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Graco Magnum ProX19 Paint Sprayer Review

graco magnum prox19 review
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This powerful paint sprayer makes painting easier to do. It has all of the newest and most beneficial features, and it is manufactured by Graco so you know that it is designed to last.

Review Summary

This is a work horse piece of paint spraying equipment that is ideal for professional usage. If you do a lot of painting each year then this is the perfect solution for you.

It is on a rolling cart and the cart has spaces designated for all of the parts and accessories that accompany the paint sprayer.

It has reversible tip technology, in pump filters to reduce clogs, a swivel in the paint gun so you can easily maneuver the gun into the proper position, and it can be connected to a water hose and cleaned easily when the work is over.

This equipment is powered by electricity. You plug it into a standard American 120V outlet. You do not need to connect it to an external air compressor.

Wagner Flexio 570 Specifications:

Dimensions: 20” x 17.2” x 37.2”

Weight: 10 pounds

Recommended annual usage: 500 gallons

Maximum pressure: 3000 PSI

Maximum Tip Size: 0.019

Voltage: 120 Volt

Features of Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 HiBoy Paint Sprayer

Fully adjustable pressure control


The amount of control you have over the pressure the paint spraying equipment produces greatly influences the finish that you create with the paint.

High pressure is needed if you are going to use thicker paint materials like paint and primer combinations, primer, enamel paints, and un-thinned latex paints. High pressure is also needed to help you apply larger amounts of paint at a time to larger areas.

Lower amounts of pressure is required if you are painting with thin materials like stain. Low amounts of pressure are needed to apply paint to items at a closer range, like when you are painting trims, furniture, and ornate items.

Filters debris

There is a filter in the pump to filter out any debris that might be in the paint. We all know that debris can happen, and some debris will happen in the paint you are applying. Small particles of debris can clog your spray tip and larger pieces of debris can stop the pump from functioning properly.

The filter traps debris particles so you have fewer debris related work delays.

ProXChange Pump Replacement 

When you are applying large amounts of paint each year, and using your equipment frequently, then there is a possibility that your pump on your paint sprayer will finally give up on you. When this happens it can shut down a project unless you are using this machine and can replace the pump on the jobsite and go right back to working.

Most contractors will tell you that this is a money saving feature that they love.

Metal Spray Gun with Built in Swivel

The metal spray gun insures that the paint equipment lasts longer. The swivel insures that you can easily position the spray paint gun so that paint is projected to the surfaces it needs to reach without you having to put your arm or wrist into a painful position.

Cleans with a Garden Hose

The power flush feature on this equipment allows you to connect the unit to an ordinary garden hose and use the water and pressure from that hose to flush paint residue and particles from the machine. This feature makes cleaning up the equipment after painting easier and less time consuming.

Suggested Uses

This paint spraying equipment is designed to work harder for longer periods of time. It is perfect for anyone who does a lot of painting like do it yourself remodeling enthusiasts, property management and maintenance personnel, contractors and professional painters.

This painter will easily paint the exterior of multiple story structures. It can be used with a hose that is 150 feet in length.

This sprayer can also be used to do interior painting like walls, ceilings


  • Fully adjustable pressure to control paint flow
  • Comes with an RAC IV 515 reversible tip
  • No external air compressor is needed so the machine is quieter than some paint spraying equipment
  • Sprays directly from paint container


  • This machine is really too big and powerful for the majority of homeowners

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this sprayer for interior painting?

Yes the sprayer can be used to do interior paint work. It has all of the features that will help you to create a paint flow that will give you good coverage and less overspray, runs, or miss-haps.

Does the hose come with the sprayer or do you have to buy it separately?

A fifty foot hose comes with the sprayer unit. If you want a longer hose you will need to purchase that separately.

Final word

This is the perfect paint sprayer for the handyman who wants to make a little extra money painting houses, fences, staining decks, and doing painting projects for other people. It is a highly durable item that is designed to be put through heavy usage.

It is a big and bulky item, but it is on a rolling cart so it is very easy to reposition when you need to.

It is recommended that you wear protective eyewear when using spray paint equipment. Many of the paint manufacturer’s also suggest that you wear a respirator or mask to reduce the amount of paint particles you can breathe into your lungs.

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  1. Avoid machine Grayco magnum x19 pro is complete junk mine worked for 5 gal of paint now will not prime and hold a prime. Returning machine. They can stick it where the sun don’t shine.


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