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Cabot Deck Stain Reviews

If you’ve had a new deck installed, or your deck is starting to look a bit damaged, it might be time to start thinking about maintenance. After all, decking isn’t cheap. That’s where we come in i.e. carry out an in depth Cabot Deck Stain Review

As time goes on you might notice that the deck you had installed isn’t quite looking as amazing as it once was. Unfortunately, you’re experiencing weathering issues, especially if you start to notice cracks in the wood.

Cabot Deck Stain Reviews

Whilst some might prefer this natural appearance on their deck, it can lead to a lot of chaos later in life. That’s why staining your deck is important to protecting your deck and increasing its longevity. 

Although, deciding to stain your deck is no easy task and should not be taken lightly. Even if you’ve used treated wood there is no guarantee that it will last forever.

With so many stain options, you might start to feel overwhelmed by the choices available to you. If you think deciding on the correct stain is challenging, wait until you see all the instructions and opinions that come with actually staining your deck.

If only there was a simple solution to this problem? Actually, there is! 

Cabot Solid Color Acrylic Deck Stain

Cabot Deck Stain Reviews

I’ll be reviewing Cabot Solid Color Acrylic Deck Stain so you will have all the information you need to stain your deck. 

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  1. Don’t believe their rebate offers. They make it almost impossible to apply for it and then when you do they deny it. Very misleading. I will never buy another Cabot product again.

    • I used Cabot Deck Correct on my deck. Within 3 months it began to peel. The following summer I redid my deck using Cabot solid Color Acrylic Stain. Again after a couple of months it began to peel . I contacted Cabot/Sherwin Williams customer service. They asked for pictures and a copy of sales receipt. I only had one receipt from the most recent purchase. Sent it to the person I was working with. Ever heard back. Followed up a second time, again no response. I’m done with both Cabot and Sherwin Williams!


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