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DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 Spray Gun Kit Review

DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 Spray Gun Kit Review
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This Devilbliss starting line automotive painting kit has a gravity fed paint gun. It is small and lightweight, and contains all of the pieces you need to begin to paint automobiles and accessories.

Review Summary DeVilbiss StartingLine

This is a high volume low pressure paint spray kit that is designed for applying automotive paints and finishes. This is a beginner kit that has all of the necessary accessories to allow you to begin painting your own automobiles and automobile pieces.

Automotive paint is quite a bit thinner than most household paints. This unit is not designed to spray the thicker latex, enamels, chalk paints, and primers that are popular with hobbyist, homeowners and craft enthusiast.

This beginner kit is durable and reliable even if it is just the basic pieces. Many people who have purchased this kit report that they have painted 40+ cars and trucks using this kit.

DeVilbiss StartingLine Specifications:

Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 4.7

Weight: 2.72 pounds

Important Features of DeVilbiss StartingLine Spray Gun

Mini Detail Gun

The mini detail gun that comes in this basic automotive painting kit will allow the hobbyist and beginner to experiment with automotive painting techniques, products, and finishes. This line of automotive painting implements contains high quality pieces that are designed to create great finishes, and to allow you to experiment with techniques, methods, and materials.

This gun is considered to be a basic beginner gun, but many automotive restoration enthusiasts say that they have used this kit to apply finishes to forty or more vehicles. The implements in this tool kit are not created with the latest amount of technology, but they are created with durable materials, and they have the basic design features that are required in all automotive painting supplies.

The mini detail gun allows you to spray smaller patterns so you do not waste materials by spraying everything around your component while you are painting the component.

The mini detail gun is crafted out of metal so it is durable. Most automotive paints require you to clean them with mineral spirits or paint thinner and the materials this spray gun is crafted from will not be damaged when cleaned using those materials.

Full Size Spray Paint Gun

The mini spray gun insures that you are able to reach even the most remote or intricate portion of your vehicle body. This spray gun makes sure that you can paint the larger sections of the automotive body in a faster amount of time.

This is the gun you will use for the door panels and major pieces of the automobile. It sprays a wider pattern, and makes the paint process go quickly.

The mini detail gun saves materials and this larger gun saves time and labor. You enjoy painting but you also want to see the end results as quickly as you can.


The supplied regulator is intended to help you adjust the amount of air pressure flowing through the paint spraying guns. When you use more air pressure then you spray in a wider and larger pattern. When you want to paint using a smaller pattern then you use less pressure.

The increased amount of pressure helps to atomize thicker paints. If you are using a thinner paint substance like a stain or a clear varnish you will want to decrease the amount of pressure you are using.

Molded Carry Case

The molded carry case protects and preserves your spray painting kit. The spray guns and the tips and accessories have designated places inside the molded kit so they do not bump into each other and cause possible damages while the tool is in transport.

The kit closes up completely so the tips and accessories that you need to have with your spray painting gun will not be lost.

The closed kit also stops dirt from being able to get to the components of your spray painting tools. Dust and dirt can build up on tools while they are stored. If you do not have a carry and storage case to keep your spray painting tools in then you will likely have to wash those tools before you can use them the next time.

Suggested Uses

DeVilbiss StartingLine Air Adjusting Valve

This spray paint kit is suggested for use on painting automobiles and the components of automobiles. Many car enthusiasts like to refurbish old or antique automobiles. Painting the vehicle is one of the main refurbishing steps, and most people have dreamed of painting their own vehicle instead of hiring a professional to paint for them.

This is a basic kit, but it does have everything you need to get started doing automotive painting. It comes with three spray tips so you have a choice of spray pattern widths, and you can reduce overspray, running, and over lapping layers of paint.

The three tips can also help you to apply the primer, the paint and the clear sealer. Each of these items is slightly different in thickness so you will want to use the appropriate tip according to the thickness of the material you are spraying.

3 Tips included

You will receive a 1.0 mm fluid tip and a 1.3 mm fluid tip along with the Mini HVLP detail gun. You will also receive a 1.8 mm tip that is better suited for applying primer.

When you first go to change your tips from the one that was put on at the factory you will see that the tip is very securely in place. Be patient and try using a six point wrench instead of the tool that came with the kit and you may have an easier time of loosening the factory placed tip.


This mini HVLP paint spray gun weighs less than three pounds. That means that you will be able to work for a longer period of time without becoming fatigued or suffering from muscle cramps and aches.

The smallness of the gun also gives you the opportunity to paint in tight places without creating overspray or overlapping layers of paint. This small gun is more maneuverable than many of the larger guns so you can paint every crevice and every little spot with ease.

Metal Gun

The metal spray paint gun is designed to be more durable than the plastic spray paint guns are. The metal can withstand the cleaning with the mineral spirits and paint thinners that are required to adequately remove automotive paint from the gun and accessories.

Molded carry case

The molded carry case assures you that you have all of your paint gun tools and accessories assembled in one place. There is a specific place in the case for each item, and the molded space shows you exactly how to place the items in the case so they fit perfectly and are properly protected.

Suggested Uses

This mini HVLP spray painting kit is designed to be used on automobile surfaces. It can also be used on small craft items, and to do paint outdoor furniture, and other metal things like yard décor.

It is not suitable for using to paint walls, or large areas on, or around your home. It is strictly an automobile, craft and hobbyist tool.


  • Includes all of the basic elements for spray painting automobiles and automotive accessories
  • Spray gun is made of metal to make it more durable
  • Includes a molded carry case to keep the gun and accessories in when they are not in use


  • Requires an air compressor with a 6 or above CFM
  • Tip that comes on the gun is extremely tight and you may need a six point wrench to loosen this tip

Frequently Asked Questions about the DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342

Could I use this spray paint gun to paint the trim on my cabinets?

Technically you could use this gun to do that type of painting, except this spray paint gun is not compatible with the variety of paints that you would be using to do that kind of painting with. This kit is primarily designed to spray automobile paints and varnishes. Those paints are much thinner than the typical latex paints and primers you would use to paint cabinet trim with.

Is this an airless paint sprayer?

No this paint sprayer requires you to connect it to an air compressor. It does not have a turbine and does not create its own source of air pressure. This gun is a conventional spray paint gun or what is often called a pneumatic paint gun. That simply describes a paint gun that is powered by an external air compressor.

Do I need to have an air compressor to connect to this spray painting unit?

Yes this spray painting equipment does require an external air compressor. You need to have an air compressor that is a 6 or above at 90 PSI. 30 PSI is the recommended PSI inlet air pressure for the spray painting gun.

You will find all of the information you need concerning the air compressor size, the CFM required, and the PSI required on the first page of the owner’s manual that comes with the spray painting kit.

How many paint tips does this spray painting kit come with?

This kit comes with three tips. You will receive a 1.0 mm fluid tip, a 1.3 mm fluid tip, and a 1.8 mm primer set up. You will also receive a full size HVLP gun and a mini detail gun, an air adjusting valve, a molded case, and assorted accessories.

Final word

Almost everyone has dreamed of painting their own vehicle at some time in their life. The people who restore old vehicles to their previous glory, and the folks who take a car or truck and turn it into an eye-popping work of art, all need spray painting equipment to do their painting with, and to apply their varnishes and sealers with.

You cannot start your tool collection out with every tool you will possibly need. This spray painting kit does allow you to start your automotive painting implements with the basic tools that you will need to start your new hobby or passion.

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