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Wagner Control Pro 130 – Read Before You Buy

If you have a medium to large scale paint job that is hanging over you, then you could benefit from a paint sprayer.

There are lots of high-tech, powerful paint sprayers on the market but they will set you back a considerable amount of money, and can often be difficult to operate and maintain.

Wagner Control Pro 130

The Wagner Control Pro 130 is a stationary paint sprayer that bridges the gap between powerful, highly expensive sprayers and cheap, ineffective sprayers.Wagner Control Pro 130 Review

The Wagner Control Pro aims to be a mid-price item which delivers premium quality, but does it stand up to the task?

Read on for a full review of this product, covering the pros, the cons, and everything in between.

Why Buy a Paint Sprayer?

You may be wondering why you would bother to buy a paint sprayer when you can get paint brushes and rollers so cheaply and easily.

Well, paint sprayers enable you to cover far greater surface areas in a short amount of time, meaning you can get a whole room finished in a third of the time it would take with a brush or roller.

This is especially relevant if you have large scale paint jobs like the exterior of your house or garage as you can save yourself not only time but also effort.

Paint brushes (and rollers to a lesser extent) require you to bend down and reach up continuously for long periods of time, and can often leave your arms and back feeling achy and sore.

With a good paint sprayer, you can maintain a healthy and controlled upright position and only need minimal movement to guide the paint, the sprayer will do all the rest for you.

Another great benefit of a paint sprayer is that it creates a very even and consistent finish. When using brushes and rollers, there is often the risk of blobbing, dripping and inconsistency of thickness.

However, a paint sprayer distributes a very fine layer of paint over a wide area to achieve a professional and cohesive finish.

You can alter the direction and intensity of a sprayer to target wider or more limited areas, but you might need to finish clean edges, borders and corners with a brush for a crisp line.

Product Review

Now that you know what benefits a paint sprayer can offer, let’s dive in and see how the Wagner Control Pro 130 holds up under scrutiny.

What you get

On opening the box for the Wagner Control Pro 130 you receive:

  • 1.5 gallon hopper with fitted rubber lid
  • 0.375 Horsepower motor
  • 25 foot hose
  • Detachable spray gun
  • 515 spray tip with HEA airless technology

Ease of Set Up

The Wagner Control Pro 130 is so simple and easy to use that it is suitable even for the most inexperienced beginners, as long as you read and follow the instructions exactly.

The instruction manual is well worded and has lots of clear and helpful photographs that you can use as a guide during set-up.

Thanks to the innovative airless technology, there is very little that needs to be primed or prepped compared to the complicated set-up of many premium models.

All the necessary parts and attachments are contained inside the paint tank itself, so it is just a case of un-packaging each part and fitting the whole thing together.

The hose fits onto the tank neatly but you should definitely use an adjustable wrench to get the connection as tight as possible because leaks will cause a lowering of pressure and a mess!

The gun fits easily onto the hose at the other end (once again, we recommend tightening with a wrench for a reliable seal), and the tip slots effortlessly into the gun.

The assembly of this paint sprayer takes no more than 5 minutes.


Some paint sprayers require heavy priming before use, however the Wagner Control Pro 130 only takes seconds to prime and has a pre-set dial which you turn in order to start the process.

You simply pour water into the well of the tank until it covers the filter, then switch the dial to ‘PRIME’ and allow the water to run through the filter and up the ejection tube.

It is best to have a bucket or bowl on hand to catch the water at the other end to avoid making a mess. This clears the tube and prepares the filter for the arrival of your paint. The whole process is over in approximately 60 seconds.

Ease of Use

Having set up and primed your Wagner Control Pro 130, you are now ready to put it to work, and it really is incredibly simple to operate.

The ‘POUR AND PAINT’ slogan could not be more accurate, as you simply fill your hopper with up to 1.5 gallons of material and switch the dial to PAINT.

Then point the gun in the direction of the surface that needs painting and squeeze the trigger. You can twist the tip so that it sits vertically or horizontally depending on what direction you want the paint to spray in.

When you release the trigger the paint stops immediately.

The simplicity of the Wagner Control Pro 130 does mean that it is limited in terms of pressure levels and spraying options. There are no alterations to intensity or coverage that can be made on the machine, instead, you have to apply a second coat if you want to increase the thickness of your coverage.

However, the ease of use for this product is a great asset overall as it makes it accessible to pros and novices alike.


The Wagner Control Pro 130 paint tank has a 1.5 gallon capacity, which is smaller than many elite paint sprayers out there but is enough to get most medium sized jobs done in one go.

Thanks to the HEA technology, this sprayer has 55% less overspray than other comparative models, and therefore less of your paint goes to waste.

One gallon of paint, sprayed at a constant and continuous rate will last around 10 minutes before the tank needs refilling.

This is more than enough time to complete a small interior room, however, if you are painting the exterior of your house it can be pretty annoying having to refill the tank every 10 minutes (especially if you are up a ladder!).

What is more, the company recommends that the Control Pro 130 should not exceed 50 gallons of paint a year in order to maintain durability and quality.

This paint sprayer has an excellent capacity for medium-scale paint jobs and can cope with larger jobs if you are prepared to refill..

HEA Airless Technology

The HEA airless technology means that this sprayer produces 55% less overspray than other comparative models. Overspray is the misty, fuzz that so often fills the air when using a sprayer and it is essentially wasted material and energy.

The new design is more accurate and efficient and means that your paint goes further.

It is still necessary to wear a paint mask when using the Wagner Control Pro 130 due to paint fumes, and if you use it for an interior job you should definitely keep the windows and doors open and the area well ventilated.

However, the contained spray is noticeable and also results in a much softer spray pattern. This gives a very even and consistent finish so that every surface looks like it was painted by a pro!

Range of Materials

The Control Pro 130 comes with a 515 HEA spray tip which is suitable for water and oil-based paints and primers as well as solid stains.

Other tips can be purchased separately for different materials like semi-transparent and soil lacquer and polyurethane, as well as transparent lacquer, stain and polyurethane.

However, we found that the 515 tip can actually cope with more unthinned materials than you think, and is even compatible with latex paint (which is very handy for interior decorating!).

Length of Hose

The 25 foot hose is more than long enough to make this sprayer equipt for most jobs. You can leave the hopper safely on the ground and climb up a ladder up to two storeys high before you feel any resistance from the hose pipe.

However, if you have a three or four storey property then you will struggle to reach the higher areas without lifting the hopper up with you.

For internal rooms, this hose is plenty long enough to provide reach and maneuverability.

Spill-proof Design

One really great thing about the Wagner Control Pro 130 is its spill-proof design. The well fitted rubber lid not only prevents paint from spilling out of the hopper onto your floors, but it also protects the paint from collecting dust and debris in the air.

This is vitally important as the paint is being funneled through such a fine tip and even the slightest debris can cause a blockage.

The wide and sturdy hopper is also very stable. There are no risks of it toppling over at your feet which is great for peace of mind and efficiency. You can simply place the hopper down in the middle of the room, garden or porch and get to work.

Ease of Clean Up

After use, the Wagner Control Pro 130 has a very low maintenance clean up. It consists of emptying any leftover material from the tank, rinsing the tank with water and running water through the ejection tube using the PRIME dial on the switch.

There is a one click switch to release pressure from the motor, and the hose and gun are very easy to detach and rinse through. All in all, this product scores highly for ease of clean up.

Portability and Storage

Better still, all the parts fit neatly inside the hopper and can be sealed with the rubber lid. This is great for protecting the hose and tips against damage, and also for preventing small parts from getting lost and misplaced between uses.

Without paint, the entire product weighs only 11 lbs, which means that it is easy to lift and store away. What is more, the hopper has integrated handles which make gripping and carrying it very convenient.

Overall Verdict

The Wagner Control Pro 130 is not a cheap item by any stretch of the imagination, but it is certainly value for money. Compared to other paint sprayers, this product delivers on excellent quality of finish, good capacity and ease of use.

The reduced overspray makes a huge difference to wastage and to the consistency of the spray pattern, and the whole thing is low maintenance and ideal for storing. We give it a big THUMBS UP!

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