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Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer – Review & Rating


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Review Summary of Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer

This is an electric paint sprayer that has a one and one half quart paint container. You have the ability to paint an area that measures 10’ x 12’ without refilling the paint container cup.

This is a portable paint system that is classified as a stationary painting system. That means the turbine sits on the floor so the weight of the paint and equipment is not in your hands and does not cause arm strain or fatigue. With the turbine sitting on the ground air is sent through the hose so you can spray paint materials. You can even spray paint materials that have not been thinned.

This spray paint system allows you to paint faster and provides a professional looking finish.

Wagner Flexio 890 Specifications:

Dimensions: 19.2” x 13.2” x 11.5”

Weight: 1 pound

Power Source: 120 Volt

Type: Stationary

Air Hose Length: 11 ½ feet

Important Features of Wagner Flexio 890 Paint Sprayer

Adjustable Settings

This piece of equipment comes with the X-Boost Power dial that allows you to adjust the pressure of the paint flow with the simple turn of the dial. This allows you to have more accurate control over the paint you are applying so you have fewer streaks and runs and the overspray is almost completely eliminated.

2 Nozzles


You will get two nozzles with your Wagner Flexio 890. When you are painting wider projects like walls, siding or decking you will want to use the iSpray nozzle. This nozzle provides the perfect wide pattern of paint without an overlap that looks unprofessional.

When you are painting smaller projects or narrow projects you will save paint and improve your finish by using the detail nozzle instead of the iSpray nozzle. The detail nozzle allows for a narrow paint width so you do not ove3r-spray the object or area.

Sprays Un-Thinned Paints and Stains

This sprayer will allow you to spray un-thinned paints and stains directly from the paint can. You can spray enamels, primers, 2 in 1 paints that have primers included, latex paints, and more without thinning them.

This allows you to get a thicker coat of paint on with each application so you can finish your work with fewer applications.

Lightweight Handle and Cup

The handle and cup are the only portions of the paint sprayer that you have to hold while you are working and together they handle and cup only weigh one and one-half pounds. You will be able to paint for longer periods of time because you will have less arm strain or fatigue.

This lightweight handle and cup are attached to the 11 ½ foot flexible hose that supplies the air power to spray the paint. This hose will allow you to have 23 feet of working space around the turbine.

Convenient Storage

The Turbine base is a convenient storage case that the hose, gun, nozzles, and all components can fit into. Your tools will be easy to locate and easy to keep free of dust when they are not in use.

The storage case has a convenient handle on top of the case that helps you when you are transporting the case from the storage location to the work location.

Easy to Clean

This unit is a snap to clean up. The only portions of the unit that comes into contact with the paint materials is the gun and cup that you hold in your hand. You simply detach the gun from the flexible hose and clean the gun and the cup with clean water, or with mineral spirits if you are using an oil based product.

Once you have dried everything you are ready to put everything back into the convenient storage compartments and put the tool away. The next time you are ready to paint the device will be ready to use.

Easy to Reach Controls

The power switch and controls are conveniently positioned on the spray gun that you hold in your hand so you can reach them without returning to the turbine. This convenience saves a lot of time and a lot of steps during the work day.

If you see that you need to make a pressure adjustment the control knob is right in your hand.


Less Noisy

If you have ever listened to an air compressor running then you know they are noisy, and when you are operating a paint gun using an air compressor the air compressor runs almost continuously and the noise is unbearable. You have to wear ear plugs when you operate that type of equipment, and in some instances you are forbidden to operate that type of equipment during certain times of the day.

Suggested uses

The usage recommendation for this paint sprayer includes indoor painting projects like walls, furniture, trim, cabinets, doors and crafts.

The outdoor projects recommended for this paint sprayer include sheds, siding, fences, decks, and outdoor furniture such as chairs and picnic tables.

You can spray primer, paint, stain, varnish and other paint materials with equal precision while using this appliance.


  • List Stationary turbine means the hand and arm fatigue you experience will be less
  • iSpray nozzles for wide surfaces like walls or siding
  • Detail nozzle for craft projects and smaller items
  • Fast you can paint an 8’ x 10’ area in less than five minutes
  • 11 ½ foot of flexible hose that gives you 23’ of working space


  • The 1 ½ quart paint container will only paint a 10’ x 12’ area before it needs to be refilled
  • The stationary turbine means you may have to reposition the unit more often when painting large projects like fences, sheds or siding

Wagner Flexio 890 FAQ’s

The main section sits on the floor but how do I apply the paint?

The paint canister and the paint gun portion of the sprayer are on the end of the 11 ½ foot flexible hose. These portions of the unit only weight one and one half pounds. They are easy to hold in your hand and you can turn the gun and direct the paint spray to where you need it to go.

Does this paint sprayer require 220 Volts?

No this is a standard American 120 volt appliance. You plug it into a standard outlet that is grounded and you are ready to use it.

Does Wagner provide a warranty for its paint sprayers?

Yes, Wagner provides a one year warranty as long as the sprayer has been used according to the manual instructions.

Final word

If you want the ability to be able to paint a room without getting arm strain or having finger cramps from holding the heavy weight of a ten+ pound spray painting gun, then this is the perfect paint appliance for you.

The turbine, (which is the heaviest portion of the spray painting unit) sits on the ground, and there is a hose with the paint gun attached. Air is provided to the gun through the hose and  you have the power and control of the paint flow at your fingertips.

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