horizontal, vertical, or circular. This professional paint sprayer has a non-drip design so you can turn the gun to spray where you need the paint without creating a mess.

The paint sprayer comes complete with nozzle tips a #2 and  #5, a filter, a pressure tube, a package of 5 check valves, a 600cc paint container, and the spray gun, a cleaning kit, lubricant, an air control valve, a gravity cup, a 25 foot hose that has a quick connect attached, and a 6 foot long whip hose.

3. Graco Magnum X7 Commercial Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum Cart Commercial Paint Sprayer

This is a fully adjustable paint sprayer so you have the ultimate in control over the spray density of the finish material you are using. It can spray thicker materials, like un-thinned latex paint, because it has a stainless steel piston pump.

You can also use thinner materials like lacquers, varnish, stain, and urethanes in this piece of equipment. It can handle large exterior painting jobs or smaller interior jobs.

You do not have to worry about a container to fill with paint because this tool will suction the paint directly from the manufacturer container. You can use one gallon can of paint or use a 5-gallon bucket of paint.

The yearly recommended usage for this gun is 125 gallons so you can easily paint everything you need to with no worries of over-working your equipment. It has a 0.625 horsepower engine so it is powerful enough to spray the finish material of your choice at a rapid pace.

It has a power flush adapter that will allow you to quickly connect a normal garden hose to the gun and flush out the paint during clean-up.

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4. HomeRight Power Flo Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun for Professional

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800

This best commercial paint sprayer has a 6.5 amp motor. It produces 110 DIN per minute with a spraying flow of 1100ml per minute. It can be used to paint almost everything including automobiles, home exteriors, appliances, furniture, wooden surfaces, and steel surfaces.

It comes with three different size nozzles. You get a 1.0mm, a 2.0mm and a 2.5mm copper tip with the sprayer. You can also select a horizontal spray pattern, a vertical spray pattern, or a circular spray pattern according to what you are painting and what finish you want to have.

The handheld weight is reduced because of the design that has separated the gun body from the motor. This allows for longer work with less strain.

This sprayer has a 1200 ml container so you have plenty of paint to do the larger paint jobs. All parts of the machine can be removed so the cleaning is easy and convenient. You do not have to take the paint container off of the gun to add more paint. You simply open the cover and pour in the new paint and continue on with the work you are doing.

This paint sprayer comes complete with a 5,9 power line, 2 of the 1200 ml paint containers, a funnel, a cleaning needle, a cleaning brush, 3 spray nozzles, and 3 spray tips, plus the instruction/owner manual.

How to Use a Best Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer

painters workwear

Using a commercial paint sprayer can reduce the work it takes to do large painting jobs like painting fences, house exteriors, walls, ceilings, garages, and more. The following tips will help you use the sprayer effectively.


Before you can begin to paint you must prepare yourself and the area you will be painting.


Make sure that the temperature is between forty-five and seventy-five for optimal results. In cold weather, the sprayer may clog and in hot weather, the paint dries very fast.

Wear Protection

You need to have gloves, eye protection and a respirator on when you are spraying paint into the air.

Drop Cloths

You need to cover anything you do not want the paint to get on using drop cloths, newspaper, old sheets, and painters tape.

Stir the Paint

Before you begin you need to stir the paint thoroughly and check it for debris or particles that might clog your sprayer.

Connect your sprayer and do a test spot on cardboard or somewhere that will never be seen so that you can make the proper adjustments to your equipment. Never skip this step, even if you have used the sprayer 100 times, each paint and application will be different.

Spray the Paint

You want to work at a steady pace spraying sections that are about one foot wide. Your spray patterns should overlap about one half of an inch. You depress the trigger before you reach the spot you wish to begin spraying and you stop depressing the trigger prior to moving past the paintable surface.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Pro Paint Sprayer

We all know that painting improves the look of things, but most of us dread the time and work that it takes to paint, especially if we are going to have to paint a large surface area like the exterior of our home.

A commercial paint sprayer can help us to do these painting jobs faster and with less effort. The following tips will help you to select the commercial paint sprayer that will benefit you the most.

Choose the Operating Style You Prefer

Paint sprayers can be airless (requiring no air compressor to supply compressed air) or they can use compressed air. Compressed air sprayers are best suited to automotive painting, wooden projects like trim, shutters, furniture, and some smaller areas of walls and ceilings.

Professional sprayers draw the paint directly from the paint container so they are a great choice when you have a large project like a house exterior, fences, or ceilings throughout a house to paint.

Compressed air sprayers require you to stop often and refill the paint container.

Airless paint sprayers do not provide a finish that is as smooth as the ones provided by the compressed air sprayers.

Compressed air sprayers may be louder to operate due to the air compressor they are attached to.

Commercial paint sprayers have hoses that might tangle easily while you are working.

The Product You Plan to Use

HVLP paint sprayers require you to use thinner paints and materials than airless paint sprayers. You can determine what paint sprayer to buy if you consider what materials you will use when you are painting.

5IMPORTANT Tips Spraying With An Airless Sprayer from Paint Life TV:

Where You Will Paint

The location of where you will paint the most often will also help you to determine which commercial paint sprayer is best for your usage. Indoor use requires you to have shorter power cords and air hoses, and external use requires you to have a power source handy.

You want to make sure that the sprayer you buy can help you paint where you will paint the most. Having a sprayer that can spray horizontally or vertically will allow you different painting options.

How Easy is the Sprayer Deemed to Be?

You want to buy a paint sprayer that is easy to set-up and easy to use. Compressed air sprayers will have a container that paint has to be transferred into, but they are often smaller and easier to manipulate when you are painting intricate pieces of furniture or trim.

The Weight of the Tool

When you use an HVLP or compressed air sprayer you will have a container of paint, primer, etc. attached to the paint gun so the paint sprayer will be heavier to hold than the airless paint sprayers that suction the paint through a flexible hose.

If you are going to be painting for long periods of time you want to find either a compressed air painter that has a smaller container or use an commercial that does not require you to lift the gun and the paint.

Final word on commercial paint sprayers

A best commercial paint sprayer for professional use is a piece of equipment designed to make work easier for you. This equipment comes with many different features so you must consider how you want to use the tool, where you will use the tool, and what power supply you want the tool to have, prior to purchasing.

Once you have used a paint sprayer you must clean the paint from the sprayer so select a sprayer that will be easy to use and easy to clean. Sprayers that have water hose connections so the force of the water running through the sprayer clean out the paint is the easiest to clean.

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