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Wagner FLEXiO 990 Sprayer: Review, Rating & Comparison

Customer Satisfaction   ★★★★☆
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This is an electric paint sprayer that is capable of suctioning paint directly from the paint container. It is convenient to use and will save you a lot of time and work when you have a large paint project to complete.

Review Summary of Wagner FLEXiO 990 Sprayer

This is a handy paint sprayer that is powered by standard 120 volt electrical outlets. You do not have to have an air compressor to operate this equipment.

There is a suction tube attached to the equipment so that paint can be used directly out of the one gallon or five gallon paint containers you purchase it in. There is also a small container that you can put paint in when you are painting small projects that only require a quart or so of paint.

There is a dial on the gun that allows you to choose the exact amount of pressure that is provided. This gives you the ultimate amount of control so you get the ultimate finish beside that Wanger Flexio 970 is a great fit for finishing.

This device can apply up to 9 gallons of paint per hour. It is fast, efficient, and effective.

Wagner Flexio 990 Specifications:

Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 13”

Weight: 7 pounds

Power Source: 120 Volt

Type: Stationary with handheld paint gun

Gallons per Hour: 9

Features on the Wagner Flexio 990

X- Boost Dial

This is a dial that allows you to select the amount of air pressure you need for the work you are doing. Thicker paint requires higher amounts of pressure in order for it to flow properly, and thinner materials need less pressure.

You also need less pressure when you are painting closer to the area. You use higher amounts of pressure to increase the width of the paint pattern so you can cover large expanses in less time.

The dial is numbered so you know exactly what setting you have turned it to and there is no guessing involved.

Material Variety

This sprayer is powerful enough to apply stains, primers, varnishes, latex paints, oil based enamel paints, and most other paint materials. The best thing is that the sprayer can apply latex paint without you having to thin the paint down.

This feature will save you a lot of time when you are painting. You will be able to cover the area more completely with just one coat of paint because the paint will be thicker. That means fewer coats need to be applied.

You get a more uniform appearance in the final finish. With each layer of paint that you apply you risk overspray, lines, and uneven appearances. With this paint sprayer most interior walls will be painted in one or two coats so you have an increased chance of producing a flawless paint finish.

Spray Variety

You have the choice of spraying horizontally, vertically, side to side or upside down. You can hold the gun at any angle and it will still provide you with an accurate spray.

There is an adjustment dial on the air flow ears that will allow you to set the sprayer so that it sprays a vertical or horizontal pattern with precision.

Stationary Turbine

The turbine is the heaviest portion of this equipment, and it is designed so that the turbine sits on the ground and the spray gun is handheld. The spray gun weighs less than 2 pounds so you can paint longer with less arm fatigue or muscle aches.

When you do move farther than the extended hose can reach you simply reposition the turbine and return to work.

Draws from Paint Bucket

This paint sprayer can lift the paint you are using from the one gallon or five gallon bucket the paint comes in. The suction tubing will pick the paint up from the manufacturers paint container so you do not have to transfer the paint to a smaller container, and you have less cleaning to do after the work is done.

The best part of this feature is that you do not have to refill a paint container frequently when you are painting a large area. This saves you time, but this feature is not the best solution when you are painting small articles and need just a small amount of paint.

That is why a paint sprayer head with a small paint container is included with the equipment. The small container is perfect for finish work, and small projects like cabinets, trim, or craft projects.

Extended Hose

The extended hose allows you to easily paint a two story structure. It also allows you to paint fences without having to reposition the turbine on the ground frequently. This hose extension saves you time and work.

Lock n Go Quick Nozzle Change Design

This gun has a lock n go design that allows you to quickly change the nozzle if the nozzle were to become clogged or if you simply want to paint with a different size nozzle.

You simply turn the easy to grip section of the spray gun and loosen the threaded portion so you can remove the nozzle and then screw the threaded portion back into place to hold the nozzle in place.

Suggested Uses for the Wagner Flexio 990

Large exterior projects like painting the siding on your house, painting sheds, painting fences, and painting decks are ideal for this paint sprayer. The equipment can lift the paint from a large five gallon bucket so you can easily paint house exteriors and large projects without having to refill a paint container. This feature is handy for handyman work and professional painting.

Large interior projects like painting walls and ceilings, and even staining floors are easily done using this product. The equipment can suction paint directly from a one gallon paint can so all you have to do is stir the paint and go to work.

Small projects like trim painting, cabinet painting, or craft work can be easily done using the small paint container that is included.


  • Can spray latex paint without thinning the paint first
  • Small container for detail finishes on small projects included
  • List Element
  • Precise air adjustment dial
  • One touch setup
  • Quick nozzle change feature


  • Better for large projects than it is for small projects

Frequently Asked Questions About Wagner FLEXiO 990

Does this equipment come with a carry case?

No there is not a separate carry case supplied with the equipment. The design of the unit incorporates places for all parts and accessories to have a place to be kept so that all of the parts are kept with the machine.

Do I need an air compressor to operate this equipment?

No air compressor is needed. This equipment is powered by a normal 120 volt outlet. You simply plug it in and you are good to go.

How to use wagner flexio 990?

You can use this paint sprayer for your indoor project as well as outdoor project.

Final World

The Wagner Flexio 990 is a great paint gun but this one wagner flexio 2000 is also great. It can be used by homeowners or professional painters. The design is more conducive to larger projects, but homeowners often have to paint the entire exterior of their homes, or repaint all of the interior walls, and ceilings. Homeowners often have large paint jobs to do.

This sprayer does come with the new technology features that allow the paint to be picked up from the manufacturer container, and that means you do not have to thine the paint, or keep a journal detailing the exact thinning agent to paint ratio so you can reproduce the same paint thickness later.

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