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HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Paint Sprayer Review

HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Review

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This is a small and compact paint sprayer that is easy to use, can be used with almost every possible paint substance (but best sprayer for kitchen cabinets), and can be used on both big and little paint projects.

Review Summary of HomeRight Finish Max

This paint sprayer is electric powered, corded, and does not require an external air compressor. It is powerful enough to paint large projects like walls and siding and convenient enough to use on craft projects, trim work, and refurbishing projects.

It is versatile and can be used with craft paints like the chalk paints and the milk paints and it is sturdy enough to handle the enamel paints and latex paints. You can even use it to apply stains, clear coatings of sealers, varnishes, lacquers and more.

It is a better design for a personal use tool than for a professional use tool. It can however do most of the things the professional tools do so the personal homeowner can get professional results when they paint.

HomeRight Finish Max Specifications:

Dimensions: 9.5” x 6” x 12.5”

Weight: 2.76 pounds

Power Source: 120 Volt

Color: Blue

Wattage: 450

Important Features of HomeRight Finish Max

Turbine Motor

Paint sprayers that have a turbine motor do not require you to have an external air compressor to make them function.

Without an external air compressor the paint sprayer is quieter so you can do more work without disturbing your neighbors.

HomeRight Finish Max Turbine Motor

450 Watts of Power

The 450 watts of power in conjunction with the air caps that allow you to choose the exact width you wish the spray pattern to be will provide you with the smooth finish that you desire.

Those 450 watts or power takes the paint in the container cup and atomizes it so that it becomes tiny paint particles. Those tiny paint particles are dispensed through the tip you choose and they come together on the surface you are painting to create a smooth and flawless finish.

3 Spray Tips Included

3 spray tips come with this paint spraying unit. These spray tips are color coded so you can quickly identify which tip is which. The red tip is the largest tip and it is a 4.0 mm. The green tip is the second largest and it is a 2,0 mm. The third tip is blue and it is a 1.5 mm.

There are 3 additional spray tips that you can buy to accompany your spray painting equipment.


The large array of nozzles and tips allow you to get the precise amount of paint flow no matter what size project you are working on.

Built in Access Door

Changing the air filter on this type of equipment helps to make your equipment work more efficiently and it helps to prolong the life of the tool. The built in access door makes it very convenient and easy for you to reach the air filter and change it.

2 air Caps

The two different air caps allow you to have more control over the width of the spray pattern. There is also a volume control knob that helps you control the paint flow even more so you get to paint with less overlapping, less overspray, and more uniform coverage.

The wide pattern is created using the yellow spray cap. The finer patterns are created using the black cap.

Suggested Uses for the HomeRight Finish Max C800766

This is a multiple purpose sprayer that can be used to paint with latex paint, stains, varnishes, enamel paints, sealers, milk paints, chalk paints, and most oil and water based paint substances. Most paint materials will require very little thinning in order for them to be used in this paint sprayer.

It is perfect for the remodeling enthusiasts who use the chalk paints and the milk paints to refurbish cabinets, dressers, and other furniture pieces. It can be used on both small and large projects with equal amounts of success.

You can use this sprayer indoors to paint cabinets, furniture, walls, trim and craft projects. It has an air control cap that helps you to paint the smaller projects with precision and great attention to detail.

You can use this sprayer on outdoor projects like patio furniture, decks, deck railings, fences, and even window shutters and siding. It has large tips that help you get more coverage and an air cap that helps you get a better air flow that will make painting larger areas quick and easy to do.


  • Comes with three spray tips sizes 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, and 4.0 mm
  • Tips are color coded for fast identification
  • Has 2 air caps for better pattern width control
  • Can be used with latex paint, stains, varnishes, enamel paints, sealers, milk paints, chalk paints, and most oil and water based paint substances
  • Built in access door to make changing the air filter easier


  • This is a corded paint sprayer not a battery powered paint sprayer
  • Does not pick paints up directly from the original paint container

Final word

This paint sprayer is a homeowners paint sprayer dream come true. It can be used to paint small projects, and you can use it to paint large projects like walls, fences, ceilings and decks, and you can even use it to apply the refurbishing craft paints like chalk paint. It simply allows you to use any paint substance you want to use with accuracy and effective coverage.

It is not really the paint sprayer that you would buy if you are a commercial painter. If you occasionally do a paint job to make a little extra cash this sprayer would be suitable for that usage.

It is small, easy to store, and helps you paint any project faster than you could have painted it using a brush and roller.

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