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Best Paint Rollers To Hide Imperfections: Top 5 [2021]

Best Paint Rollers to hide imprefections

It’s challenging enough for professional painters to cover up unattractive marks and stains on surfaces, let alone doing it yourself. You can take a lot of time, effort, and multiple coats of paint before you can entirely conceal them. 

Even worse, using the wrong paint roller can make the situation worse by absorbing excess paint, adding streaks, and coming apart before you’ve even finished the work. You can wind up turning a little imperfect area into a huge mess. 

The good thing is that with the right tools, you can get a straightforward solution. You can obtain the faultless finish you want by using the best paint roller to hide imperfections. In this buying guide, we have compiled a list of some of the best paint rollers you can use to perfectly coat your walls and cover up imperfections. 

In A hurry, here Are Our Top 3 Picks:


Bates – Paint Roller Covers
  • Item Weight: 10.2 Ounces
  • Material: Microfiber
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Pro Grade – Paint Roller Covers
  • Item Weight: 1.7 Ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 13.43 x 9.13 x 2.56 inches
  • Size: 6 Ea ½ “ Micro
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FoamPRO 163-P 165-5 Foam Paint Roller
  • Part Number: 165-5
  • Style: Refill 4″
  • Item Model Number: 2.89 ounces
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Top Paint Rollers On The Market

Although most paint rollers nowadays can handle just about everything, selecting the correct one for the project at hand will always produce superior results. Let’s take a look at some of the top paint rollers on the market. Choosing one of these rollers will help you achieve outstanding, professional-looking results.

1. Bates – Paint Roller Covers

Bates Paint Roller Covers were made to help professional painters and homeowners successfully finish a painting job. The hard roll’s core is of high quality, and it’s difficult to break or lose. 

This roll cover is an absolute must-have for your garage and works well on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. This roll cover is suitable for all stains and paints, and it works to produce a smooth result, and reduce spatter or dripping. 

This allows you to complete the project without having to clean up the paints, which makes your job much easier and more convenient. The paint roller can be used on any smooth surface, such as plaster, drywall, or for painting on wood.

The rollers are high density and shed-resistant. All Bates standard 9-inch wireframes are compatible.


  • Manufacturer: Bates Choice
  • Item Weight: 10.2 Ounces
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Package Dimensions: 10.94 x 9.06 x 2.56 inches
  • Batteries Required?: No


  • The roller covers are washable and can be used more than once
  • They can be used with all types of stains and paints 
  • The high density of the rollers helps them hold more paint
  • The rollers are resistant to shedding 
  • The high quality core does not break easily
  • The roller sleeve is easy to use when painting
  • The roller works great on smooth surfaces for a smooth finish
  • The rollers have very minimal dripping, so you can save on paint
  • They apply paint evenly making them great for professional painting jobs


  • They do not work well on textured or rough walls
  • These rollers are not ideal for big painting jobs or large surfaces

2. Pro Grade – Paint Roller Covers

For a lint-free finish, these paint roller covers use a microfiber painting for smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. These paint roller naps are effective and durable, making them ideal for house painting. 

The microfiber roller covers are both reusable and washable. The naps may be used with any paints and stains, and they are simple to operate and easy to clean. These 9-inch paint roller covers guarantee even application with minimum stipple. 

Whether you’re a master or a novice, these paint roller covers will assist you in properly painting your surfaces or walls. The rollers do not shed and they are resistant to water. The core is made of polypropylene, which is resistant to water, chemicals, and cracking.


  • Manufacturer: Pro-Grade Supplies
  • ASIN: B07D62P1FQ
  • Item Weight: 1.7 Ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 13.43 x 9.13 x 2.56 inches
  • Size: 6 Ea ½ “ Micro
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Batteries Required?: No


  • Anybody can use these rollers, from professionals to beginners
  • The rollers are washable and can be used more than once
  • These paint roller covers are durable which means they can be used for longer jobs
  • They can be used with all stains and paints
  • They are great for use on smooth surfaces
  • The rollers hold paint, allowing you to paint quickly and efficiently
  • These rollers provide great coverage for larger surfaces
  • The rollers distribute paint evenly without leaving streaks


  • Some painters may find that the rollers are not sufficiently fluffy for some painting jobs
  • The rollers show some shedding when painting

3. FoamPRO 163-P 165-5 Foam Paint Roller

These paint rollers give a spray-like finish that is free from lint. They work well with a variety of materials which include primers, glossy paints, stains, and urethanes. They are also great for use on a number of surfaces, from furniture, cabinets, doors, and molding. 

When using this paint roller, paint application is precise and does not extend to adjacent surfaces. It can also be readily poured into 1-gallon cans, eliminating the need to transfer the paint into a larger container first.

Among the distinguishing qualities of this paint roller is that it comes without naps. This results in a lint-free surface that is smooth after painting. This roller is great for painting the top coat of a surface to guarantee a balanced finish.


  • Manufacturer: FoamPRO Mfg, Inc.
  • ASIN: B0168S0NAE
  • Part Number: 165-5
  • Style: Refill 4″
  • Item Model Number: 2.89 ounces
  • Material: Foam
  • Item Weight: 2.89 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 8 x 1.5 inches
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Size: Pack of 5
  • Included Components: ‎Foam Paint Roller Refills


  • These rollers provide a lint free finish
  • The roller covers can be used more than once
  • There is minimal to almost no shedding with these paint rollers
  • These rollers provide for a smooth, clean application
  • The rollers are tight and don’t slide off the frame unexpectedly
  • These are good quality rollers at an affordable price
  • The small size of the rollers gives you better coverage
  • The rollers soak up paint quickly, saving you time 


  • These come in a mini size and can only be used for small surfaces or intricate painting jobs
  • The rollers don’t roll as easily as other brands

4. True Blue Professional Paint Roller Covers

The True Blue Premium Microfiber paint roller covers produce a flawless outcome on every painting job. They’re made to deliver maximum coverage while also speeding up your painting project. 

These shed-resistant and lint-free paint roller coverings provide outstanding coverage in just one coat. They also provide a clean, good finish each time. These microfiber paint roller covers will suit any sort of paint you have on hand, from oil-based chemicals to latex stains and paints. 

The microfiber combination is engineered for higher efficiency and seamless, continuous paint release. These superior microfiber roller coverings come in two nap lengths which are 12 inches and 38 inches. 

The 12 inch nap is appropriate for semi-rough surfaces such as textured ceilings and walls, while the 38 inch nap is most ideal for semi-smooth and smooth ceiling and wall surfaces.


  • Manufacturer: True Blue Tape
  • Part Number: ‎TBR09012
  • ASIN: B0751JYPGG
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: ‎9 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Size: 1/2″ Nap
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Item Package Quanitity: 6


  • These rollers work with all types of paint
  • The rollers are available in varying nap lengths for different uses
  • The rollers are designed for maximum paint pick up and release when painting
  • They provide excellent coverage in every cost
  • These rollers produce a better finish compared to most rollers
  • The rollers hold a lot of paint, allowing you to finish the paint job quickly
  • They are easy to clean 


  • They sometimes leave lint on the surface after painting

5. Amazon Basics Microfiber Paint Roller Covers

These microfiber paint roller covers can help you paint faster and more efficiently. The paint roller covers are easy to use and excellent for professional painters, novices, and DIYers. 

They perform best on surfaces that are semi-smooth or smooth. You can use these roller covers to paint ceilings, walls, a house’s exterior, and much more.

The paint roller covers can be used with any type of stain or paint as well. Some of the features of the paint roller include a pile height and a double red stripe that holds a sufficient paint amount, allowing you the convenience of saving time and applying paint uniformly. 

Using these rolls covers gives you a smooth painted surface that is free from any mess. You can use the rollers for multiple painting jobs, since they are durable and washable. 


  • Manufacturer: Amazon Basics
  • ASIN: B087KGW1G8
  • Part Number: DSEG-PR009
  • Item Weight: 1.12 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 9.25 x 2.36 inches
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Item Model Number: DSEG-PR009
  • Size: ‎6 Pack
  • Color: White
  • Material: ‎Microfiber
  • Item Package Quantity: 1


  • The paint roller covers distribute paint evenly and uniformly
  • The material used is shred resistant to avoid leaving lint after painting
  • The roller holds sufficient paint to allow quick painting
  • You can use the roller with all types of stains and paints
  • The roller is ideal for both indoor and outdoor painting projects
  • The roller covers are washable and can be used more than once
  • The covers are durable and can be used for an extended time period


  • The rollers do not provide great paint coverage
  • The rollers work best for smooth surfaces and not for rough or textured surfaces

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Paint Roller To Hide Imperfections

Now that you’ve learned about the best paint rollers for hiding imperfections, let’s help you make your decision. After all, choosing the best paint roller can be a daunting experience, since there are very many options available on the market. 

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting the best paint roller for you:

1. The roller size

The size of the roller is a vital factor to consider when selecting one. This is one of the factors that have a significant impact on your painting experience. Having a large-sized paint roller would be challenging if you intend to paint edges or corners. 

For projects such as these, you will need a small roller with a diameter of 3 to 9 inches. The roller size will vary depending on the level of accuracy or detail necessary during painting. 

For painting larger surfaces such as furniture or walls, bigger rollers are a better option. This is because they hold more paint which helps you cover huge areas fast and makes your work much easier. 

2. The frame of the roller

The length of a roller frame is just as significant as the material it is made of. Chrome-coated or aluminium frame materials provide durability and produce rust-free paint rollers. The length allows you to reach ceilings and walls much more easily.

The size of a roller frame is usually between 9 and 15 inches. You may get to 54 inches should you utilize an extension roller frame. The good thing about having a roller frame that is long is that it enables you to paint your wall without having to use a ladder.

3. The capacity of absorption

The amount of time it takes you to finish your painting job is determined by the absorption level of the roller cover. The whole process is made simpler if you have materials that can soak lots of paint, especially when you are working on huge surfaces. 

You do not need a high absorption capacity if you are working on narrow edges or trims.  As a result, you need to think about the surface you will be painting before selecting one of the roller options.

4. The roller handle

Because you must hold it in place for a specific period of time when painting, the roller handle offers you a grip. As a result, if you want to work for a long time, you need to be cautious about the kind of roller handle you pick. 

Plastic roller handles can tire you out quickly. However, ergonomic handles can last for a long time. For professional painters, it is best to get an ergonomic design. 

5. The roller sleeves/ covers

Roller sleeves are divided into two categories which include thin and thick. Thick roller covers soak up a lot of paint at once and cut down on refill time. 

Thin sleeves, on the other hand, absorb much less paint and take longer to apply. However, they are useful for painting rough surfaces such as bricks. 

Roller cover thickness is measured in inches. Typically, 1/4 inch, 3/4 inch, and 3/8 inch roller sleeves are available on the market. 

They all have distinct applications where for example, 1/4 is great for walls, woods, and metals. On masonry and brick, 3/4 works best, while 3/8 is the ideal choice for drywalls and ceilings.

6. The kind of nap you need

The length of a roller cover’s fibers is referred to as the nap, and it’s still another critical choice to make. The type of nap you choose is dependent on the painting job you’re working on. Various naps are appropriate for various surfaces. 

Smooth surfaces require shorter naps while longer naps are ideal for rough surfaces. A lengthy nap ends up creating a lumpy finish on a smooth surface, whereas a short nap sheds fibers when used on a rough surface.

How Are Paint Rollers Used To Hide Imperfections?

Although covering up imperfections on a surface with a new paint job may seem difficult, it’s much easier than it sounds. Nevertheless, there are several steps you can take ahead of time to make sure that all flaws are hidden as much as possible.

The first step is to prepare the surface

Spackling any noticeable flaws or imperfections, and also properly sanding afterward, will make it much easier to cover up imperfections. For best adherence, add at least one or two layers of primer to the surface.

Use the correct rolling style

Ensure that you only roll vertically, which means you move the roller in an up and down motion. It should never be a side-to-side movement or else you’ll wind up exposing the imperfections. Also, don’t forget to constantly reload your roller with paint as you go. 

Don’t be aggressive; instead, be gentle

You may believe that squeezing the roller tightly and exerting as much pressure as possible when you’re painting is a good idea. However, that is not the case. Rather than applying a clean coat, the result will be strange roller-marks on the surface.

Don’t rush through it

Among the most typical paint roller-related mistakes are not allowing adequate time between coats. Letting each layer dry completely is essential for disguising imperfections. You should give each coat at least one hour before applying the next.


Overall, concealing imperfections on surfaces does not have to be a challenging job. It’s only a matter of doing your research, getting the best paint roller to hide imperfections, and utilizing paint that is of high-quality. 

Once you’ve done all this, it’s just a matter of using the right application approach to hide the flaws from view. We have provided you with a list of top paint rollers that can get the job done effectively and quickly, and rest assured, it will leave your wall looking fantastic. 

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