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Graco Ultra 395 Reviews: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Customer Satisfaction★★★☆☆
Ease of Use★★★★☆

If you are a career sprayer, you want to make use of a good and reliable sprayer for your job. That is because not every sprayer out in the market may yield you the degree of performance you desperately need. We are glad to introduce to you the Graco Ultra 395 sprayer.

Outstanding Features And Benifits

We have devoted the entire length and breadth of this review to explore just what it has to offer. At the tail end of our discussions, you shall obtain the necessary insight you need to leverage its benefits.


Standing tall among the list of its most desirable features is the ProConnect™. This is basically a faster pump replacement mechanism. Unlike your ordinary mechanisms, this one is pretty simple to engage. That is mainly because it is usable while on the go.

This arrangement is loaded with tons of benefits for you. For one, you do not have to be restricted to a particular geographical locale to be able to engage it. This means you obtain the outcomes you want within the shortest time possible. Read also graco magnum x7 review

Endurance™ Pump

An endurance pump comes in. this one, as the designation suggests, is built to last and for utmost performance. You should hence expect the pump to last longer and at the same time manage some awesome performances in the process.

As a matter of fact, the pump does last around twice as long as other leading brands. Why would you even compromise your experience and the associated benefits by looking elsewhere? If I were you, I would rush and make this my pump. Here is one more reviews of graco magnumprox19

SmartControl™ 1.0

To engage this sprayer, you will make do with some smart controls. Of these, the SmartControl™ 1.0 stands tall. By using this elegant feature, you should expect to achieve some great and desirous outcomes indeed. Moreover, it is also easier to engage by requiring limited intervention on your part.

In particular, you will be able to achieve some consistent spray fans without necessarily suffering the undesirable consequence of pressure fluctuations. This similarly gives rise to some robust outcomes. You cannot hope to be pro without this feature by your side. Here is the another modle of graco magnum project painter plus review

Easy Out™ Pump Filter

It is not uncommon to encounter spills while spraying surfaces. No one ever likes these spills at all. That is because they mess the surfaces that are adjacent to the spraying location. Further to this, they also compromise the quality of the final outcome.

This sprayer is designed to eliminate that danger as well. It comes along with a reliable Easy Out™ pump filter whose role is to eliminate these spills. Its vertical design also means that it will not demand too much storage spaces from you.

Advantage Drive™

Needless to say, this airless paint sprayer will have to make use of some motor to be able to generate the torque needed to discharge the paint and direct it to the targeted surface. To do this, it makes use of the Advantage Drive™ hardened steel gears.

Unlike your ordinary set of gears, these ones run extremely quiet and very comfortable for that matter. Thanks to this awesome arrangement, expect to make use of this sprayer in installation which is sensitive to noise without any ado at all.

Ultra® 395 PC’s

All factors considered, this sprayer is reliable. At the same time, it also yields some great performances indeed. It is by far the most loved and popular of all the small electric sprayers of Graco. You have all the reasons to settle for it.

By laying your hand on it, you also stand to share and enjoy the same awesome benefits which the sprayer promises. What’s more? You will also enjoy the added benefits of excellent back-end customer services. Why would you even gamble or think twice about it?

Proven Technology and Design

Lastly, the gadget, on the whole, is available in some proven technology and design. This means that it contains those parts, features and great functionalities which your ideal sprayer is ordinarily expected to possess. All these combine to make your experience memorable.

You will generally be able to make use of it for a wider array of coating and painting tasks. This subsequently saves you time, minimizes worries, and assures you of the many other great benefits which a reliable sprayer is generally expected to deliver.


  • Comprehensive in scope and design
  • Handles many spraying related tasks at a time
  • Comes in a space-saving design and stature
  • Works well in areas that are sensitive to noise
  • Saves a great deal of time and effort


  • Slightly complicated to comprehend
  • May not fit starters and less experienced users

What Should Be Used For Graco 395?

Applying Paint on Surfaces

This is by far its most significant use. You may use this sprayer to apply some paint on the various surfaces. These include walls, cars, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture. It is easier and takes less time when compared to the brushes and rollers.

While at it, you also have to arrive at the right viscosity while preparing your paints. The reason here is that these rollers easily get clogged when the paint dries or is too thick.

Engraving Marks and Designs

You may also use the sprayer to engrave some marks, designs, and insignia. Chief among these are the logos, emblems, coat of arms, and other uniquely identifying pictorials. Yet again, the sprayer does a good job here because of its relatively high accuracy.

Generating Decorations

If you so wish, you may also generate some decorations. These are permanent paintings which are also colorful and elegant. The exact decoration largely depends on the patterns, colors and other vital parameters which you might find useful and applicable to your intended objectives.

Cover Faults and Defects

Lastly, the sprayer also covers defects and faults. You may spray the paint atop a defect, blemish or other ghastly marks which may be present on your surface. By this arrangement, you get to achieve some great-looking end results which may also enhance your décor.

a great comperison betweent Graco 395 and Titan 440 airless paint sprayer

Questions in your mind

What does airless paint sprayer mean?

The term airless sprayer refers to a painting device which operates by pumping out paint at too high-pressure levels typically 3,000 pounds per square inch. It channels the paint via a hose which comprises some tiny hole at its tip.

Do paint sprayers really work?

YES, they do! In fact, they are great for applying paints on cabinets, furniture, cars, and other delicate surfaces. This stems from their highly precise painting nature and construction.

How many square feet will a gallon of paint cover?

Generally speaking, one gallon of paint will impact an area of around 400 square feet. This should be sufficient to cover an entire bathroom or tiny store in your house.

Final Words

That Graco Ultra 395 is a worthy sprayer is certainly not in doubt. Our review above has gone to great lengths to showcase its suitability for your professional spraying tasks. With this good job done, is it too much to ask you to now proceed and purchase it? Why would you even drag your feet on this?

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