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Glidden Paint Reviews

If you are doing some painting and decorating in your home then you might be considering using Glidden paint.

Glidden Paint Reviews


Glidden is a leading paint brand that has been manufacturing different kinds of interior and exterior paint since 1875.

They provide a good choice of gloss, semi gloss, satin, matte interior paint as well as various exterior paint, dry wall paint, and garage door paint etc. 

Glidden paint is very popular in the USA and is widely available in stores like Home Depot and Walmart as well as lots of independent DIY and home improvement stores. But should you use Glidden paint for your redecorating project?

Does it provide good coverage? Is it a nice consistency and easy to apply? Are the colors accurate? 

To make it easier for you to decide whether or not to use Glidden paint, we have put together some information gathered from lots of customer reviews of this product. Keep reading to find out what people have said about Glidden paint after using it in their homes. 

Are Glidden Paints Good Quality?

Glidden paint is considered to be a very good quality product for several reasons. 

Firstly it is easy to apply. It has a nice thick texture and mixes nicely. There are no clumps  and it doesn’t drip as you paint. 

The second reason that Glidden paint is good quality is the finish. There are no streaks, and the color is nice and even. The colors don’t fade which means the finish is long lasting.

You can keep the walls clean by wiping them down with a damp cloth without rubbing away any of the paint. This means that you can keep your walls looking fresher for longer. 

Another great thing about Glidden paint is the coverage. You don’t need to use multiple coats of paint to get a nice even color. Even if you are covering up a dark color with a light one, you can often do this in one coat without needing to use primer.

The coverage is excellent on walls and wood. Some people have even used Glidden paint instead of wood stain and have been very pleased with the long lasting results. 

The Glidden exterior paint has been reported to hold up well in various different weather conditions, and you only need one coat of it to make a difference to the external appearance of your property. 

Glidden has lots of return customers who buy their products for every paint job because of their positive experience.

Some loyal customers of the Glidden paint brand have commented that they would like Glidden to expand their range even more to include glitter paint, magnetic paint, chalkboard paint and any other kinds of paint that would allow them to use Glidden for any and every painting project. 

Are The Colors Accurate?

There are a few reviews that mention inaccurate colors, but this seems to be due to a misunderstanding rather than a fault with a product. 

Paint manufacturers name their own shades of paint, and the shades are not consistent across different manufacturers.

For example, if you have found a paint called ‘eggshell’ by one manufacturer but decide you want to use Glidden paint instead, you should not assume that the Glidden ‘eggshell’ paint will be the same shade as the one you have previously seen. 

If you carefully check the color on the packaging to find the shade you want, then this tends to be an accurate representation of what the final color will look like on your wall.

It is important to remember that the final result will vary depending on the lighting in the room you are painting, so it is best to get a tester pot and paint a small square on the wall you want to paint before you buy a whole tin of that color. 

Is Glidden Paint Good Value For Money?

Glidden paint is usually more expensive than a store’s own brand of paint, but is reasonably priced compared to a lot of other big brands of paint manufacturers. Overall this product is good value for money considering the quality of the finish and the coverage that you get.

If you are covering up another color then you will definitely get your money’s worth as this can usually be done in one coat without primer, even if you are covering a dark color with a light color. 

Glidden paint is popular with painters and decorators because they can buy it for a reasonable price and be confident that their customers will be happy with the finish of the paint on the wall.

If you paint walls for a living then you aren’t going to choose a paint that is poor value for money, or one that will make them have to return to the customers house to correct a poor finish. 

What Are The Downsides To Using Glidden Paint?

If you aren’t experienced with painting and decorating then don’t rely on the directions provided on the side of the paint can. They are not extensive and you might end up making mistakes or taking longer than necessary to complete your painting project.

You should ask for advice in the shop where you are buying the paint, or watch some instructional videos online on the correct technique for painting before you begin your project. 

Some customers have advised that whilst Glidden paint is very good, there isn’t a very big difference between the quality of their products and the quality of much cheaper brands of paint.

That being said, there also isn’t much of a difference between the quality of Glidden and the quality of much more expensive paint brands, so it is still a good option when it comes to value for money. 

Other customers have complained that not enough stores stock Glidden, which can make it difficult to track down the color that you want. Whilst there is an extensive range of colors online, not all suppliers will keep stock of all the colors.

Some customers who have compared the color ranges of different brands have suggested that Glidden doesn’t offer as many color choices as some of the others. 

A few customers advised that the fresh paint smell lingered for several days after the paint had dried and was particularly noticeable in small rooms with not much ventilation. 

Based on what Glidden customers have said about their experiences, the glass and semi gloss interior paint is better quality than the matte and satin paint. It is thicker, with better coverage and a longer lasting finish. 

How Much Paint Will You Need?

Glidden have a handy paint calculator on their website- all you need are the wall measurements of the space you are painting. Alternatively, you can work it out yourself. 1 gallon of paint will cover approximately 400 square feet which would be enough for a small room like a bathroom.

800 square feet is the size of the average room, so if you only have room to paint then 2 gallons should be enough. If you have a large room or several rooms to paint then you will need three or more gallons.

When you are measuring your walls, don’t forget to account for extra spaces that will need painting like alcoves and vaulted ceilings. 


Overall, Glidden paint products are very good. A lot of customers have had an excellent experience using Glidden paint and have chosen the product again for subsequent projects. 

Glidden does not have the biggest range of colors, but there are still plenty to choose from and the color of the paint on the wall is accurate to the color displayed on the packaging. If glidden was stocked in more stores, it might be easier for customers to find the exact shade they are looking for.

If you can’t find what you want, then speak to the store about whether they can order it in for you directly from Glidden. 

The coverage of Glidden paint tends to be good. The paint is thick and doesn’t drip, and dries nice and quickly. If you are covering up another color then this is a great paint to use as you shouldn’t need to use a primer first, and it will often give an even color after only one coat.

While the paint is drying it might give off a strong smell, but this should go away within a few days. 

The great finish you get with Glidden paint is very long lasting. It is also easy to maintain as you can wipe down the walls without ruining the paint. This is ideal if you have children or pets that could get your walls dirty. 

You can use Glidden for a range of decoration projects as they have interior and exterior paint.

The only word of warning based on customer experience is to stick to the gloss or semi gloss interior paint, as the other types of paint are not of the same quality when it comes to color and coverage. 

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