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Graco Magnum X7 Reviews

Graco Magnum x7 Review
Customer Satisfaction★★★★☆
Ease of Use★★★★★
Durability ★★★★☆
Price ★★★★☆

The Graco Magnum X7 is an airless paint sprayer on wheels. It comes with a convenient cart that makes it very easy for you to reposition the sprayer. It is a hard working tool that lets you do the chores you need to do and provides you with a professional finish.

Review Summary of Graco Magnum x7

The Graco Magnum X7 is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used on small or large jobs. It is perfect for painting the walls in your home, your deck, your fence, your siding, or for handymen who do painting jobs to earn some extra cash.

This painting apparatus gives you the ability to control the amount of pressure it supplies. That means you can use different thicknesses of paint and you can also reduce paint splatter and overspray.

To operate the machine you need nothing more than a standard outlet to plug it into. You do not need an external air compressor and this means the machine is easier to maneuver, and quieter while it is being used.

This is a fantastic paint sprayer that is easy to use and will last for a long time. It will allow you to do your work faster, and in some instances you will be able to use less paint and still achieve the perfect finish.

Graco Magnum X7 Specifications:

Dimensions: 19” x 15” x 37”

Weight: 26 Pounds

Maximum Hose Length: 100 foot

Gallons per minute the sprayer can spray: .31 gallons per minute

Motor size: 5/8 HP

Maximum Tip Size: .017”

Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 PSI

Recommended Annual Usage: 125 gallons per year

Important Features of Magnum X7

Stainless Steel piston Pump


The stainless steel piston pump on this device is one of those things you do not see but you are glad they are there. This piston pump allows you to spray thicker liquids at high pressure. That means you do not have to thin every paint you use.

You can spray thicker paints so you get a better coverage from each coating. This saves you time because you get to spray on fewer coats of paint.

Adjustable Pressure

The Graco Magnum X7 has a pressure adjustment knob that gives you total control of the paint flow. With this control you are able to make adjustment for material thickness, or for project sizes so you get the final result that you desire.

Straight from the Bucket Paint Retrieval

We have all done some painting and most of us have spilled some paint when we were trying to pour the paint from the manufacturer container into a paint pan. Most of us have stepped in the paint pan and spilled the contents while painting.

You will not have those accidents when using the Graco Magnum X7 because the suction hose picks the paint up from the manufacturer container. All you have to do is stir the paint thoroughly and then put the suction hose into the bucket the paint came in.

Many of the professional quality paint sprayers are capable of picking the paint up if you are using a five gallon bucket of paint. This paint sprayer will work if the paint container is a one gallon can or if it is a five gallon bucket.

The ability of the sprayer to work from smaller containers allows you to paint small indoor projects or large outdoor projects with the same ease.

Power-Flush Adapter

No job is complete until the tools are cleaned and put away. The Graco Magnum X7 has a power flush adapter that allows you to connect the tool to an ordinary garden hose when it is time to do the clean-up.

The force of the water going through the paint sprayer will wash out any paint and paint residue quickly. You will spend less time cleaning the tool and you will have a cleaner tool when you go to work the next time.

Reversible Tip

Clogged paint tips are one of the primary complaints people have about paint spraying equipment. You are painting and your tip gets clogged so you have to stop and change the tip, or wash the tip and then put it back on the device. These clogged tips cost you valuable time.

The Graco Magnum X7 has reversible tip technology that stops this from happening. If your tip becomes clogged while you are painting you simply reverse the tip and go right back to work.

This feature allows you to get more done without having to carry extra tips, stop frequently and clean the tip, or deal with costly delays.

Flexible Suction Hose

The flexible suction hose allows you to move more freely while you are painting. This hose can bend and move with you without kinking or binding. You get more work done in a faster amount of time because you do not have to stop and reposition the hose in the bucket each time you move or change the angle you are holding the spray gun at.

Can Spray a Wide Variety of Materials

This sprayer can be used to apply stains to decks and paint to house exteriors. It can also be used to apply paint to walls and things inside the house. The versatility of this tool makes it even handier to have around the house.


  • Metal spray gun provides more durability
  • Airless so you do not have to have an air compressor to operate
  • Capable of spraying a wide variety of materials
  • Airless so you do not have to have an air compressor to operate
  • Can be used with a one gallon can of paint or a five gallon bucket of paint


  • Not as good on automobile painting as some of the sprayers that utilize air compressors
  • Does not use an inline filter and this reduces your control over the humidity

Suggested Usage of the Graco Magnum X7

The Graco Magnum X7 is a versatile unit that can literally be used on both small do it yourself projects and large commercial projects. It is capable of picking the paint up from a small can or a large bucket so the homeowner will love it. It can also accommodate a large hose length so the professional painter, or the handyman who does painting for a sideline will also love it.

The unit is on a cart with wheels so it is easy to maneuver and position. It can be rolled around without a lot of brute force so it is convenient for anyone to use.

The fact that this sprayer can function with a hose that is up to 100 feet in length makes this unit perfect for outdoor painting projects. The extra hose length will allow you to reach the top of even multi story houses, and you can reach long sections of decks and fences without repositioning the unit.

You do not need an air compressor to operate this paint sprayer. That means that the sprayer will be easier to use and it will operate quieter. The quiet operation will allow you to use the device indoors, and in close proximity to other homes, without disturbing the neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this unit require a 220V power supply?

No it does not. This paint sprayer is powered by an American standard 120V outlet. The outlet must be a grounded outlet.

The manufacturer recommends this sprayer for 125 gallons of paint per year. 

Do you have to use it this much or can I use it less?

The recommendation allows you to know the maximum amount f paint the sprayer is capable of working with in a year. If you plan to do work for other people using this sprayer and you plan to use more than 125 gallons of paint per year, then you will need to purchase a different sprayer that is designed to handle a heavier work load.

If you are a homeowner, and will not be using the sprayer to spray 125 gallons of paint per year,  that is okay. However, Graco does make a full line of sprayers that are smaller and may be more suitable if you only plan to use it for a couple of gallons of paint per year.

Magnum X7 Pressure Relief Replacement Video

Final word

A paint sprayer is a time saving tool that allows you to keep your property looking its best. This Graco Magnum X7 is a deluxe paint sprayer that can work independently from an air compressor so you have fewer tools in your garage.

This paint sprayer is everything you need a paint sprayer to be, and more. It does small jobs and big jobs, and it is easy to use. This paint sprayer is literally the best tool of this kind for both homeowners who paint twice a year, and professionals who paint every weekend.

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