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Fuji Semi PRO 2 HVLP Paint Sprayer Review

Fuji designed their semi pro paint sprayers so that they can withstand a lot of use. This makes the sprayers excellent for professional painters and handymen because the devices are powerful and durable.

These paint sprayers have unique features that you will not find on most of the traditional high volume low pressure paint sprayers.

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Fuji Semi Pro 2202      

Fuji Semi Pro 2203G



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Editor Review Summary

Fuji Semi Pro 2202 and their Semi Pro 2203G are professional spray guns that have adjustable fan control. The adjustable fan control adjusts the fan pattern or width of the paint sprayed.

These are both gravity fed sprayers. They have metal turbines that sit on the floor and the sprayer is attached by a 25’ length of hose.

The sprayers are portable and light enough that they are easy to reposition if the need to do so should arise.

They both have powerful motors that set them apart from the typical high volume low pressure sprayers. Most high volume low pressure sprayers are low wattage appliances that cannot atomize the paints as well as their high wattage counterparts. These sprayers are high wattage and they can atomize paints that are thicker than the average high voltage low pressure sprayer can.

They are designed for professional use, but they are easy to use and many people buy these items for personal homeowner use.

Fuji Semi-PRO 2 Product Specifications

Editor Rating

Fuji Semi Pro 2202                                

Fuji Semi Pro 2203G


16” x 9.5” x 12.5”



25.2 Pounds  

25.2 Pounds

Hose Length

25 Feet

25 Feet


120 Volt

120 Volt


1400 Watt 

1400 Watt 




Fuji Semi-PRO 2 Product features

Non-Bleed Spray Gun

In the traditional spray gun, bleeders, the air from the turbine will flow continuously as long as the turbine is turned on. The paint is not dispensed out of the gun unless you squeeze the trigger on the gun. This can often cause spitting or sputtering when the trigger is initially depressed.

Non bleed spray guns do not have a continuous flow of air from the turbine. The trigger on the non-bleed spray gun activates the air so air is controlled with the flow of paint. This type of gun does not allow the air to bleed out and many people say you will have less sputtering and less splotchy paint on your surfaces using this type of gun.

Metal Turbine

Both the Fuji 2203G and the Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro units are designed with metal turbines. The metal turbine takes the place of the external air compressor. This saves you money because you do not have to purchase an air compressor.

Spray paint guns that are powered with their own turbine systems are quieter when they are being operated. The external air compressors are often very loud. External air compressors are also often very bulky and heavy.

The metal turbine housing on these spray gun units protect the internal components from being damaged while they are being transported, used, or stored. The turbines also have handy storage areas that the spray guns fit into so your gun and air hose are protected and kept properly in place with your unit.

M-Model Spray Gun

The M-Model spray gun has many features that make it a desired tool. One of those features is the adaptability that allows you to use the spray gun as a gravity fed device or as a bottom feed device. You have the choice in which type of device you prefer and the spray gun adapts to your preferences.

The M-Model spray gun has an ergonomic stay cool handle to make your work more pleasant. The ergonomic handle allows you to grip the handle for longer periods of time without feeling stress in your hands or forearms. You can paint longer and get more work done with less fatigue and pain.

The ergonomic handle is designed to stay cool so your hand does not become sweaty and you do not lose your grip on the spray gun. This also helps to reduce hand strain and hand fatigue.

The M-Model spray guns have stainless steel passages for the fluids to flow through. This design will alleviate some of the wear that is experienced by the tip of the needle. It also eliminates the worry of rust or corrosion. It can withstand both water based and oil based materials and the cleaning of the gun with mineral spirits will not damage the stainless steel passages.

The M-Model spray guns have a dedicated fan pattern control knob that allows you to make adjustments in how the pattern the paint is sprayed in.

The M-Model spray guns are very easy to take apart and clean. They require very little maintenance and they last for many years through many uses.

Quick Change Turbine Filters

A clean filter on the turbine of your paint sprayer means that the turbine stays cooler, performs better, and lasts longer. The Fuji semi-pro series of paint equipment is designed with an easy to access panel on the turbine unit. Behind that panel is the filters that protect the turbine from dust, grime, and debris particles.

The easy to remove panel allows you to quickly and easily change the filter of the turbine. This type of maintenance will increase the length of time your turbine works efficiently.

High Flex air hose

The blue high flex air hose that comes with the semi pro comes with a kink free spring. The kink free spin protects the air hose from being kinked, or pinched close to the connections. This makes your air hose last longer.

The air hoses come with quick connect couplings attached. This makes the hoses very easy to connect and disconnect for storage.

Each of the paint spraying units from Fuji have air hoses that have air control valves on them. The hose air control valve allows you to have even greater control on the amount of air and pressure that is forced through your paint sprayer. This means you have more control over the paint pattern.

Suggested Uses

This line of paint sprayers was designed with professional painters in mind. They are built from rugged materials so they can withstand steady repeated use, and they can withstand being transported.

The adjustable control knob that allows you to paint in a small circular pattern or in wider vertical and horizontal patterns make this unit perfect for painting small projects or large projects.

The paint sprayers can be used on exterior painting projects and on interior painting projects.

Differences between the Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2 & the Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro

  • The Fuji 2202 has a container that holds 1 quart and the 2203G has a smaller container that holds 400cc, which is almost half of a quart
  • The Fuji 2202 has the 7001 bottom feed M-Model spray paint gun attached and the Fuji 2203G has the 7002G gravity feed M-Model paint spraying gun attached

There are really very few differences in the two Fuji semi pro high volume low pressure spray painting devices. The cup or paint container size is the only real difference.

The guns come with different feed styles of the M-Model spray paint guns but all M-Model spray paint guns are convertible. So the feed style of the gun does not matter because it can be changed anytime you want to do so.

They both come with the same size tip on the spray gun. You can buy extra tips ranging in sizes from .8 mm to 2.0 mm for either semi-pro spray painting device.


  • Does not require an external air compressor
  • Has a 25’ hose that will allow you to paint exterior sidings with ease
  • Powerful motors


  • Does not pick paint up directly from the manufacturer’s container
  • You might have to thin the paint substances that you use


Can I spray latex paint through this sprayer without thinning the paint?

No you will need to thin the latex paint before it can be sprayed. You should read the manufacturer’s recommendations for paints and the thinning of paints. They will give you precise instructions on what paints you will have to thin and how to thin those paints.

Do the semi-pro paint sprayers come with multiple tips?

No they come with a 1.33 mm tip already attached but, you can purchase tips that range in sizes from .8 mm to 2.0 mm. The manufacturer starts you with the 1.3 mm tip because that size is good for most small and medium size projects.

Final Thoughts on the Fuji Semi PRO 2

The Fuji semi-pro paint sprayers are designed to be tough, durable, and used often. Both the 2203G and the 2202 have excellent features that make them good choices for handymen, hobbyist, do-it-yourself- enthusiasts, maintenance in multi room structures such as apartment complexes, and for homeowners.

The paint sprayers have stainless steel tips and needles so they are going to last longer than most traditional tips and needles. The stainless steel components of these spray guns make the guns more durable and more accurate. Often plastic tips will stretch after you spray some paint through them.

This means that you have to start with a smaller tip than what you want so that you can achieve the final results you desire. The stainless steel tips do not stretch so you can have the same finish from the beginning of the project until the end.

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