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How To Get Spray Paint Off Skin?

Due to the nature of spray paint, it gets sprayed a lot. So, it can be hard to control the burst of paint and as a result you often get paint on your hands. Paint, generally, can be oil based or water based.

If the paint you are washing off your hands doesn’t come off with water, it simply means that the paint you were using isn’t water soluble. 

how to get spray paint off skins

But don’t fear, there are many ways to get spray paint off your hands in any case. Below we have listed some methods of getting spray paint off your skin along with the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Read on to get back to painting and be prepared to make more mess in the future.

Rub Your Hands With Oil

If the paint doesn’t come off with water it is likely not water soluble which is an obvious marker for the paint being oil based. If you have used an oil based paint you can rub your hands with cooking oil.

After you have rubbed your hands with cooking oil, then proceed to clean your hands normally with soap with the oil still on. This should help get oil based spray paint off your hands.

If you have some in your house, cooking oil spray can be a great alternative as it will act the same way but will use much less oil which is better for your skin.

Use Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is obviously made to remove nail polish, which is very similar to some oil based paints. Although, the concept of putting this harmful chemical directly on your skin can be quite daunting and potentially dangerous.

But don;t fear a small drop here and there won’t cause too much irritation.

If the paint on your skin is small, just dab a little nail polish remover onto a paper towel or cloth and gently rub the paint mark in circles. Once the paint has gone, wash your skin again with normal soap and water.

Although, please take caution when doing this. Make sure you don’t rub too hard, and don’t apply too much to the towel. Moreover, if you have a lot of paint to get rid of, we wouldn’t suggest using nail polish remover for anything beyond a small splodge.

Rub Hands With Grit Or Sand

This sounds strange, and a little bit like a punishment, but it actually makes sense when you think about it. Sand or grit is a great creator and catalyst for friction.

If you put a little sand or grit on your hands before you wash them with soap, the sand or grit will act like little ball bearings that will grind off the paint with the friction created by rubbing the sand or grit between your hands. Be careful not to use too much or this could hurt more than it should. 

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has many uses and is usually always in a first aid box or in its vicinity, so this could be the trick for you. Simply rub a little rubbing alcohol on your hands for a few seconds and you should see the paint come right off.

Another method would be dabbing a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth or paper towel and rubbing the paint in circles.

Unfortunately, rubbing alcohol is pretty high proof, which is why it is so effective, so using your regular vodka or gin wouldn’t work in this situation.

Use An Abrasive Pad

This isn’t going to be the most popular suggestion but for some it’s the most effective method. Simply go town on the paint mark with an abrasive pad, the paint should come off in minutes.

Do be careful doing this, you can save your precious hands by choosing the least abrasive pad you have, this should be enough. Don’t go for a scourer or sand paper though, that would hurt.

Invest In Paint Stripper Or Paint Remover

If you regularly use paint, and you regularly make a mess, then it could be a good idea to invest in a specifically designed paint removing product.

1.Tub O Towels Paint Removing Wipes

Tub O Towels Paint Removing Wipes

These products are often soaps or wipes that are designed with the sole purpose of removing paint while protecting your skin. Some tradies suggest that Tub O Towels Paint Removing Wipes are a great option.

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2.DU MOST Heavy Duty Paint Scrub

how to get spray paint off skins

Another favorite is DU MOST Heavy Duty Paint Scrub which gets rid of most stains with its effective soap.   

With these methods, you should be able to get rid of those pesky stains on your in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions on “How to get spray paint off skin?”

Is Spray Paint Bad For Your Skin?

Well, the short answer is yes – spray paint contains acetone, xylene, and toluene, these are volatile organic compounds that can be harmful to your skin in large amounts and when untreated.

However, if you get a little paint on your skin, there’s no need to take a trip to the emergency room, it should come off easily and without harming your skin with these methods.

What If The Spray Paint Hasn’t Dried Yet?

If the spray paint isn’t dry, you can circumvent these methods by getting to the problem quickly. If the paint is wet you can easily get rid of it with some regular hand soap. The trouble comes when the paint dries.

Can You Peel Spray Paint Off Your Skin?

Unfortunately not, the spray paint doesn’t work like that. Usually, you can peel acrylic paint off due to its chemical makeup, whereas spray paint will simply stain your hand and won’t solidify in the same way that acrylic paint does.

How Can I Prevent Getting Spray Paint On My Skin?

Simply cover your hand and face (you should be wearing a face mask anyway) with clothes and masks where necessary. Make sure these aren’t expensive though as you’re obviously going to get paint on them.

You can throw these out and peace them with more old clothes as you feel necessary.

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