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Best Spray Paint for Rims & Wheels of 2021

The appearance of your rims can enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Painting your rims can cover flaws and dull finishes and breathe a new life into your ride. Painting rims can protect them and keep them from rusting and corroding.

Spray paint is the easiest paint application for rims. The best spray paint for rims is the one that goes on flawlessly, dries quickly, is affordable, and provides the look you like most. I asked several wheel specialists in my home town to recommend different spray paints that can be used on their rims.

The following list includes the paints they recommended, and a few recommended by friends who do their own car renovations.

Top 6 Wheel & Rim Spray Paint for Your Car

1. Plasti Dip 4 Aerosol Cans Luxury Black Sapphire Rim Kit 


This is a complete rim kit that is capable of refinishing four rims. It comes complete with a can-gun that has a trigger release to make the paint application easier. The can-gun makes the can more comfortable to hold in your hand. It allows you to release the paint using a convenient palm placed trigger instead of depressing the small nozzle tip on top of the unit.

You will also get 2 cans of glossifier with the 4 cans of Luxury Black Sapphire coating. The glossifier allows you to determine the amount of shine your rims will have. You can maintain the flat black appearance by not using any of the gloss forming material or you can put on several thin coats that help you get a beautiful shine.

You do not have to go through the trouble of sanding the rims before you apply the Plasti Dip. You do have to make sure the rims have been cleaned and that you have allowed them to dry completely.

2. Dupli-Color Black-Out Coating Wheel Paint kit

Dupli-Color Shadow Chrome Black-Out Coating Kit

This product will turn slightly flawed or scratched rims into works of beauty. The product is a lacquer-based paint and from time to time you are going to have to polish your rims to bring the shine back to its full glory.

Before applying this product, you need to prepare your rims by cleaning them and sanding away rough spots that may have developed. The surface must be totally clean in order for the paint to adhere properly.

You can place multiple coats of this product on your rims until you achieve the desired effect. After the effect is colorized like you want then add some clear coats to hold the look and protect the paint and the rims. It is waterproof and can be used on rims that see extreme heat and ones that see extreme cold.

3. VHT Gloss Black Wheel Paint Spray Can 


This gloss wheel paint is designed to be used on aluminum and steel wheels. It is heat resistant and durable. It also resists chemicals like the salts used to melt ice on roadways. It provides you with protection that will allow your rims to look their best and avoid possible damages.

This is a super easy to apply formula. It is in a standard aerosol spray can and you do not need any other applicators to apply it. You do get a better finish if you apply a primer before the paint and then top the paint with a clear coat.

This is a quick drying paint that will dry to a touchable finish in as little as thirty minutes. It does not need any curing, but you should give the freshly painted wheels to sit for a period of twenty-four hours before putting them back on the road.

This paint is designed for wheels and it lasts longer because it is ready for exposure to road debris, water, heat, cold, sand, and more. It is a perfect coating that you get to customize the gloss on.

4. Dupli-Color High Performance Rim Spray Paint

Dupli-Color High Performance Wheel Paint

This wheel paint comes with a touch-up tool that allows you to prepare a flawed portion of the wheel so it will cover completely during the painting process. The paint is also offered in an exact match to the existing paints on most vehicles. It comes with the clear coat you need to get the finish that you want.

This paint is designed for wheels and has the ability to resist damages caused by chemicals, wheel dust or road dust. It is capable of withstanding high heat and freezing cold conditions.

This paint will dry to the touch in about thirty minutes. It does need to sit for about an hour before you begin to handle the rim to make sure the paint has hardened enough that it will not come off when you grab the rim.

It can be used on the wheels, caps, and all wheel accessories. This paint gives you the look and style you want, at a cost that you can be very happy with.

5. Rust-Oleum Automotive High Performance Wheel Paint


The thing that stands out the most about this automotive spray paint is the rust inhibitor that is designed into the Rust-Oleum brand of paints. The paint is designed to be used on metal wheels and wheel accessories to protect your investment.

This paint comes in a spray can so you do not need to buy any applicator. It is an oil-based product so it has a high durability and longevity.

Each can will cover up to 8 square feet. Ten minutes after application the paint will be dry to the touch. Within one hour after application your paint will have dried enough to allow your item to be handled.

Not only does this paint offer you a long-lasting finish it has properties designed into it that help it to resist minor dents and scratches. It is a protective layer that keeps your wheels looking their very best.

6. PLASTI DIP Mulit-Purpose Rubber Rim Spray Paint

PLASTI DIP Mulit-Purpose Rubber Coating Spray

This spray is designed to coat the metal of your rims so the metal is protected from common damaging agents. If you drive winter roads that have had salt placed on them to melt ice then your rims need to be protected from that salt. The salt makes driving safer but it damages the finish on car rims and can make them rust and corrode.

This flexible rubber coating is very easy to apply because it comes in an aerosol can ready to spray onto your wheels. You need no other application products, and the majority of people can apply this rubber coating with no problems.

This is a four can package so you get enough of the rubber coating to cover all of your rims at one time. This is the perfect kit for winterizing your vehicle. It is long-lasting and does not have a tendency to chip, crack or peel away. It has been known to last for up to three years with no maintenance.

How to Find the Right Spray Paint for Your Car Rims

Spray Paint for Rim-Buying Guide

Before you buy paint for your rims you have to consider the material the rims are made from, and the benefits each paint variety has to offer. Part of your considerations on which paint to buy will be centered around the weather conditions of the area you live in.

You may need paint that helps reduce rust or corrosion if you live in a cold weather climate. You may need more water-proofing properties if you frequently drive through water. Once you have decided what type of protection your rims need then you can select the best paint.

Ease of Use

How easy the paint is to apply makes a big difference. The easiest to apply rim paints come in containers that do not require any other application methods. Spray containers do not require you to have a brush or roller all you have to do is depress the nozzle button and the paint is dispersed from the can.

Drying Time

Some paints dry quickly and you can cover the rims and be using them within a 24-hour time period. Other paints dry very slowly and it may take as many as three days before the wheels are usable.

Can Capacity

The size of the can and amount that it holds plays a big part in which spray paint you want. You can get spray paint in small cans that hold less than three ounces and are intended to simply touch up a rim that has been scratched or otherwise damaged.

Larger cans can hold enough paint to cover more than one rim with an effective finish.

Acquisition Cost

The cost of the product is important, but do not allow the cost of the product be the only consideration you make about it. When you are comparing the price of two paints you have to consider the benefits and special features those products offer.

One can may be larger which would make it possibly cost more but allow it to provide coverage for more wheels. One can may have special components to help make the wheels more water resistant and you might find some ingredients that stop rust and corrosion.

Just make certain you consider all of the attributes before choosing the paint.


Paints can have additives that make them able to help your vehicle resist rust and corrosion. Some paints can be customized to make the finish glossier. You have to read the product description carefully to ascertain what extra benefits have been packed into the paint.

Different Types of Car Wheel Paint

Wheel paint falls into categories that tell the type of finish they provide for the wheels.

  • Clear coats are substances that when painted on do not mask the original color or look of the wheel. They usually give the wheel a shiny appearance but allow you to see the beauty of the natural metal the wheel is formed from.
  • Chrome paints make the wheels appear to be chrome dipped. The finished look is shiny and glossy.
  • Powder coating is done using a dry paint substance. After finely ground particles of color and resin are electrically charged, they are sprayed onto the surface of the rim. Then the rim has to have heat applied. The heat bakes the color and resin onto the rim. This method of painting rims gives them protection and beautification. With powder coating your metal is protected from corrosives like the salt that is used on icy roads. The biggest drawback is that once powder coated in one color it is not recommended that you change the color later.

People Also Ask about Spray Paint for Rims

How much time will I need to paint car rims?

The process of spraying the paint on the rims will probably not take you more than ten to fifteen minutes per rim. Then you have to allow the rims ample time to cure before you are ready to drive away on them. So it actually takes about 24 hours for you to paint rims and have them ready to use.

How many cans of rim spray paint do I need per wheel?

With 2 to 3 cans, you can effectively paint 5 rims. You will get better coverage from each can if you make sure to sand the wheels first and create a surface that is ready to paint.

How long does it take a rim paint to dry?

If you apply the paint in the appropriate thin coat you can expect it to dry to the touch in as little as fifteen minutes. Normally you should wait at least 48 hours after painting your rims to introduce them to road debris or water. You want the paint to harden in place and create a protective barrier.

What is better powder coating or painting wheels?

When considering whether to powder coat or paint your rims you need to remember that paint enhances the beauty of the rim, but powder coating protects the rim from corrosive substances like salt. Paint makes them pretty and powder coating creates a shield from common damages.

How long do Plasti Dip rims last?

If Plasti Dip is properly applied to rims then you can expect it to last a period of three years without any retouching being needed. The weather conditions that the rims are exposed to, and the thickness of the Plasti Coat covering play a huge role in how long the dip will remain effective and attractive.

Our Top Pick

Without a doubt Plasti Dip is our favorite rim refinishing and restoration product. It allows you to control the amount of gloss it has so you get to customize the look of your vehicle. It is a super easy to apply product and most DIY enthusiasts have no trouble using it.

Plasti Dip is durable and gives you years of maintenance free looks. It is also a protective barrier that stops the salt used on roadways during icy weather from being able to corrode or damage the metal of your rims. It can be used as a restorative color maker or a preventative rim protector.

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