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Spray and Forget Reviews

Cleaning the exterior of any home is quite a tall order. Not only is it hard to actually make an outdoor area shine, but getting it to stay clean and tidy despite the weather is another difficulty altogether!

Cleaning roof tiles and shingles requires certain products, and multiple tools to really get a good clean going, and this can be incredibly hazardous, with the risk of falling off of such a high surface! 

Even cleaning fences and driveways is incredibly difficult! Simply using a brush isn’t enough, and you may need to depend on multiple appliances to have your backyard looking how it did when you first had it put together.

spray and forget reviews

If only there was a quick and easy solution that requires no elbow grease and can clean your exterior in seconds, I hear you say. Well, if you’ve ever pined for a cure-all for your exterior woes, then look no further than Spray and Forget, one of the most trusted brands in exterior cleaning. 

Spray and Forget produce a massive range of products to help you to clean all manner of outer surfaces. Let’s find out together what some of the best products this company offers are! 

Roof Surface Products

Roof and Exterior Surface Cleaner

Spray and Forget offer an extensive range of products that are purpose-built for cleaning very specific surfaces. The first of these products that they offer are those that are intended for roofs.

For such surfaces, Spray and Forget best recommends their specially formulated ‘Roof and Exterior Surface Cleaner’

Roof and Exterior Surface Cleaner

A bottle of this potent stuff contains 1 gallon of the cleaning solution, which you then dilute with water to make it easier to spray.

This means that you can create upwards of 10 gallons per bottle, which can cover up to 2,000 square feet of exterior surfaces.

This makes this product an incredibly economical solution to really save you a boatload of money.

It is also incredibly environmentally friendly, as selling the cleaning solution in its concentrated form ensures that less plastic is used!

When buying the ‘Roof and Exterior Surface Cleaner’, you will be able to choose from single bottle or double bottle packs, which means that you can save even more money by buying in bulk, so that you can easily prepare for future outdoor cleaning tasks!

As well as this, Spray and Forget also offer the same product in a convenient spray bottle. This spray bottle features an ingenious design that hooks up[ directly to your garden hose so that you can get right to spraying your yard. 

The great thing about Spray and Forget products is their ease of use. It’s all very much in the name of this company, as you really can simply spray the solution onto your desired surface, and forget about it!

The solution will get to work itself, and you won’t even have to pick up a brush! How cool is that? The solution will naturally dry itself, so you won’t even have to rinse.

This product contains no bleach or acids, so that makes it safe to use, and also means that you won’t be damaging your yard, or harming outdoor plants, or risking the health of local wildlife.

However, you should make sure that you exercise care when using the product, as it still contains chemicals that are harmful to human health if it is ingested. Luckily, the spray has no lingering odors and does not create harmful gasses. 


  • The spray bottle variant allows for easy use by attaching directly to your garden hose. 
  • Non-corrosive chemicals or bleaches are safe for most plants, so you can spray without worry.
  • Allows you to spray and then simply forget!


  • Carrying the cleaning solution to the roof may make an already-dangerous task more dangerous. 
  • Certain plants may be harmed by the solution. Make sure to check ahead of time that your plants can stand up to certain chemicals in the solution before you use it.

Deckings, Driveways, and Fences

Your options open up a little more when looking for cleaning solutions to use on lower surfaces in your yard. Have a decking area in your yard? Maybe even a wooden fence? If so, the House & Deck Outdoor Cleaner is the product for you.

Spray and Forget offers four versions of this particular solution, each of which comes in a very different bottle, so that you can choose the right one for you. 

32 Oz Bottle

The first of these variations is the 32 Oz bottle. Much like one of the previous bottles we discussed, this bottle can be attached directly to your nearest garden hose, to allow you to easily dilute and spray your solution in mere seconds! 


True to its name, this spray bottle makes it easy to spray the solution onto your desired area, and then simply leave it to do its magic.

You won’t have to give the solution a rinse with your hose, as it will dry quickly and naturally in the open air, after it has cut away at the dirt and grime on your outdoor surfaces.

This makes it a great product for someone who is cleaning their backyard for the first time ever, and who may be unsure about the process.

Other cleaning solutions require more steps and more elbow grease to achieve a good effect, but Spray and Forget products allow you to forgo all of the confusing steps!


  • The ability to attach to your own garden hose is incredibly useful and makes the product easy to understand and use.
  • Can be easily sprayed all around without risking damaging plants, cars, or other things that might take up space in your yard.
  • You can easily adjust the spraying pattern to accommodate different surface types.


  • Small size and capacity make this product better for small-scale jobs and occasional cleaning.
  • Can only clean up to 600 Square feet, which means you will have to opt for a larger bottle to clean larger surfaces. 

1-Gal. House and Deck Cleaner with Nestable Trigger

The second bottle variety that Spray and Forget offers comes packaged with a movable and nestable trigger so that you can reach some really tough spots.

With a slightly smaller bottle than other varieties, this product is best used for cleaning up small patches of dirt and grime that build up on your decks, windows, or on your fences.

The trigger can be moved about freely and is attached to the bottle by a flexible tube, which allows the solution to be sprayed. 

Towards the top of the bottle is a built-in handle, so that you can easily move the bottle with you, even when trying to reach some truly tricky spots.

This product is great for those looking for short-term solutions to frequently maintain the look of an exterior, to prevent the need for a larger cleaning job. 


  • The refillable bottle makes this product very eco-friendly.
  • No need to mix or dilute the solution.
  • No bleach or other harmful chemicals, which makes it friendly to plants.


  • Again, this is a much smaller product than others on our list, making it better suited for smaller tasks.
  • The moveable spray trigger can be quite easily broken and is not so easily replaced.

64 Oz. House and Deck Concentrate

64 Oz. House and Deck Concentrate

If you’ve got to do some real heavy duty cleaning of your deck or other exterior portion of your home, then you simply must get yourself one of these jumbo 64 oz. bottles of solution.

The solution within these bottles is concentrated, so you can dilute it with water, or another liquid of your choice, to create the perfect cleaning solution for you.

Through dilution, you can extend the 64 oz. inside of this bottle to about 5 gallons worth of spray solution! Very useful!

With one bottle of 64 Oz. you can expect to clean up to 1,000 square feet, which is more than adequate for an ordinary home, and will last you multiple full cleans.

And don’t forget that you won’t even have to rinse the solution from the ground of your fence, as its quick-dry agents mean that you can simply forget about it. This saves you a lot of water, which in turn saves you money, and helps out the planet. 

This product is best purchased alongside the smaller spray bottle sizes, so that you can easily refill those smaller bottles as and when you need to!


  • The concentrated solution means that dilution can create a high yield. 
  • Good for refilling spray bottles.
  • Good price for the amount contained within.


  • Does not contain as much as the similar bottle of roof-cleaning solution from Spray and Forget.
  • The need for dilution may be off-putting to those who need a quick solution.

32 Oz. Exterior Algae / Mold / Moss / Lichen Cleaner

Roof and Exterior Surface Cleaner

This ready to use bottle is perfect if you have encountered a sudden build up of mold or moss that you need to quickly do away with.

The spray bottle design means you can target your problem area, and begin spraying right away.

There’s no need for dilution, or to wipe the solution down after use. The solution will make quick work of moldy deposits, so your home can look fresh and clean.


  • Quick and easy to access.
  • Solution is already diluted, so ready for instant use.
  • Perfect for those small problem areas.


  • Small capacity means it is only good for small problems, and not for larger scale problems. 
  • Less liquid contained within the bottle means you may need to refill it more often.

Spray and Forget Buyer’s Guide

Since Spray and Forget have so many incredible products that you can try out today, let’s go over some of the things you should look out for when choosing which one to spring for!

How Much Does It Cost?

Do you only have to clean up a few small patches of mold on your patio? If so, then it is best to go for one of the smaller options, like the 32 Oz. spray bottle which is quick and easy to buy, and can be used right away.

If you only have a few small problem areas it would be pointless to buy excess solutions that you might not otherwise need! 

However, if you plan to clean your exterior frequently, then it would be worth springing for more expensive options, such as the double pack of the roof cleaning solution.

Where Do You Plan To Use It?

In order to get the right solution for your needs, you should make sure to consider where you plan to use the solution.

As we have noted, Spray and Forget offer both roof cleaning solutions, and solutions for other surfaces closer to the ground, such as fences and decks. 

You should aim to pick the right solution for the surface you are working on, as each solution will have been purpose-made to treat that surface. To get the best results, you should stick to the recommendations.

How Do You Plan To Apply It? 

Do you want to cover a wide area with the spray? Want the solution to reach a great distance so that it can take less time?

Or do you just plan to focus on a small area of mold? You should consider these questions to help narrow down your choices. 

Some of Spray and Forget’s products are built to work alongside your garden hose, to reach incredible distances, while others come in spray bottles, which are to be used from a close range. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is spray and forget safe to use?

Compared to other exterior cleaning products, Spray and Forget is very safe, thanks to its ingredients.

There is no bleach, or harmful pesticides that might damage your plant. However, you still want to be careful when using Spray and Forget products, as they can be harmful if swallowed.

Will spray and forget harm plants?

Spray and Forget is made up of non-corrosive chemicals and other products, which makes them safe for use around most plants. If Spray and Forget lands on most plants, it will simply dry off as if nothing happened.

However, there are specific plants that can be harmed, so if you are worried about a specific plant, make sure to check that Spray and Forget won’t be harmful to it before you use it.

To Wrap Up on Spray and Forget Reviews

Spray and Forget have really struck gold with their incredible cleaning solutions. Where other outdoor cleaning products might require a little bit of elbow grease to reap the rewards, Spray and Forget allows you to do just that: Spray, and then forget!

There’s no need for rinsing, or for extra tools, just the solution, some water, and a dirty surface! Simple! 

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