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Wagner Power Painter Plus 0525027 Review

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The Wagner Power Painter Plus is a precision piece of painting equipment that is primarily designed for personal use on medium or small outdoor painting projects. It has several innovative features that help it to create flawless and professional finishes on most painting projects.

Review Summary of Wagner Power Painter Plus 0525027

The Wagner power painter plus is designed to be used when you have small to medium outdoor painting projects. It has a one quart paint cup, and it is calibrated to spray stains, oil based paints, latex paints, and even clear finishes.

This is an easy to use paint device and it has a control knob that you can turn to select the type of paint materials you are going to use. The device automatically selects the proper paint flow so you always get a proper finish that looks professional and flawless.

The device is lightweight and will not cause un-do stress on the operator. Before you put the paint in the cup the spray gun weighs less than one pound.

Wagner Flexio 570 Specifications:

Dimensions: 11” x 11.5” x 6.5”

Weight: 0.16 ounces

Power Source: 110 volts

Batteries: No batteries are required

Features of Wagner Power Painter Plus

OptimusTM Dual Tip

The Optimus dual tip is a new technology that allows the tip to form a vacuum between the spray jets. The benefits of that vacuum are an increased amount of paint particles can be drawn into the spray pattern the tip provides. The increased amount of paint particles will allow you get a more complete and uniform paint coverage with each pass of the spray gun.

This tip can also be rotated so you can spray in a horizontal pattern or a vertical pattern without causing drips, runs, and undo overspray.

Flexible Suction Tube

This flexible suction tube design allows you to hold the spray paint gun at any angle and still be able to spray a flawless pattern. Older guns without this technology limited you to holding the device in an upright position, or possibly turning the device at a 45 degree angle.

This spray painting gun can be held upright, upside down, lying on either side, or at any angle.

Adjustable Spray Lever

The adjustable spray lever on this device is labeled according to the products you will be using. Many devices allow you to adjust the spray so that you get the optimum paint flow. The difference between the paint flow adjustments on those devices and the paint flow adjustment on this device is the way the selections are numbered.

On most devices the paint flow adjustment is changed by turning the knob to a specific number. You have to know whether to make the flow speed adjustment higher or lower before you turn the knob.

On this innovative piece of equipment you make the paint flow adjustment by setting the selector on the type of paint material you will be using. The machine is calibrated to provide you with the proper adjustment for stain, or primer, and all you must do is turn the selection knob.

Suggested Uses

Wagner Power Painter Plus 0525027 Review

This paint spraying equipment is recommended for medium sized outdoor painting projects. It is designed to be used with stain, paint sealers or wood sealers like urethane, latex paints and oil based paints.

It is perfect for painting fences, decks, outdoor furniture, swing set frames, outbuildings and sheds, and more.

This unit is intended for personal painting use and will be beneficial to hobbyist, individual homeowners, and do it yourself furniture refurbishing enthusiasts. It is not intended for commercial or professional use.

The sprayer is constructed from high quality plastic materials but it is not constructed with materials that could withstand the demands of professional painting.


  • You can spray at any angle
  • The spray adjustment is labeled according to the paint materials you may be using so you always have the perfect spray adjustment when you are working
  • Incredibly easy to use


  • The paint sprayer is not recommended for larger paint jobs like house siding or interior walls and ceilings
  • This paint sprayer is a corded unit and not battery powered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this paint sprayer life the paint directly from the paint container?

No this sprayer has a one quart paint container that holds the paint you are using. That is one of the reasons why this paint sprayer is recommended for use on medium size paint projects and not for larger paint projects.

Why is this paint sprayer not recommended for interior painting?

The main reason why the sprayer is not recommended for interior painting is the small size of the paint container cup. You will be limited to the amount of paint you have to use because the cup only holds one quart of material.

Your tips are also limited so the spray pattern produced by the sprayer may not be conducive to creating flawless finishes on interior painting projects.

Do I need an air compressor with this device?

No you do not have to connect the paint spraying apparatus to an external air compressor. It is powered by standard American 110 volt so you can plug it into your normal household outlets.

Final Word

This spray painting equipment is designed to provide professional finishes to your outdoor paint projects. You can refurbish your lawn furniture and picnic tables, or paint your children’s playground equipment, or paint your pump houses and outdoor sheds quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

The paint container is easy to fill and it locks in place when you screw it on so you do not worry about it coming loose while you work. This is crucial because the paint sprayer can be turned in any direction, even upside down, while you are painting.

You can finally reach every portion of your lawn furniture without contorting yourself or having to move the furniture several times. This paint sprayer will make outdoor paint projects fun.

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