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Best Spray Paint for Glass 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

A lot of people have been told that it is not possible to paint glass. That is not the truth. You can paint glass, ceramics, and ceramic tiles.This review will help you to find the best spray paint for glass so your projects will work like you want them to. It will also inform you of what types of products to shop for, and what the different features of those products can do for you.

We sought advice from professional painters, and artists who specialize in refurbishing glass items to create new and interesting works of art. We asked these professionals to try a few products and tell us which ones they thought were the best. The following list is what they recommended.

Top 5 Best Glass Spray Paint Comparison Table

The 7 Best Spray Paints for Glass & Glassware

1. Krylon COVERMAXX Spray Paint

Krylon K09198000 COVERMAXX Spray Paint

This is an ultimate coverage spray paint that is not transparent or translucent. It can be used on a wide range of materials. It adheres well to glass, ceramic, wood, plastics, metals, cast iron and many more surface areas. It goes on smoothly and within ten minutes it dries to the touch. You should wait at least thirty minutes before applying another coat of paint.

This is a rust preventative paint so if you use it on metal items you can reduce or stop the damages of rust and corrosion.

Once applied the paint dries to a matte finish. It is highly durable and can be used on exterior or interior items.

2. Rust-Oleum 257465 Glass Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 257465 11-Ounce

This is an amazingly durable and long lasting product. You can use it on window panes, art glass projects, vases, figurines, and even on shower doors. It will stay looking impeccable for periods of months to years depending on the circumstances of where the product is used.

The paint is semi-transparent so it allows natural light to filter in through the glass but it stops prying eyes from having a clear view through the glass. This spray paint is perfect for using on your front door, your shower doors, your bathroom windows, and more.

This product can be used to paint light fixture covers and the glass globes of light fixtures to provide your light with a different color. It withstands the heat of 60 watt light bulbs without being damaged from the heat.

3. Design Master DM241 Metallic Spray Paint for Glass

Design Master DM241 Metallic Spray Paint

This paint product is designed to create decorative art objects. It adds some sparkle and shine to an otherwise ordinary object. It is perfect to use around the holidays when you want to increase the sparkle of your decorations, vases, platters, candy dishes, and more.

It applies evenly and when sprayed in light coatings it can dry to the touch in less than thirty minutes. You should wait at least an hour before you apply the second layer if you choose to add a second layer. Each subsequent layer will darken the color and provide a different look to the item you are painting.

It can be used on wood, wicker, floral arrangements, ceramics, pottery and glass.

4. Krylon Looking Glass Silver Spray Paint

Krylon Looking Glass Silver Spray Paint

This is an easy to use spray paint that provides unique decorative finishes to your art décor projects. It goes on very smoothly and will dry to the touch in about five minutes. If you choose to apply a second coat of paint to the piece of glass you can do so within thirty minutes.

If you want a glass item to have a reflective finish you will want to spray the reverse side of the object. Then when you look at the object it will be reflective like a mirror.

You do not have to finish the paint with a clear coat or protective sealant. It looks perfect with just the paint application. Read our auto spray paint reviewed post.

5. Rust-Oleum Glass Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 1903830 Glass Spray Paint

When you want privacy, but also want the natural light to enter a room, this paint will create a frosted glass effect. This is perfect for creating privacy glass on bedroom windows, bathroom windows, glass interior room division doors, shower doors, and more.

This paint should be used on interior portions and not exterior portions of the windows or doors because consistent exposure to dampness or rain will interfere with the finish.

This is six cans of paint and each can will cover about 7 square foot. It is completely dry and ready for another paint application is as little as ten minutes.

You can use a stencil with this paint to create unique effects on china cabinet doors, gun cabinet doors, or anywhere you want a decorative touch on your glass.

6. Krylon K09057007 Sea Glass Spray Paint

Krylon K09057007 Glass Spray Paint

This semi-translucent paint will provide you with a painted look that makes the item appear to have spent years being tossed and tumbled by ocean waves. You can take any glass or ceramic object and turn it into a work of art with a few minutes of your time.

This paint is easy to apply by holding the can twelve to sixteen inches away from the object you are spraying. You apply in thin coats and then re-apply until the object has the desired color and appearance. You will normally need to wait twenty to thirty minutes between each paint application.

This is designed for interior decorating and does not do well when applied to exterior items, or items that will be subjected to rain, wind, or high humidity levels.

7. Krylon K09029000 Stained Glass Aerosol Paint

Krylon K09029000 Stained Glass Paint

This is a spray paint that is designed specifically for use on glass. It is a translucent paint so it provides color and interest to the glass without completely obscuring visibility through the glass.

This paint is designed for indoor applications. It is not meant to be able to withstand exposure to external elements like wind, rain, and high heat. If you decide to attempt to use this on an exterior project you will have to use a protective coating to seal the paint, and then the paint adherence cannot be guaranteed.

You can deepen the color of this paint by applying multiple layers of paint. Allow each layer to dry completely before you apply another layer.

It is not recommended for use on lightbulbs or glass that is going to be exposed to high temperatures.

Beginner Guide How to Spray Paint on Glass


Before you can spray paint glass you have to properly prepare the surface. That means the glass must be cleaned and completely dried. You do not want to clean the glass with products that will leave a residue because the residue can interfere with the adherence of the paint.

To be certain that the glass is clean and all chemical residues are removed you should use rubbing alcohol on the surface. Rubbing alcohol will remove the residue left behind by glass cleaning products, and will leave the surface ready to paint.

It is best to allow the glass to air dry instead of using a cloth to dry it. Alcohol dries very quickly off of the surface. If you decide to dry the glass with a cloth you must be sure to use a cloth that will leave no fibers on the glass.

Choose a paint that is specifically designed for use on glass and ceramics. The wrong paint can ruin your project.

Establish a painting area in a well ventilated area that is temperature controlled. Do not paint in freezing temperatures.

Shake the can for two to three minutes. Not one minute, but two to three to get the paint properly mixed in the can.

Hold the can at least 12” from the glass surface but no farther than 16” from the surface.

Remember that less is more. That means you want to spray light and even coats. The light coats dry quickly and they do not create runs, and blobs. After each coat of paint dries evaluate it to see if you want to apply another coat to achieve the look you desire.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Glass

Removing spray paint from a glass surface is not impossible, and it is not even that hard to do. The trick is to follow the right procedures and using the right products.

What you will need

  • Rubber gloves
  • Cleaning cloth made of microfiber
  • Nail polish remover
  • Plastic scraper

Pour nail polish remover onto the microfiber cloth so that the cloth is damp. Hold the dampened cloth against the painted glass surface. The nail polish remover will loosen the bond the paint has so it can be removed from the glass.

When you notice that the paint is starting to lift away from the glass rub gently with the cloth to remove more of the paint. You will have to repeat this process several times before the paint is completely removed.

On stubborn areas of paint you may have to use the plastic scraper to help the nail polish loosen the paint enough that it can be completely removed.

You can also use lighter fluid to loosen the paint from the glass.

A razor blade or the blade out of a utility knife is great for scraping the paint away. Hold the blade at an angle and work from the outer edges inward to remove the paint. At regular intervals so often stop and wipe the glass with a cloth that has been dampened with polish remover. Check this video.

Best Spray Paint for Glasses Buying Guide 

Color Range

It is important that you choose a paint that has a vast color range so you can get the exact shade, color, and look that you want for your project piece. There are many different spray paints that offer a huge variety in paint colors and hues.

You know that there a multitude of shades of blue, you want to buy a paint product that offers you a wide variety of color shades and densities to choose from.

Types of Paint for Glass

There are different paints that you can use for glass projects. One of the most convenient paints is the spray paint. Spray paint has its own method of application so you do not need a paint brush or spray paint equipment to apply the paint. Spray paint also dries quickly and is easy to clean up after you use because it does not require separate applicators.

Liquid paint that comes in pints, quarts and gallons can be used on glass surfaces but these paints require you to use paint applicators like brushes, sponges, rags, or paint spray guns.

Designed for purpose

Spray paint for glass can be designed to adhere to glass but may be designed to provide different illusions, or finishes.

Some of these paints are meant to cover the glass and leave an opaque look. That means that natural light can penetrate the paint, but you cannot easily see through the glass. This paint is often used on bathroom windows, or bedroom windows.

Some paint is meant to tint the color of the glass but not prohibit you from seeing through the glass.

Some paint is meant to totally cover the glass and leave visibility completely obscured. This type of paint will not allow light to penetrate through it.

Spray Paint For Glass FAQ

How do you fix spray paint on glass?

If the paint on your glass object needs to be removed you will find that a razor blade and fingernail polish are the best tools you can use. The nail polish softens the adherence of the paint, and the razor blade allows you to lift the outer edges of the paint if it is stubbornly staying in place.

Can you use Krylon spray paint on glass?

Yes. Krylon is a paint brand and they do make spray paints that are designed for use on glass and ceramic objects. Read the label of the paint you select to ascertain if you are using one specifically designed for use on glass.

How long does spray paint take to dry on glass?

The drying time of the paint is changed by different factors. If you apply the paint in light coats in a controlled temperature room where the air temperature is above 60 degrees then the pain should dry in less than an hour. If the temperature is colder, the paint is put on thickly, or the humidity levels are great, then it will take longer for your paint to dry.

Final Word

Spray painting glass is a great way to take an old bottle, or an old vase and create a unique home decoration. Spray painting glass window panes can give you the ability to allow sunlight to enter your home while retaining your privacy from your neighbors.

If you buy the right products, and you apply them in the right manner, your glass painting experiences will be positive and rewarding.

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