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Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun for 2021-Experts Choice

Plasti Dip protects items from damages caused by moisture, abrasion, corrosion, slipping, and skidding. It is a great protectant for a lot of different items around your home. The hardest part of using Plasti Dip is deciding how to apply it in the easiest manner.

I asked several professionals how they applied Plasti Dip and if they could recommend the best sprayer for Plasti Dip. They gave me a comprehensive list of sprayers and some good advice on how to choose a sprayer to use with this product.

6 Best Plasti Dip Sprayer Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Wagner Spraytech Black MotoCoat Car & Truck Plasti Dip Sprayer

Black MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer

This paint spraying unit is designed to be able to handle the thickness and difficulties associated with spraying products like Plasti Dip and automobile finishes. It can also be used to apply undercoating and thinner substances like base paints, primers, and even clear coats. This is a universal and versatile tool that makes refurbishing your vehicle easier to do.

The hose that connects the sprayer portion of the device with the motorized portion of the device is 39’ in length. You have ample room to maneuver and spray anything you want without have to relocate the motorized portion of the device. It does however, have a handy carry handle that makes it easy to lift and transport.

This is an excellent sprayer for applying bed liner materials with. You can also use this sprayer to apply elastomeric roof coatings. It is versatile and can be used on a wide variety of DIY projects around your home or business.

2. DYC Plasti Dip Paint Spray Gun

DYC Plasti Dip Spray Gun

This unit is specifically designed to handle the Plasti Dip and thick substance similar to this product. Plasti Dip and substances similar to this product are much thicker than common primers and paints. The majority of paint sprayers cannot tolerate these substances because of their thickness. This one is designed with the thick coating in mind and will allow you the proper amount of control to apply the coating smoothly in even layers.

You can use this sprayer to apply paints, primers and thinner substances. It works best with thicker oil-based paints, and is not a great choice for applying thin paints like automotive products.

The initial set-up of the device is very easy to do. The container holds an adequate amount of substance so you do not have to stop and refill often. It is also very easy to break apart and clean the unit after the Plasti Dip has been applied. You can clean up the entire system in a matter of minutes.

3. REXBETI Ultimate High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun


The four nozzles that come with this spray gun allow you a greater ability to create custom applications of the paint and substance you use through the gun. The nozzles change the spray width and pattern of the paint substance so you get a smoother finish and flawless control.

You can use a variety of paint substance with this sprayer. Thick coatings like undercoating, Plasti Dip, chalk paint, latex paints, and enamels will not be a problem. You can also control the flow so you can apply thin coatings like lacquer, clear coats, varnishes, and stains. You can complete more jobs using this paint sprayer than you can with the majority of other sprayers.

The sprayer is made easier to clean by the cleaning tools that come with it. The cleaning tools allow you to access portions of the sprayer that would otherwise be difficult to clean.

This is an electric unit that has a power cord. You do not need to have an air compressor. It is quiet while being used so it probably will not disturb your neighbors while you work.

4. Earlex Spray Station HVLP Painting Guns

Earlex Spray Station HVLP Sprayer

This sprayer has the ability to give you complete control while you are applying substances like paint, primer, and Plasti Dip. The spray pattern is adjustable so you control the amount of possible overspray that occurs while you work. You save money and use less product because you are not wasting product with a pattern that is too wide.

The sprayer comes with a nine-foot length of hose. The hose connects the paint gun portion and the motorized section of the tool. You have plenty of hose to allow you to move freely when spraying your surface, and the hose conveniently wraps around the mid-section of the main motorized portion so it stores neatly and does not get kinked or damaged. The unit also has a convenient place for you to store your gun tip and needle so you always know where they are when you are ready to use the device again.

5. HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer


The adjustable settings on this spray paint equipment allows it to be suitable for any DIY paint project you might encounter. It is capable of applying a wide variety of materials so it allows you to use it for more than just one kind of project. You can even use this device so water plants, or to spray sanitizer around your home or office.

The tips for the sprayer are color coded so you can quickly discern which tip to use according to the thickness of your paint, and the spray pattern you need. All of the tips are made from brass so they clean easily and they last longer than plastic pieces.

This is an electric powered device. You do not need an air compressor to use the device, and it works from a standard 110/115V household circuit so every one has the right power supply for the tool.

6. NEU Master HVLP Electric Paint Sprayer for Plasti Dip

NEU Master HVLP Electric Paint Sprayer

If you own a home, a car, outdoor equipment, or objects that require paint, varnish, Plasti Dip coatings, and other such substances then you need this paint sprayer. It is versatile and can be used to apply many different substances.

It has a convenient location on the base unit to hold the paint container and gun. It has a convenient handle that is designed to be comfortable in your hands and allow you to work longer with less strain and fatigue.

This tool is easy to use and beginners or novices can achieve the flawless finishes they desire using this equipment. It sets up easily and cleans up even easier. It is lightweight and it is priced affordably so the majority of people can afford to have one of these devices in their tool box.

Plasti Dip Spray Gun Buying Guide – Don’t Miss


Before you buy an HVLP sprayer to use applying Plasti Dip you need to consider the features of the sprayer so you get a tool that can handle the substance, and will also be beneficial in other painting projects you decide to do.

Pressure Controls

The pressure controls and flow controls on the sprayer will help you to apply this substance. Plasti Dip is a fairly thick substance so you need a sprayer that can spray thicker substances with no thinning to be able to get this in place.


The size of the spray container will determine how much Plasti Dip you can apply before having to refill the container. You want to have ample of the substance to do the job you want to do, but you do not want a really large container and end up having to remove Plasti Dip from the container and put it back into the container it came in.


Some spraying devices are small and easy to carry. Some units are large, require an air compressor and are hard to carry from place to place. Some of the larger units have wheels or carts that help you to move them from place to place.

Consider whether you need to use the device in more than one location, and how difficult moving the sprayer will be.

Cleaning Considerations

The difficulty associated with cleaning the equipment can make some units more attractive to own than other units are. You definitely want a sprayer that can be taken completely apart so you can clean all of the working surfaces and remove any paint residue.

Sprayers that are capable of picking paint up from a one-gallon or five-gallon container are usually easier to clean.

Attachments and Extras

Some paint sprayers come with a pressure roller attachment. These attachments allow you to use a roller when spraying is simply not practical.

Some sprayers have an instant-flush cleaning that allows you to connect your garden hose to the sprayer so clean-up is easier to do.


The cost of the equipment should always be considered. You have to determine how much you can comfortably afford to spend on the sprayer and then shop for sprayers that have as many features as possible but are within the budget you have established.


The warranty that the manufacturer offers on the equipment can give you the confidence to buy. You want equipment that has a warranty that will replace the item if it proves to be defective. You also want to remember that if the manufacturer guarantees the item for three years, or five years, you can pretty much bank on the fact the item will last as for that number of years.

FAQ About Plastic Dip Spray Gun

Can you spray Plasti Dip with HVLP gun?

The HVLP spray guns are the most recommended tools for applying Plasti Dip. They give you precision so you get the dip where you want it to be. The HVLP sprayer allows you to spray a thinner coating so the item you are protecting gets more complete coverage that is uniform. The uniform thickness of the coating means each section of the coated item has the same protection and the dip will last about the same amount of time.

Can you spray Plasti Dip on wood?

You can apply Plasti Dip to wooden surfaces. The problem is that once applied to a wooden surface the coating seeps into the pores of the wood and you are not going to be able to peel this coating off later like you can from plastic or metal items. Be sure that you want the wooden object coated with Plasti Dip because this is going to be permanent.

Where can I buy Plasti Dip by the gallon?

Many retail suppliers carry Plasti Dip in the gallon containers. Walmart stores, Lowe’s, and the Home Depot are three major retailers that carry this product. You can also order the on-gallon containers from online stores and merchants.

How many coats of Plasti Dip should I use?

Plasti Dip is a wonderful protective coating but you need to apply five separate coats of the substance in order to get thorough protection and complete effectiveness. The dry coating thickness needs to be 10 mils. You need to allow each coating to have four hours of drying time between applications.

Can you put ceramic coating on Plasti Dip?

You can put ceramic coating over Plasti Dip. The ceramic coating is buffed on so it is easy to put on top of the protective Plasti Dip coating.

Fianl Word

The easiest method of applying Plasti Dip is to use a paint sprayer. You get the substance applied to your object with less work on your part and in a thinner and more even coating. HVLP spray guns are the most recommended tool for the purpose of applying a Plasti Dip coating.

The REXBETI Ultimate-750 HVLP Paint Sprayer is my top pick for application sprayers. It is affordable, has fantastic flow control settings, and is electric powered. It does not require an air compressor, and has a 6.6’ long plug in cord so you can spray more without re-plugging the device in.

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