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Nuvo Cabinet Paint Reviews – The Essentials!

New bathroom or kitchen cabinets don’t come cheap, and it’s no wonder that many homeowners will breathe new life into these rooms by simply painting their cabinets.

Plus, if you’re the creative type, painting your cabinets yourself opens up the potential for quirkier, more eccentric cabinets, unburdened by cabinet finishes.

Other areas of your house may be more forgiving of certain paint and paint styles, but cabinets are a bit pickier.

This is because cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms come into contact with our hands constantly, as well as splashes from food, liquids, and condensation.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint Reviews

Using standard acrylic-latex for cabinets may seem like a good idea, but this looks streaky once dried and can peel away easily.

Therefore, it’s best to opt for paint that is designed for cabinet use and that will give you a smooth, firm, and self-levelling finish. This is where Nuvo Cabinet Paint comes in.

Their all-inclusive cabinet makeover kits can be painted on all kinds of cabinets, from laminate cabinets, to metal, vinyl, wood, and melamine cabinets.

There is no priming required, and with some prep work, your cabinets can be finished in less than a day.

Each kit comes with enough paint to cover your average-sized kitchen or about 100 sq. feet. 

But is Nuvo Cabinet Paint worth it?

Below, I’ll be reviewing a few of their kits, as well as answering some frequently asked questions and providing some handy tips on how to paint with Nuvo Cabinet Paint.

Does Nuvo Cabinet Paint Work on all Cabinet Surfaces?

Nuvo Cabinet Paint is sort of a hybrid between paint and primer and works perfectly on all surfaces. You just need to follow the instructions and put in the appropriate prep work.

However, if your cabinets are rather greasy (and it’s surprising just how greasy they can be) then that may affect how the paint looks.

Plus, if your cabinets are made of plywood or your cabinets are unsealed then you will need to prime them before you paint them with Nuvo paint.

1. Earl Grey Nuvo Cabinet Paint Review

Earl Grey

Earl Grey

Coming in a 31 oz can and covering about 50 square feet, this Earl Grey shade from Nuvo is a charcoal gray and is part of their water-based acrylic paint range.

Not only is it odorless, but it has a clean finish and is low in volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

Earl Grey Nuvo Cabinet Makeover Kit.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint Reviews

You can also find the Earl Grey shade in the Earl Grey Nuvo Cabinet Makeover Kit. It takes just one day to apply and has a soft, satin-like finish.

It covers 100 square feet of cabinet surface which is the average size of most kitchen cabinets. The long-lasting finish requires no additional topcoat or sealer. 

2. 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit by Nuvo Titanium Infusion Review

1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit by Nuvo Titanium Infusion Review

The 1-Day Cabinet Makeover Kit by Nuvo Titanium Infusion contains two cans of the Titanium Infusion shade, two roller covers, and one roller arm.

This paint works well on laminate, wood, and painted or primed cabinets, and without an additional topcoat or sealer and no need to strip away any existing paint.

3. Coconut Espresso Nuvo Cabinet Paint Review

Coconut Espresso Nuvo Cabinet Paint Review

The Coconut Espresso shade from Nuvo is water-based and odorless. Part of Nuvo’s rustic range, it’s a soft shade of beige with a creamy, satin finish.

It comes in a 31 oz can that will cover about 50 square feet, or 20 linear feet. The topcoat should take about 4 hours to dry. So you’ll be using your cabinets again in no time! 

4. Warm Greige Nuvo Hearthstone All-In-One Cabinet Makeover Kit Review

Warm Greige Nuvo Hearthstone All-In-One Cabinet Makeover Kit Review

Like the Titanium Infusion kit, this Warm Greige Nuvo Hearthstone Kit takes one day to dry into a soft, satiny finish.

Most modern wood finishes can be covered in a single coat without an extra topcoat or sealer. 

Nuvo Cabinet Paint VS The Competition

Nuvo Paint vs Benjamin Moore Paint: While Nuvo cabinet paint takes about 14 days to properly recover and set, Benjamin Moore takes a glacial 60 days to recover.

Plus, with Benjamin Moore paint you will need to leave at least a day between applications as it can become quite sticky. But with Nuvo, your cabinets can be made over in a day.

Nuvo Paint vs Rustoleum Cabinet Paint: While Nuvo and Rustoleum Cabinet Paint are closely matched in price, Nuvo will definitely stand the test of time better in a busy kitchen than Rustoleum.

Nuvo Paint vs Valspar Paint: While Nuvo Paint and Valspar both have low-VOC and low-odor formulas, you may need to use two or three coats of Valspar depending on the underlying cabinet paint, while you will only need one coat of Nuvo paint.

They do have similar price points, but as you’re more likely to need more coats of Valspar, you may have to buy twice as much of Valspar. 

Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right cabinet paint can be a confusing, time-consuming process, and there are plenty of brands to choose from.

But when you know what the key features to look out for are, it can be easier to differentiate between the many cabinet paint brands.

Formula, volume, and color are the most important factors to consider when buying any kind of paint and paying attention to these key components will hopefully help to whittle down your choices.


Some colors will only work with certain undercoats and on certain materials, and this is why the same shade can look different depending on the surface.

When looking for a particular color, look at some samples to determine if it will look as you want it to on the surface you’re painting.

Always make sure you follow the guidelines and instructions to ensure you’re accurately applying it. Cutting corners could leave you with a streaky or spotty paint job.


What makes some paint brands so hard to tell apart is that they use similar formulas, but just because paint is formulated in the same way doesn’t mean it will look or feel the same on different surfaces and materials.

Some formulations can give off irritating or even toxic fumes, or have allergens that can bring about allergic reactions.


It’s important to get the correct measurements for the surface you plan on painting, as it is very easy to overestimate the surface area and wind up with not enough paint to totally cover the area.

If you’re painting your cabinets all the same color and want them to look uniform, remember to buy paint that requires as few coats as possible and to buy an adequate amount of paint to cover the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Apply Any Type of Paint to Any Surface?

Bonding agents can assist you in painting areas that would otherwise be impossible, but they can only do so much.

The more bonding formula you need, the more expensive your paint job will be, so unless money is no object then it’s better to stick to paints that you know are suitable for the surfaces you’re painting.

Plus, some bonding agents don’t work on vertical surfaces or surfaces that are slanted. Weak bonding agents could even cause the paint job to drip and look messy.

Not only is this difficult to tidy, but it can sometimes cause the paint to seep into your cabinet or erode the material.

Unfortunately, if this happens it is permanent and no amount of paint can save it.

Can I Combine Two Different Paints?

It may seem easy to mix two paints together, but it’s actually harder than it looks. If the paints have different bases and are formulated differently, then they will not react well.

But even when the two paints are totally compatible, you are not guaranteed a color that will be the same consistently, so even if your hybrid paint turns out well the first time, this doesn’t mean it will work out so well a second time.

Some paints are also not meant to be combined, and this will leave you with two layers of tainted, smudged paint rather than the smooth blend you were going for.

How to Apply Nuvo Paint?

Now that you’ve bought your Nuvo Paint, you’re probably wondering what the best way to apply it is. For the best results, let’s take a look at some simple instructions. 

First, remove the hardware from the cabinets.

Use 300 grit sandpaper to sand the wood. This so the paint will stick to the cabinets quickly.

Use a damp cloth or a special TSP cleaner to wipe down the cabinets and get rid of grease and dust.

If there are places you don’t wish to paint (or get paint on), cover them with painter’s tape. Also, now would be the time to cut the cabinet doors if that’s something you want to do. 

Paint the larger areas with a brush and paint the narrower areas and corners with an angled brush.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint Reviews – Final Thoughts

If you feel like rolling up your sleeves one weekend, then painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with some Nuvo Cabinet Paint is a great way to revitalize and breathe some life into your cabinets without spending a fortune.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint is a clean, fast-drying paint that promises results in one coat. 

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