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Spray Paint DIY Work: Things to Do With Spray Paint

Things to do With Spray Paint

It is often said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Spray paint makes that statement true. You can take a wide variety of items that other people consider to be trash,and turn them into new and innovative products.

A little paint, a little polish, and you can repurpose things fashioned from wood, plastic, metal, fabric, and more. The only thing holding you back from this creative process is your own imagination. If you can visualize it then you can create it with a little preparation and a touch of paint.

Uses of Spray Paint

When you think of spray paint you may not realize that you can use this paint application on many surfaces.

Spray Paint for Wood Furniture work


Wooden surfaces are great for spray paint projects. When you paint wood you should first prepare the wood by sanding it smoothly if it is bare wood. If the wood has already been painted before, you will sand it lightly so the new paint will adhere properly.

Remove the dust created by the sanding. If you are painting exterior wooden surfaces apply a primer before painting.

Apply the paint to the wood. Apply spray paint in light coats to prevent running, or pooling of the paint.

Each type and finish of paint will have a specified amount of drying time that it needs before you can apply a second coat of paint.

Spray Paint for Cars/Automotive DIY Work


Cars are great items to use spray paint on. You do not need another applicator, and the paint is designed to be applied in light coats.

Before you can apply the paint to the surface of the vehicle you must clean it thoroughly, and sand it to create a smooth surface.

Automobiles need a primer applied to prevent rust and corrosion, and then you apply your spray paint over the primer to create the color you desire.

Once the spray paint has dried you will apply a clear coat to protect the new color and to give your car a shiny finish.

Spray Paint for Color Your Fabric


You can use spray paint on fabric to create a unique fabric or design. Acrylic paint is the best choice because acrylic paint dries faster than any other type of paint. Acrylic is also the most flexible type of paint. When you paint fabric you need paint that is flexible because the paint must move and give with the fabric.

You can refurbish old patio umbrellas, cloth tops on convertibles, and clothing such as jeans with a little spray paint and some imagination.

Spray Paint for Smooth Finish for Your Metal


Spray painting metal is like spray painting a car. You first need to clean the metal surface completely. Once clean you need to sand the metal to create a smooth surface. You also want to sand away any rust or corrosion that you find on the bare metal. Sanding also makes the paint adhere to the surface better.

Always use a primer when you are painting metal. It is best if you use a primer that has rust prevention to stop rust and corrosion. You do not have to apply a clear coat after the paint, but applying a clear coat makes the paint last longer.

Make Some Changes to Your Plastic


You can spray paint plastic items. You can give old lawn furniture, plastic bins, plastic toys, and other items a fresh new look with a little paint.

What you must know about spray painting plastic is the plastic must be cleaned completely, and then you have to lightly sand the plastic to make sure that the paint sticks to it. The sanding removes clear coatings that can interfere with paint.

There are specialty spray paints that are made for use on plastics. You do not have to use the specialty paints but if you do use them your final product will look better, and the paint will last longer.

To maintain your paint on your plastic it is advised that you use a clear coat or topcoat to seal the paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make your own spray paint?

You can use the spraying portion of spray paint can, a soda bottle, a bicycle pump, and a paint substance and create your own spray paint. This paint will allow you to create amazing effects at a very low cost.

How do you prepare interior paint for spray painting?

You must make sure that the interior paint is not peeling and is not dirty. Clean the surface area thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before painting.

Can you mix acrylic paint with spray paint?

You can mix acrylic paint with spray paint on your decorative finishes. Acrylic paints are oil-based and are not as thick as latex paints. They can blend well with a spray paint combination.

Can you paint on top of spray paint?

You can paint on top of spray paint as long as the color you use is either darker than the original paint or you apply a primer to hide the original paint. You also need to make sure that the original paint is smooth and not peeling or flaking prior to painting.

Final Notes

Spray painting is an easy and fun way to create a new look for old things. The main consideration when you are spray painting is properly preparing the surface before you begin to apply paint. The next consideration is in buying the best paint variety for the surface you are painting.

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