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Best Ceiling Paint Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

Ceiling paint is generally chosen in light colors like white, off-white, and ceiling white. Generally most people prefer a ceiling paint that is a low sheen paint sop the ceiling does not glimmer when the lights of the room reflect upon it.

We asked expert painters to help us choose the best paints for ceilings. We also asked homeowners to rate the ceiling paints to tell us which ones were easy to apply, easy to clean up after, and easy to look at after the application.

The following ceiling paints were chosen because of their individual features that allow them to create a unique and beautiful ceiling for you.

Our Top 5 Ceiling Paint Reviews

Top 6 Best Ceiling Paints For Your Home

1. KILZ Color Interior Ceiling Paint

KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint

This is a revolutionary paint that makes painting easier to do. When you roll this paint onto the surface it will be a light pink color. As the paint dries it turns white. You can look at the surface and tell if the paint is dry enough for a second coat without ever touching the area.

This is a primer and a ceiling paint. It stops stains, it stops mildew, and it stops mold from occurring. You save time and money because you apply both the paint and the primer at the same time.

This paint has been designed so that it does not easily splatter. You can roll this paint on your ceiling with confidence and without the worry of paint droplets deflecting to your walls or windows.

This paint will dry to the touch in one hour and will be ready for a second coat of paint in as little as two hours.

2. Benjamin Moore Ultra-Premium Ceiling Paint

Benjamin Moore Ultra-Premium Ceiling Paint

This paint helps you to create the flawless finish you desire. It has a very low sheen so if your surface has dents, scratches, or blemishes that you want to not have to look at then this paint deflects light from those blemishes so they effectively disappear.

It has a zero VOC and is a water based substance. You do not need any special chemicals to clean up after using this paint, and you have less of an odor and a more eco-friendly paint.

It dries to the touch in less than an hour. It can be applied in any painting style that you prefer, including brush, roller, and paint sprayer applications. The water base means that your applicators will be easy to clean and reuse.

It is available in several colors but white and off white are the most popular of the ceiling colors.

3. Roll On Wall Texture – Best White Paint

Roll On Wall Texture White

This paint has the ability to transform the surface you apply it to. It hides defects and flaws and creates an interesting texture instead of the same flat ceiling you are used to.

It can be applied with a variety of applicators. Each applicator will slightly change the appearance of the paint when it is applied. You have complete control over the look and texture that you create.

It dries quickly and you can paint over this product with any ordinary ceiling paint that you choose. If you use matte or low sheen paints over this product you will get a better looking finish because matte and low sheen paints hide flaws.

It has very little odor so you will not have to vacate the room until the odor subsides.

It comes in a 2 gallon container that will give you enough product to cover 150 square feet.

4. Prestige Paints Interior Paint – Best Interior Ceiling Paint

Prestige Paints P100-P-SW6385 Interior Paint

This paint has a VOC that is less than 5 per gallon for an un-tinted base and sure the best paint for ceiling

This is a water based paint that can be cleaned up using warm soapy water. It is less harmful to you and the environment because of the water base. It is 100% acrylic latex.

This paint will dry to the touch in less than one hour. That means you can finish your work faster. It can help you to hide imperfections in the surface area. It comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes so you can choose the finish you like the best.

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This paint is ideal to use in any room of your home. It may require you to apply a primer especially if this is being used on new wood or neve4r before painted surfaces.

5. Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Ceiling Paint

Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint

This paint is durable enough to be used on either interior or exterior projects. It is designed to give you maximum coverage so you do not have to apply as many coats of paint to obtain the look you desire.

This paint is made with pollutant free materials to create an eco-friendly paint that will be less harmful to your environment. It is water based so all cleanup is done with warm water and soap. No harsh chemicals are required.

It is designed to help protect your surfaces from mildew or mold. It is also made durable enough that you can scrub the area you paint with it without worrying about damaging the finish.

It is available in semi-gloss or low sheen. The low sheen helps to hide any imperfections in your surface and the semigloss helps to highlight details and make areas look larger. It is available in a wide variety of colors.

6. Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents Paint

Rust-Oleum 253536 Metallic Accents Paint

This is an elegant metallic accent paint that can be used to create a unique and decorative finish for your ceiling. You may normally think of ceiling paint as needing to be white or off white, but you can enhance your ceiling, and give your room a sense of ambience by using a touch of metallic paint on the ceiling.

You can use this accent paint in strategic areas that will be illuminated by lamps or recessed lighting. When the light is shown upon this paint a shimmering effect weill be created.

This paint is easy to apply and dries to the touch in half of an hour. It is very low odor so you can paint a room and not have to deal with the fumes afterward.

It is water based so it has an easy cleanup appeal. The metallic appearance in the paint is created with mica beads.

Best Ceiling Paint Buyers Guide for Beginner

Best Ceiling Paint Buyers Guide for Beginner

Before you buy ceiling paint there are a few things that you can take into consideration that will help you choose the best ceiling paint color and finish for your needs.

Surface Conditions

If the surface you are painting is flawless or if you are willing to sand and repair the surface to a flawless state before painting then you can choose a semi-gloss or high gloss if that is what you like. The more gloss that paint has them more than any imperfection will show. This includes painting technique imperfections. If you think there is a possibility that your ceiling has some imperfections, or your method of paint application is not professional, then you need to consider a low gloss, flat, or matte finish paint.

If your surface has dents or scratches then lower gloss paint will be able to help you hide the imperfections. It will not get rid of the imperfection or repair the imperfection. The low sheen paint just deflects the light so the imperfection is less noticeable.

Base Material

Paints come with different bases like water base paints and oil based paints. Water based paints emit less odor and can be cleaned up using just common soap and water. Oil based paints have stronger odors and they require specialty cleaners to remove them from your paint applicators.

If you were to spill a water base paint on your floor you can easily wipe the paint up and no residue will be left behind. If you spill an oil based paint there is a chance that a residue will be left behind unless you clean it up with a paint thinner or mineral spirits, and those items may damage the finish of furniture or flooring.


You need a primer to cover bare surfaces that have never been painted so they do not absorb too much paint. You need a primer to cover the existence of older paint and damages like water stains, or mildew. You can buy a primer separate from the paint or you can buy a combination primer and paint.

The primer that is separate from the paint is best if the ceiling has a lot of stains that need covering. With this primer you can do multiple coats until you are satisfied with the coverage and then apply the paint.

The paint and primer combinations are normally best if your ceiling is only mildly or moderately flawed or stained. This paint and primer does save you a lot of time and a lot of painting.

Innovative Features

Some paints have innovative features that make them unique when compared to other paints. You can buy paints and primers that when applied they are light pink but when they dry they are white. This feature lets you know exactly when it is time to apply the second coat.

You can buy paint that has a faster drying time. Be careful with these paints because the drying time of paint is always dependent on the weather conditions, humidity, and thickness of the coat of paint you apply.

Ceiling White vs Bright Whites


When you are choosing the ceiling paint and you decide on white you must know that there are different shades of white to choose from. The bright white paints are brighter and more vivid. They appear almost glaringly white but as time passes they dull and become less brilliant.

The ceiling white paints have a touch of grey added to dull them some so they are not brilliant white, but are a more subdued white. These are the most popular whites for ceilings.

Off-white will have a yellow hue to it that over time will become more predominantly yellow.

VOC Ratings

Volatile organic compounds are found in paint and in the chemical additives that are in the paint. Paint that dries faster has a chemical compound added to it to make it dry faster. Paint that changes color has a chemical compound added to it.

To be safe when you buy paint consider a paint that as 5 grams per liter or less. These paints are considered to be VOC free, and that means safer for you and your family.

To be EPA approved a paint that is water based will have to have VOC levels of no more than 250 grams per liter. Oil based paints need no more than 380 grams per liter.

Top Ceiling Paint Brands

There are a lot of paint brands available today. The most popular ceiling paint brands are:

  • Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint

    This is a matte finish with very little odor. It dries to the touch within one hour. It is great if you need to cover up any imperfections

  • Montage Signature Eco-FriendlyHas a low sheen and a wide variety of colors are offered in the one gallon containers
  • Kilz Stain-blocking Ceiling PaintGreat for covering existing problems like water stains
  • Prestige Paints Interior Paint and PrimerThe primer is in the paint so you have less work to do.
  • Hy-Tech Acousti-CoatThis is a sound deadening paint that can help to reduce the tinning noises you often hear if you live in a metal structure
  • True Value Interior Satin Latex EnamelThis is a stain resistant paint that will dry in about one hour. The Satin finish has a nice sheen but is not extremely glossy
  • Benjamin MooreComes in a wide variety of colors, and finishes, and dries in about one hour. You can get this paint in different size containers so you do not have to buy more than you need
  • Sherwin WilliamsYou can get the paint and primer combination that saves you time and effort

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceiling Paint

Best Ceiling Paint Color?

The ceiling paint color can only be determined by your preferences. Darker colors give the room a closer feeling while brighter colors or lighter colors will cause the room to look larger and be easier to light.

If you paint your walls in a darker color you want to paint your ceiling in a lighter color so the room balances out. The lighter ceiling allows the light from your light fixtures to be spread around the room evenly.

You can add metallic touches to your paint to accent areas of the ceiling where the light will shine on it the most.

The most popular ceiling paint colors are ceiling white and bright white. Ceiling white is more subtle and bright white literally brightens the room.

How do I paint a ceiling?

The best method for painting a ceiling is with a paint sprayer. The paint sprayer can spread a thin layer of paint on the ceiling in a short amount of time. The problem with the paint sprayer is that it can be messy to use, and if it operates with an air compressor it will be noisy but you can try this ceiling paint sprayer.

The other most popular way to paint a ceiling is using a roller with an extended handle.

You need to prepare your room and tape the windows and hardware before you start.

Now you need to get a small paintbrush, about a 2” to 2.5” that has angled bristles. Use the paintbrush to cut the paint in around the top of the walls.

Then you need to pour paint in a paint try and load your roller. Roll the paint in different directions so you do not develop a pattern as you paint. You want to put thin layers of paint on each time.

The thin layers of paint dry quickly and are less likely to drip or run. If you try to put too much paint on the roller then the pressure of your rolling the roller across the ceiling will cause the paint to be mashed out of the nap and drip onto the floor and surrounding areas.

How do I paint ceiling tiles?

The best way to paint ceiling tiles is by removing them before applying paint.

  • Remove the tiles from the grid and clean the grid with soap and water to remove the grime. If you wish to paint the grid this is best done with a spray paint.
  • Lay your ceiling tiles out on top of a tarp or drop cloth. Use a whisk broom and remove all of the loose particles adhering to the tiles.
  • A water based paint is better for this application. Oil based paints can often damage the tiles.
  • Roll the paint onto the tiles using a roller. You can also use a paint sprayer to apply the paint. You want thing layers that are allowed to dry completely before you apply the next coat.
  • After the tiles are dry put them back into the grid.

Final Word

Painting your ceiling is not hard to do if you prepare properly and use the right materials. Before you can paint your ceiling with the best ceiling paints you have to clean the area, secure any surfaces you do not want paint transfer to interfere with, and choose your method of paint application.

Once you have the room ready to paint you have to remember that multiple thin coats of paint will give a final finish that has fewer runs and drips. Take your time and do not rush the paint.

You also need to remember to ventilate the room properly before and during the painting process.

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