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How to Paint Behind a Toilet – Two Easy Method

How to Paint Behind a Toilet

Painting your bathroom can refurbish the room in a short amount of time. If you need a little change in your house, or you simply want to make your spaces look more inviting, then painting your bathroom is an excellent idea.

Painting your bathroom is not hard to do. Until you reach there are right behind the toilet tank, and then painting your bathroom becomes challenging. There are methods that you can use to make painting this area easier to do.

Method 1: Cover with Painters Tape, Drop Cloth, Trash Bag and Paint Using Roller and Paintbrush

The materials you will need are:

  • Your paint and primer of choice
  • Mild detergent and water
  • Sponge
  • Clean cloths
  • Fan for air circulation
  • Drop cloths
  • Painters tape
  • Paint tray and small or min paint roller
  • A contractors trash bag
  • 3” paint brush made of foam and a 1” angled brush
Paint Behind a Toilet

#1: Clean Your Surface

The first thing you have to do is prepare the wall for painting. This is the hardest to reach place in your home so it likely needs you to mix some detergent and water and use the sponge to clean the surface. Make sure you allow the surface to dry completely before you try to paint it.

#2: Use Painters Tape

If your baseboards are not being painted the same color as your walls then use painters tape to cover the board. It will be difficult to reach this area so you may have to use small pieces of tape and apply it in increments. Be sure that you overlap the tape about ½” when you apply a new piece.

#3: Use Drop Cloth

You need to use the drop cloths and cover the floor. Use the painters tape to tape the drop cloth to the edge of the toilet so the cloth does not move while you are painting.

#4: Cover the Toilet With Trash Bag

Cover the toilet with the contractor’s trash bag. These bags are extra big and extra thick so they will fit over the toilet and they will be less likely to tear while you are working. Tape the bag in place at the base of the toilet so it does not slip or move while you work.

#5: Paint Inside Corners with Paintbrush

You begin by using the small paintbrush to paint the inside corners. You also use this brush to paint above the baseboards.

The foam brush will allow you to get paint directly behind the toilet tank lid.

Use the small roller and apply the primer to the wall surface. You will more than likely need to apply 2 coats of primer before the wall is sufficiently prepared.

The primer has to dry completely before the paint can be used. A bathroom normally does not have great ventilation so you may want to plug a fan up so that it can blow the area behind the toilet. The fan will help the paint curing process to happen faster.

#6: Use Paint Roller

Use the narrow paint brush and cut paint in at the corner and above the baseboards of your wall.

Use the roller to apply your paint to the wall.

You will use the paint brushes to reach any portion of the wall that you cannot reach with the roller. The brush can be laid on its side and used to get the paint between the edge of the toilet tank and the wall.

You want to apply the paint in thin coats to avoid runs. Your thin coats of paint will also dry faster than thicker coats would. Use the fan to help the drying process be finished quicker.

#7: Remove all Things

Once the paint dries completely you can remove the garbage bag, the drop cloth and the painter’s tape that is covering your baseboard.

Method 2: Remove your Toilet Lid to Paint Behind the Toilet


Materials needed

  • Primer of choice
  • Paint of choice
  • Paint tray
  • Small paint roller
  • Damp cloths
  • Gallon zip-lock bag

#1: Remove Toilet Lid

Remove the lid of your toilet tank. Be careful because these lids are very easy to break.

#2: Apply Primer

Apply primer to your paint roller. Roll the roller in the paint pan containing primer and load it but do not load it to full capacity.

#3: Use Paint Roller

Carefully glide the roller behind the toilet tank from above. This is why you do not want too much paint on your roller. When you run the roller behind the lid you are going to be applying pressure to the roller and if there is a lot of paint in the roller nap then the pressure will force the excess paint to run down your wall.

Open the sip-lock bag and place the roller inside. This bag will keep the roller from drying out while the wall is drying so you can use the roller again without washing it. If you have applied your last coat of primer you can either wash the roller or place a new roller head on to apply the paint when the wall is dry.

Use a fan to make the paint on the wall dry faster and increase the ventilation in the room

#4: Use Damp Cloth

Immediately take the damp cloth and wipe any paint that you transferred around the edge of the toilet tank.

Final Notes to Paint Behind a Toilet

Painting your bathroom is really not that difficult. You can do the job yourself, and finish with professional looking results. Remember to take your time, have plenty of ventilation handy, and allow each coat of primer and paint to dry completely before you apply the next one.

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